Iacocca, Eleanor & Bullitt 2015 Mustangs – See The Parts Needed to Build One

2015 Eleanor Mustang vs Classic 1967 Eleanor

Deliveries of the 2015 Mustang are right around the corner and if you’re already planning how to mod yours, we’ve got a few inspiring designs from the past that may help. The parts needed to build your 2015 into one of three iconic Mustangs–Iacocca Eleanor and Bullitt–probably aren’t as elaborate and the car not as difficult to replicate as you might have first thought.

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2015 Mustang Parts Renderings


    1. Very true, but it’s essentially the same design as the modern heat extracting hoods (think 03-04 Cobra) and the Deluxe Hood option did have the heat extracting functionality, albeit minor. You’re right though, the main purpose was to provide a housing for the turn signal indicators.


      1. That’s true. A double purpose hood, which would actually be awesome for modern mustangs and not just my classic. But I guess that’s what side marker lights are for.


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