Justin’s 2014 Mustang Project Car – Stage 1

AmericanMuscle’s video host Justin Dugan is on a quest to make his stock 2014 Mustang GT Track Pack a modified menace.

Justin is the classic gear head, modifying and working on cars in his personal time and for AmericanMuscle. So far he has already underwent Stage 1 of his modification process by adding a nice mix of styling and performance mods. Justin envisions his Mustang as being GT500 inspired, which from what he has done so far, makes it quite obvious that he is going to make a sick Mustang. Justin has been the proverbial face of AmericanMuscle for some time, building up our different project cars, so it is exciting to see his take on his personal Mustang.


Being the true gear-head that he is, the first thing Justin set out to do was up the power and performance of his 2014 Mustang GT. He went with C&L Racer Cold Air Intake with 95mm MAF that he paired with Bama X4/SF4 Power Flash Tuner which comes with custom tunes from Bama Performance for life. These two mods deliver great, easy, and reliable power for a very affordable price, which is why Justin went with them. Seeing as how this is the first of many mods for Justin’s Mustang, especially under the hood, he also threw on some MMD Hood Struts to get rid of the factory hood-prop.

To give his Mustang the aggressive, GT500 inspired, sound he was looking for, Justin went with Magnaflow Street Axle-back Exhaust with Quad tips. This Axle-back required a little bit of modification to the rear bumper with a Ford Racing Shelby GT500 Rear Valance. Not only did these mods really clean up the rear of the Mustang, but it also gave the car an amazing exhaust tone.


Justin really wanted to address the horrendous wheel gap that Mustangs come with so he did some wrenching on the suspension. Lowering springs were a must for the Mustang, giving it a nice 1.5″ drop all around. To ensure the integrity of ride quality, Justin also upgraded the front struts and rear shocks with Koni parts. They really helped to improve the overall handling of the Mustang as well as give it an incredible stance.

To go a step above and beyond, Justin added  J&M Caster Camber Plates to really help fine tune the suspension. This is a great mod for guys that are lowered and Justin definitely saw what a huge benefit these would be to his Mustang.

At the end of Stage 1, Justin has already transformed his 2014 Mustang GT from stock to tastefully modded, all on a very reasonable budget. It is going to be awesome watching Justin build this car up with mods and turn it into a mean street machine any gear-head would be envious of. Be sure to check back to the AM Blog and the AM Youtube channel to follow this build stage by stage.

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