Confirmed: 5.2L Voodoo Engine for the Shelby GT350

5.2L Voodoo Engine from Ford

A new engine has been confirmed for the GT350, the once-rumored Voodoo engine! We reported a while ago about the rumored 5.2L Voodoo engine that would be appearing in the now-confirmed Shelby GT350 Mustang. In the recent wave of leaked information that has been confirming some of our strongest suspicions and desires, the 5.2L Voodoo engine is the most recent confirmation.

By the grace of hardcore Mustang enthusiasts on forums and Jalopnik, a posting on Ford Parts website was discovered that gave away the reveal of a 5.2L engine. Some of the various parts listed for the new S550 chassis acknowledged fitment for a 5.2L Engine, which is interesting as Ford has yet to officially acknowledge the 5.2L engine or even the GT350 itself for that matter. This information showing the 5.2L engine went up over Labor Day weekend and spread like wildfire.

What is the Voodoo Engine

The mysterious new Voodoo engine making it’s way into the GT350 has been surrounded in nothing but rumors and speculation, with some of it more grounded in inside-knowledge than the rest. On the parts website, it listed the Voodoo engine as “5.2L – TIVCT PFI NA HP1” which is a mouthful of letters and numbers. When we break down that short-hand coding we can better understand the Voodoo engine.

The 5.2L is the most obvious piece of the puzzle, denoting the 5.2L engine displacement, which has the familiar Twin Independent Variable Cam Timing (TIVCT) found in the current 5.0L. The PFI stands for Port Fuel Injected and the NA confirms our suspicions of it being Naturally Aspirated. The one thing a little uncertain is what exactly the HP1 represents; it could possibly be High Performance, but there is nothing hinting at it being one thing or another. Also on the Ford Parts website is mention of a SVT Performance Pack and a “less special” option available with the 5.2L engine.

An exposing look of the 5.0 based engine

Even though the most recent leak did not mention (or rule out) a flat-plane crankshaft being at the heart of the new 5.2L Voodoo engine, there is still a strong belief and rumblings saying that a flat-plane crank will be in the GT350. A flat-plane crankshaft would make sense for this new engine, that various insiders have claimed will see 550+ HP and a 8000  RPM redline.

More Shelby Parts Leaked

Also making appearance on the Ford Parts website are a mix of some Shelby parts, mainly wheels. The wheels on the Ford Parts website appear to be the same ones that were featured on some of the Nurburging GT350 Mustang test cars we saw early in the year. There are some rumors that one of the sets of Shelby wheels will be constructed of Carbon Fiber, which would cause the price of a set of those rims to be $10,000+.

The forum members of Mustang6G have uncovered a treasure trove of various Shelby parts; everything from wheels, to differential covers, to Shelby spoilers.

Shelby GT350 Release Date

The Ford production line at Flat Rock has kicked off with the first 2015 Mustangs rolling off the assembly line. It is only a short matter of time until we see them begin popping up on the roads and on dealership lots. With the 2015 Mustang underway, the focus of desire now shifts to the official unveiling of the GT350. Broadcasters at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Race leaked the reveal date which is slated to be September 19th at the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge.

As for when the public will be able to purchase the GT350, there is still no confirmed date from Ford. Some rumors suggest that the S550 Shelby GT350 might be a late 2015 Model Year option, but we have to wait to hear for sure.

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