Leaked: SVT GT350R Mustang Reveal Coming in September!

New SVT Mustang GT350

According to announcers at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Race broadcast over the weekend, we will see the SVT GT350R sooner than anyone expected! There has been non-stop speculation surrounding Ford’s next Z/28 killer, the GT350R, which really got a lot of momentum when video of it testing at the Nurburgring surfaced. No one doubted that Ford was working on a race-ready Mustang, it was just unsure as to what. In the recent months a much clearer picture has been painted that is not only telling, but quite exciting as well.

How Ford’s Plans For The GT350 Leaked Early

On the August 3rd broadcast of the Indianapolis race, one of the announcers made the comment that, “Multimatic won 3 championships with these Mustangs… and right now what’s in development is that GT350 for next year. We should see that car on the race track later this September.” Without skipping a beat the announcers continued on with their race coverage, completely glazing over the fact that they just leaked the biggest news in racing this year. September 19th is the Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge at the Circuit of the Americas track in Austin, which is the only possible date that they could be referencing.

Here is a link to the broadcast; the comment comes right after the 39 minute mark

Repeat of the BOSS 302 Leak

Normally, it would be easy to dismiss this as just commentator speculation, however, there are two key pieces of information that validate this claim. If we look back to 2010, before a street version of the BOSS 302R was launched, announcers on a SPEED broadcast let slip that the BOSS 302 would launch in mid-August of 2010. In addition to that, announcers at the Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge race at Lime Rock in October of 2013 made a comment that Multimatic was returning to Ford to help develop the next-gen of Mustang race car that we would see around August of 2014.

Not only do the announcers have a history of leaking release date information, but they also hinted last year that we would be seeing the next-gen of Mustang Race Cars around this time. There is too much information here to not trust that we will be seeing a GT350R come this September.

It is exciting to see Multimatic team up with Ford again. Multimatic Motorsports has been working with Aston Martin recently, but before that they were engineering the BOSS 302R for victory in multiple races. We can only imagine what they have planned for the 2015 – 2016 Mustang on the new S550 platform.

Expected Power Output of the GT350R

What we are still waiting on hearing is the exact specs of this next generation of SVT Mustang. Although we know the GT350R will have a Voodoo engine, we have yet to confirm if it will have a flat-plane crankshaft and what the exact displacement of the engine will be. However, after the power ratings for the 2015 Mustang line up have been released there has been some strong arguments made as to what we can expect from the GT350 platform.

For starters we can expect a 5.0L sourced engine, but with slightly larger displacement. A lot of rumblings in the Ford community have consistently pointed to a 5.2L engine, better recognized as the Voodoo engine, which is incredibly intriguing.

There has been a 50/50 split on the idea of it having forced induction, with some even speculating about a Turbo setup, which would not be all that odd considering Ford’s push on EcoBoost Technology. The most interesting and consistent piece of information that everyone seems to be talking about is the GT350 having a flat-plane crankshaft. Regardless of the different opinions multiple media outlets, enthusiasts, and insiders have, they all seem to agree that there will be a flat-plane crankshaft in the 5.0 sourced engine, allowing for a higher redline and faster revving.

Forced Induction or not, there has been an unwavering claim from various insiders that 500+ horsepower is expected from this setup, with some claiming 550+, but we will have to wait for some dyno numbers. With a base GT putting down 435HP, it would be no problem at all to see much higher numbers from a GT350R variant.

Never has a Mustang seemed to have generated such a speculation craze as this GT350 model, but for good reason. With the redesign of the Mustang and Ford’s adoption of new power plants(2.3L turbo 4 cylinder engines) and drivetrains(IRS) for theS550 Mustang, there is a strong need for a halo model; one that we can watch win races on Sunday and then drive to work in on Monday.

Do you think this GT350 will be showing up in September? Or is this just another move by Ford to throw everyone off?



  1. I think it could be announced and start track testing in September, but it won’t start competing this year. It has to be NA unless they plan to move into a new Tudor Series class. The Challenge cars have limited horsepower, so a supercharger wouldn’t do them much good.


  2. The new body and IRS of the Mustang are fantastic. It’s power however is a total let down. Ford dropped the ball, BIG TIME.


      1. I agree T-Bone. I worked for Steeda so I know what tuning will do but I was heart broken at the small increase in HP. Peace.


  3. I don’t know much about this “voodoo” variant of the 5.0 but I suspect your not going to hit 550 hp NA without some serious heads, cams and pushing the compression ratio/displacement much higher than the 5.0. Probably have to rev it to 8 grand too…if that motor can hold up it would be a serious contendor.

    That costs BIG bucks to build engines like that for racing circuits…so my money is on forced induction. At the end of the day even factory backed race teams have budgets….with limits. Still can’t wait for the reveal of the GT350R…or the street legal new Cobra.


    1. A lot of the rumblings in the Ford world have said we will see an 8k redline in this SVT model. I think it can be done NA, but like you said, it takes some money and good engineering to do that.


    2. ’13 Boss 302 Mustang with 13mm Ford Racing Boss cams, cobra jet intake manifold & matching throttle body, intake, headers, cats, exhaust and tune makes 500-510hp.
      ’15 GT comes with 13mm cams, new heads that flow more than Boss302. Aftermarket exhaust companies are making 470hp (up from 435hp) with only cat-back exhaust & NO tune! ’15 GT with intake, exhaust, headers & tune will soon be making 490-500hp.
      GT350 is 5.2, 4% larger, That’s 20hp at 500hp level. 520hp without changing anything major. CNC’d heads (5hp), cobra jet-like intake manifold (5-10hp), cams (5-10hp), lighter flat-plane crank (10-15hp), more efficient headers because flat-plane layout (5-10hp) will give 550hp NA. probably have active exhaust to keep noise down below ~4,500rpm.


      1. I suppose its possible then, but I’d have to see the numbers to believe it. It will be an incredible car to drive if they hit 550 without FI.

        What’s the Z28 motor puttting out now at well above 5.7L? 520hp?


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