Project MMD Winner Zachary Villareal Takes Home MMD Mustang

The 2014 AmericanMuscle Car Show brought thousands of Mustangs and people to Maple Grove Raceway, one of them being the lucky winner of Project MMD. Project MMD was built-up over the course of a few months and was unveiled at SEMA as our show car. After SEMA, we decided to give Project MMD away to one lucky winner. After running the registration for the contest for months, and receiving thousands of entries, we randomly selected one winner to take home Project MMD; Zachary Villareal.

Steve Voudouris, AmericanMuscle founder, was happy to see Project MMD going to such a good home. “I’m thrilled that together AmericanMuscle and MMD were able to build such a unique Mustang. I’m even more excited that the winner of this car is a diehard Mustang enthusiast who will drive and enjoy it exactly like it was built to be!”

19 year old Zachary Villareal is from the town of Alice, Texas, where he is no stranger to the Mustang legacy. Zachary has always owned Mustang’s since he could drive and he is now currently on his third Mustang. Zachary got a 2014 Oxford White V6 in the beginning of his senior year that he worked and saved to modify, customizing his Mustang to be his own. He found out about the giveaway when he was shopping on for parts for 2014 V6 Mustang. His father Hector said, “but he [Zachary] still had his eye on one of the new 5.0L Mustangs.” Little did he know that entering in the Project MMD giveaway would land him the 5.0L of his dreams.

AmericanMuscle reached out to Zachary and offered to bring him up for the AmericanMuscle Car Show, keeping the fact he had been selected to win Project MMD a mystery until the day of the car show. This year’s AmericanMuscle Car Show was the largest to date, bringing in 2,600 Mustangs, 10,000+ spectators, and $35, 503 for the Special Olympics Charity. One of the main talking points of the show was the Project MMD giveaway.

Hot rodding legend Chip Foose announced the winner of Project MMD to the crowd at the show. When Zachary’s name was called, you could see him be taken back. “I can’t believe it. I just can’t believe it,” Zachary said over and over again, in a post announcement daze. He shook hands with Chip Foose and received keys to his new Mustang and took a seat in the car.

As the crowd of fellow Mustang enthusiast’s cheered on, the look of pure bliss became more and more present on Zachary’s face as it started to set in that he was going home with a 2014 Mustang GT that had been modified by AmericanMuscle. After things started to calm down, Chip Foose told the crowd that he was going to be working on the next Project MMD car, Project MMD by Foose, that will be given away at next year’s AmericanMuscle Car Show. Zachary could not be more ecstatic to return to Alice, Texas with his 2014 Mustang, adding another Pony to the stable.


    1. Zach is a die-hard enthusiast who has worked hard to be able to afford
      his cars. Like us, other fellow enthusiasts, he puts his ride high on
      his priority list and spends the money he saves on his Mustang and parts. After meeting him, I know the car is in the hands of someone who will truly enjoy it


      1. why do they keep repeating the same thing over and over???
        …..(wispers: because they know what we are saying about it is true and they don’t want one of us car guys go do something like build a better car then they can out of it.


  1. For once, I’d like to see someone who’s not well off win one of these things. 19 and had had 3 mustang!? wtf. Yes, I’m being hater but w/e


    1. After meeting him, I know the car is in the hands of someone who will truly enjoy it. Zach is a die-hard enthusiast who has worked hard to be able to afford
      his cars. Like us, other fellow enthusiasts, he puts his ride high on
      his priority list and spends the money he saves on his Mustang and parts.


  2. At 19 years old and owning 3 purchased Mustangs shows his high level of dedication and love for this breed. Contrats to Zach! WOW! Four, count them, FOUR MUSTANGS IN HIS STABLE! Very cool. Very cool indeed!


  3. No it doesn’t show dedication. It shows that he’s a spoiled little princess boy that gets everything he wants. It doesn’t even matter if he’s well off, as a human being it is next to impossible to honestly believe you have earned a car as nice as project MMD, but to have a brand new 2014 out of high school, complete Bullshit! For those of us that have actually had to work our asses off for everything we have and we still get shit on by the world this is just another nail in the coffin. Until you’ve had to grovel at the feet of others just to support your family, worked 7 days a week 11 hours a day for months on end and then come home to work more hours to finally lay down and sleep four hours a night at best with no relaxation, effectively shortening your life to the point that you’ll likely die of exhaustion the day before you actually get to retire, you don’t deserve such great circumstances. That or do some act of extreme valor like saving lives. Zachary you most certainly haven’t earned what you have and you should feel bad that the car didn’t go to someone more deserving. Personally this is my first day off in months after working the extreme schedule mentioned above and i still don’t believe that i would have earned that car. I’ve lived in poverty and relentlessly attacked the restrictions that held me there until i worked my way up to lower middle class, at best, and i have friends and family galore that have done the same and would feel the same about this. Next time maybe ask a few questions of your entries and figure out who they are before you go and choose some “random” prick from papers out of a hat, dumbasses. This may have been a waste of my day off but somebody needs to throw a reality wrench into this miasma of delusion and twisted gears that churns out such swill for commentary. This world is fucked if it continues on like this.


    1. Wow ^ dude… Yeah you sure waisted your time writing this.. Sounds like your jelious of what you wish you had, you prob entered into win the car 10 times or so and just pissed cause the odds were out of your favor.. It’s a shame that a shithead like you has to talk smack and down on somone that you do not even know..this shows how much of an asshole you are and that you have nothing but SHIT that comes out of that stupid ass trap of yours.. Go cry in the mirror jerk off and talk shit on your self, as they say.. ” you don’t have anything nice to say, then shut the f:ck up” you hear that??? It’s a faint sound of somone wining cause they didn’t get what they wanted.. Your an idiot.. As for Zach.. Good for you my friend.. Glad you could win it.. And hope you enjoy it.. After all YOU won it.. Take care..


  4. Yeah so, I would actually smile if I could see some one win a car or something big like this that has actually worked on a mustang before or worked on their own car before. You can tell this kid takes his car to the shop to get his oil changed so he doesn’t break a pretty finger nail and get dirty. And how can they tell people lies, as to say he has worked for it and saved up money for his car and his car is number one on his priority list. First, I don’t know how you can say he worked for it when he probably only got 20hrs a week at his job if he even had one in high school. I was working from 4 to 1:30 in the morning everyday in high school and I just graduated and I am 19. (im not trying to say im better then him by no means). No 19 year old can afford a new v6 mustang. Second, How could this kid save up money for his car unless his rich parents are giving him $100 after every time he cleans the dishes. So im sure his parents had worked for HIS cars. He did nothing but think he was cool. Third, How in the hell can you say his number one on the list is his car. WHEN THE KIDS CAR IS THE ONLY THING ON HIS LIST! So don’t say that bs, and to say he deserves it….no. He won it just the chance of luck I would like to think. But SOMEONE (NOT me) along the lines of how I am and where I try my hardest with my car and I have to pay bills and take care of my family (no I don’t have kids but live on my own with my lovely girlfriend) and had to pay for my first car (98 Ford Mustang) on my own(My mother would have loved to help but we got the short end of the stick and don’t make a lot of money) and actually love to get underneath a car and get filthy and it take 10 minutes for me to wash off before dinner because im not afraid of a couple knuckle busters or to get oil stained in my skin because the oil is already running deep in my veins. And hope to own my own shop and drive some of the fastest pony’s there is(Not the most expensive brand new ones), but the ones that actually can stand for the true mustang enthusiasts that have put them out there. All and all I just wish someone along those terms could win something,. and I don’t care if its me as I already said, because I would actually love to see a real young mustang enthusiasts like myself actually win and do great things with it and have bigger dreams come after it.


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