New Parts: AmericanMuscle Now Carries Stainless Works Exhaust

Stainless Works Exhaust Parts

Stainless Works is one of the hottest names in the Mustang exhaust realm and now you can get a complete setup for your ride right here at

Stainless Works Exhaust Parts

Stainless Works (SW) produces some of the highest quality exhaust parts you can find in today’s aftermarket. From the headers all the way back to the exhaust tips, everything they produce uses only the highest quality 304 stainless steel finished with seamless welds. What results is a lineup of parts that last the life of your Mustang without rusting or deteriorating, all while delivering better performance than what you get with any other comparatively priced manufacturer.

Shop Stainless Works Exhaust Parts For Your Mustang

Stainless Works Long Tube Headers & X-PipeInstall

Ease of installation is another important benefit that will have you glad you chose Stainless Works. Headers are one of the more PITA do-it-yourself mods you can make, but SW has perfected their design to the point that you won’t be fighting to get their headers seated properly. A smooth and leak-free installation is all you should expect from a premium parts manufacturer like SW.


Stainless Works Catback ExhaustWhile pricing might be above that of the more entry level exhaust components, Stainless Works provides more value per dollar than virtually any other choice. The 304 stainless steel does not rust or pit like that of lesser components and the testing and tuning put into their designs ensures you’re aftermarket exhaust is freeing up the most power possible.

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