Drive the 2015 Mustang in Forza 5!

2015 Mustang Forza

The most recent update to Forza 5 has gamers and gear heads alike happy.

While many people are waiting to get their hands on the 2015 Mustang this Fall, gamers can already drive the American Icon in Forza Motorsport 5. In the lastest release of downloadable content, the 2015 Mustang was one of the featured vehicles to download.

Immediately, Mustang fanatics and gamers have went to modifying the S550 Mustang, bringing out the track-bred monster within. Although the 2015 Mustang Horsepower numbers have been out for some time already, Forza seems to be using the 2013 – 2014 Mustang GT power numbers in the game. Players are only able to drive/modify the 2015 Mustang GT as no engine variant is available, which is a shame when you have an engine like the 2.3L EcoBoost available.

Forza allows players the highest level of customization in their games, similar to how the Ford Mustang offers the highest level of customization to its owners. There has been a tidal wave of screen captures online of different color and stripe variations on the S550, with each one arguably better than the last. I am curious to see the downloadable content that comes out once the GT350 is released and we have confirmation of the Voodoo engine; since the GT350 is already testing on the Nurburgring it seems like a natural fit for the game and car a like.

Have you driven the 2015 Mustang yet?  What track to you want to take the 2015 Mustang on? Post your gamertag or an image of your track time with the 2015 Mustang in the comments below!


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