Stage 2 Bolt-ons for Bama’s 2003 Terminator Cobra

Bama Performance has been busy modifying their 2003 Terminator Cobra to tear up the quarter mile in Stage 2 of their build! The Bama Performance team has been hard at work transforming their 2003 Cobra from stock to stacked by adding a bunch of aftermarket goodies. In Stage 1 the Bama team made huge improvements to their Cobra by addressing the performance and handling, which they have continued to improve in Stage 2. A lot of parts were added in Stage 2, some of which we would like to call your attention to; for a complete list of parts used  in Stage 2 click here.


The main goal of Bama’s 2003 Cobra is for it to be a performance oriented track monster, so it is no surprise a lot of the modifications have revolved around upping the power output. Making a huge difference in power as well as sound are the Kooks Long Tube Headers with Kooks Off-Road X-Pipe, allowing the engine to breathe easier and move more air around; they also sound incredible while doing it. Taking some of the heat off the engine is AFCO Double Pass Heat Exchanger, allowing some of the built up heat to be removed from the engine bay giving the Cobra cooler temps and better performance.


Improving the handling of the 2003 Terminator Cobra is the Driveshaft Shop Carbon Fiber One Piece Driveshaft that ditches the clunky stock driveshaft and reduces rotating mass by a significant amount. This helps to reduce in drivetrain power loss and also allows the Cobra to safely handle more power. The addition of SR Performance Subframe Connectors help improve the driveability and handling of the Cobra by eliminating body flex.

Dyno and Track Results

After adding all of their performance and handling goodies, Bama finally got a chance to strap their 03 Cobra to the dyno to see what kind of figures it was making. From the beginning, Bama’s Paul Meister was hoping for around the mid-400 mark in terms of HP and TQ and that is exactly what they got. The Bama Cobra put down 458 HP and 469 TQ, which are very impressive figures.

After having some time on the dyno it was time to head to the track for some passes. The first pass of the night resulted in a 12.00 flat which was quickly followed up with an 11.81. Not quite happy with those times, Paul made some changes to the tune while the Canton Aluminum Expansion Tank and Supercharger Coolant Tank cooled down the motor of the Cobra. Hitting the track one last time, an 11.48 was squeezed out, which is exactly what Paul expected to happen.

Going ahead in the their 03 Cobra Project build, Bama plans to completely ditch the stock Eaton blower and switch to something completely different. Be sure to check back and see how Bama makes huge power out of their 03 Terminator Cobra!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I’m going to guess KB 2.6-8L twin-screw supercharger, that thing has plenty of headroom for 800+ HP with the right engine setup.


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