Justin’s 2014 Mustang Project Car – Stage 2

Justin's 2014 Mustang GT

AmericanMuscle’s video host Justin Dugan is back to working on his 2014 Mustang GT Track Pack with Stage 2 mods.

In Stage 1, we saw Justin add some bolt-on power-adders and address the suspension, giving his Mustang more power and better handling. In Stage 2, Justin continues to build-up his S197 Mustang and really flush out the GT500 inspiration he has for the project. His 2014 is really starting to come together and it is really interesting seeing what parts he is choosing to turn his ride into a modified monster.


Continuing the quest for more power and bigger numbers on the dyno, Justin decided his Mustang needed to breathe better. Justin added a Ford Racing Cobra Jet Intake Manifold with a Super Cobra Jet Oval Throttle Body to get his 2014 breathing really well. One thing to note is that Justin had to modify his C&L Cold Air Intake a little bit to accommodate the new throttle body. Justin’s Mustang also got a new Off-Road H-Pipe that really makes the car sound aggressive and similar to a GT500.

To over-simplify it, the way you make power is to throw more air and fuel into an engine. So by adding more air with the intake manifold and throttle body, a tune from Bama Performance on his Bama SF4/X4 handheld tuner added more fuel, which really helped to give Justin a nice increase in power. After dynoing his Mustang, Justin saw an increase in power from 375HP to 421HP and Torque hitting 372 ft-lb. Pretty impressive for just a few simple mods.


Justin has made it quite clear in the videos that he is going for a GT500 inspired coyote Mustang. To help bring this theme out, he added some great styling mods to his 2014 Mustang to give it a great, yet subtle nod to the GT500. Replacing the stock spoiler that comes with the Track Package, Justin added a GT500 Style Rear Spoiler. To really set the exterior off, Justin did something a little different and added Matte White GT500 Style Stripes to his Gloss White Mustang. This caught a lot of people off-guard, but overall it was really well received.

Between the GT500 style spoiler and the GT500 matte white stripes, Justin’s Mustang is looking sick! They were both great choices for customizing the exterior of his Mustang, while giving off that GT500 feel without going overboard. This modding train is going to keep on rolling in Stage 3; Justin has already hinted at doing wheels, interior mods, and some more power-adders.

Be sure to check back to the AM Blog and the AM Youtube Channel and see Justin build his personal 2014 Mustang GT into a street beast!


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