Leaked: 2015 Mustang GT350 Confirmed

Ford has been teasing the public with a mystery 2015 Mustang, but now we have confirmation of the next generation of SVT Mustangs! Ford has been hard at work doing R&D on the S550 SVT halo car, with videos of it appearing on the Nurburgring and driving around Michigan, but we now have confirmation on the nameplate of the model; it will be the Mustang GT350! That’s right folks, the GT350 badge is coming to the next generation of Mustang!

Their was a lot of ambiguity as to what exactly the S550 Mustang SVT model would be called; various news outlets and forums threw around different ideas such as Mach 1, Cobra, GT500, Boss, and more, but the one that kept popping up in every thread was GT350. The GT350 badge was finally confirmed in a leaked info sheet first brought to light by TheMustangSource and then expanded upon by Mustang6G, showing different fender emblems, including the new 5.0 emblem. The code under the GT350 badge that reads, “16098B” is Ford’s in-house code for fender emblems. Worth noting is how the “GT350” is written in Shelby style font, which does not come as a surprise to most people.

Evidence of the GT350

Dealer promo screen of GT350
Source: SVTP

In addition to the recently leaked fender emblem sheet from Ford, there have also been other confirmations that a SVT GT350 is on the way. The most reliable of these is a screen capture that was posted to a forum of a Dealer Promo order sheet. Someone from a Ford dealership posted an image that shows the available promotional content they could order (pictures, pamphlets, etc.) for various vehicles with a “Shelby GT350” being listed as one of those vehicles. Between the dealer promo sheet and the GT350 badges being leaked, we can expect the return of the legendary Ford track-prepped Pony.

Is Shelby building the S550 GT350?

In the past, specifically with the GT500, Ford built the Shelby GT500. Shelby only licensed the name and badge to Ford, and Shelby’s involvement with the GT500 ended there. With the S197 model of the GT350 it was the exact opposite situation. Ford provided Shelby with the Mustangs, while Shelby did everything else thus making the S197 GT350 a Shelby American car, not a Ford car. This meant that you could only buy a S197 GT350 from Shelby American licensed Ford Dealers.

For the 2015 – 2016 Mustang GT350 it looks like the previous situation is going to be flipped. Ford will now be offering the S550 GT350 and Shelby will be licensing the badge and name to Ford. There has been various speculation that the GT500 moniker will return to Shelby American and that Shelby will offer the GT500 similar to how they offered the S197 GT350. The reasoning is that Ford has never offered two SVT Mustangs. They have offered two SVT vehicles, but one of which has always been a truck and the other a Mustang/Focus. This theory does give credibility to the rumor of their being a Shelby GT500 with more power than the Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

2015 – 2016 Mustang GT350 Specs

With Ford bringing back the track oriented Z/28 killer that is the Mustang GT350, we are all dying to see the window sticker and performance specs. Ford has been very secretive with the GT350 making sure that little to no information gets out. With that said, when you have a company with as many employees as Ford has and something as juicy as the GT350, information can not help but to seep out.

Road & Track predicted the GT350

Road & Track has predicted the announcement of the GT350 and that there would be no more GT500 for the S550 platform from Ford. So far, they have been spot on with their information on the next generation of Mustang details. With that said, by taking the information Road & Track has reported on and merging that with all the information we have gotten from various Ford-insiders, we can begin to paint a pretty reliable picture of what we can expect.

While the public waits for confirmation from Ford, the unanimously reported 5.2L coyote based “Voodoo engine” is the unifying idea across all demographics. With mention of the 5.2L engine also comes mention of a flat-plane crankshaft, which would be needed for the reported 8k redline and high 500 HP figures that are expected of the GT350. Interior spy shots of the GT350 hint at the MT-82 transmission backing up the power, not the fan-favorite Tremec Magnum XL.

There is also expected to be two different GT350 models released; a base GT350 and a track ready GT350R. Similar to the Boss 302 and the Boss 302 Laguna Seca, the GT350R is expected to be a much more stripped down Mustang, that is set to carve up the track. Like the Laguna Seca Boss, the GT350R would be a no frills version of its base option, giving enthusiasts the ultimate performance machine!

GT350 with the badge
Source: AutoEvolution

What is the Mustang GT350 release date?

As of yet, there is no officially confirmed release date for the GT350, but we have been tipped off that we can expect the GT350 to be revealed on September 19th at the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge. While it won’t be competing in the race, it will be the first the public can see the GT350; a January reveal date is expected for the consumer version of the Shelby GT350.

Are you excited for the return of the GT350? Or are you disappointed it is not a GT500?


  1. I am not sure…we want to see a track car…maybe…do we want to see a HORSE POWER WAR…more likely…I think the 350 being outpowered by the HELLCAT for no track purpose will be a problem…and that may make a big difference for buyers…LIKE ME, who wants HORSEPOWER…not track ready!
    So seriously, it may fail in this modality, as a consumer like me, or like most, will go for the BIG HP instead.

    Still going to be nice anyway! but HELLCAT will b!


    1. A well prepped car will beat a higher horse powered car everyday of the week, weekends and holidays. The hellcat is banking on the big HP numbers making you overlook the weak spots.


    2. Then you’re buying a car based on what other people will think. You just want a high HP number that you can brag about. To each their own.


  2. The Hellcat will be a 707hp barge. I just got rid of a fully optioned SRT8 Challenger and went back to a Mustang…..specifically a GT500. The Mustang is an all around better car and the GT350 will be the cream of the crop.


  3. I searched for “2015 ford mustang shelby gt500” on google and this came up. Link is dead but I bet someone at Ford IT is in trouble, or could be intentional misdirection.
    2015 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 | The Cobra of …
    Ford Motor Company
    The 2015 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 – Experience this super-car for yourself. View detailed specifications, features, interior & exterior images, videos, …


  4. Until the real specs come out, it’s hard to tell what this pony can really do. To beat the Hellcat, though, it will need to put down some real horses on the pavement. The Hellcat rolls off the line with 707hp; Ford needs to put down 750 or better. I doubt this flavor will come close. A GT500 would be better; maybe the Mach I will take the crown. As to the Camaro…it’s out of the race for now….


  5. I was thinking about flipping from gt to an srt 8 challenger, after reading a bunch of these posts I am having second thoughts


  6. I love the S550 GT and the Shelby however, Ford is missing something in the middle like Mach1, maybe 460HP 5.0. Make it $2500.00 bucks more for the extra HP, 3:73 Cog and Mach1 Emblems…Then the VooDoo Mustang being the Big Bullet, 725HP Twin Turbo. All angles covered with Ford taking credit where it’s due and respect for the Shelby name.


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