Spied: New 2015 Mustang Engine Variant – What is it?

Could this be the next SVO or GT350 / SVT S550 Mustang? Pay close attention to the above video and tell us what you hear!

Spotted on the streets last week was this 2015 Mustang. While it seems at first like just another Ford test mule putzing around Dearborn, it gives off an exhaust note that should have you wondering what motor is under the hood.

Flat Plane Crank V8 Mustang - Possible

What Engine is it?

With such a short-lived exhaust note, it’s very difficult to tell if it’s a 4, 6 or 8 cylinder motor. We do know a 2.3L EcoBoost is coming, the Coyote v8 and 3.7L V6 from 2014 will be back and Ford has something in store for a GT500 replacement. It’s most certainly not the Coyote and one would obviously imagine this is not the supercharged V8 Trinity motor found in the current GT500. That leaves the 2.3L turbo 4, naturally aspirated 3.7L or a new engine variant as the only probable possibilities.

Mustang - Flat Plane Crank V8 - Possible Boost GuagesTaking those options one at a time, the 2.3L EcoBoost engine makes sense, at least after you first hear it. Two reasons this 2015 Mustang might not sound like the previous EcoBoost S550s we’ve seen but still be that same motor: 1. The exhaust seems to be a modified quad-tipped system that certainly could change the sound and 2. They could be retooling the 2.3L and creating a higher output, SVO version of the current EcoBoost model. There also appears to be A-pillar gauges that could indicate the car is boosted.

The Flip Side: Taking the devil’s advocate side of that argument, you simply don’t hear the turbo–it does sound like a naturally aspirated vehicle. Those gauges could also simply be performance monitoring additions made by Ford’s testing team for what purpose we won’t know.

Moving on the 3.7L, 305HP V6 that is currently in the 2014 Mustang, we have a serious possibility. Many have said that it does indeed sound like a V6, but does it sound like the Mustang’s 3.7?

The Flip Side: It’s hard to argue with someone saying there’s a V6 under the hood of that Mustang. Frankly, it’s entirely possible this is simply a base model 2015 Mustang, but then why would Ford still be testing that motor this late in the game? It’s also pretty quiet at idle and hits high in the rpm band pretty fast…food for thought.

That leaves what appears to me to be the most likely scenario: Ford is testing a new motor. By my untrained ear, and considering the briefness of the video, this could be almost any engine–4,6 or even 8 cylinder–but does not sound turbo’d. My guess is it’s a N/A car. At this point, you’ve probably heard a whisper or two about Ford working on a flat plane crank (FPC) V8 engine nicknamed (or codenamed, depending on who you ask) “Voodoo.” We briefly covered it back when Ford accidentally leaked the 2015 engine options. If you’ve heard a few FPC V8s before, you wouldn’t rule it out as a possibility, especially given the unique exhaust setup seen on this test mule.

Enough theorizing–tell us what engine you think this is in the comments below.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. That’s not the V8 harmonics. Sounds something like forced induction V6 either tuned existing 3.5L ecoboost or maybe something based on 3.7L.


  2. A tow Hitch? Really? on a 2.3 with Turbo? What are you gonna blow all the seals? What are you going to pull? I hope it really don’t come with that tow looking bar.


    1. I have a tow hitch on about everything I’ve owned. Mostly for bike racks or a small luggage carrier. My guess is the 4 cylinder. Doesn’t sound like a 6 or an 8. Sounds more like my dads old Alis-Chalmers.


  3. It’s the 4 cylinder ecoboost. I have a v6 in mine with long tube headers, no cats, open Chamber mufflers. It sounds like a v8 with little bit higher harmonics. With the wrong mufflers you get a raspy note. This is no v8, we can rule that out. Not enough lobe separation on the cam. There is no low tone, no snarl when the gas is pressed. It could be a v6, but once the car gets moving that exaust note gets raspy and sharp in a hurry with what looks to be minimal throttle. This car doesn’t run steep gears like 4.30’s (I do) so I know it’s not going through the rpms that quickly. Even the v6 sounds pretty mean when done right. The 232ci. 3.8l mine runs sounds meaner with stock exaust. This sounds anemic compared to 232ci. It’s just not there. So clearly no v8. This is a a 4 cylinder ecoboost hands down.


      1. Rob, have to agree with you there. The 3.7 is a great motor but I’ve heard many youtube vids of modded ones which sounded buzzy. It can be done right but takes a certain recipie to harness great sound from it.


  4. i have a 2000 3.8 mt, it sounds just as weak at idle as mine, and its the same sound when i hit the gas i dont change gear till 2500 o 3000 rpms, in that range it sounds great, but not as hard and profound as the GT at any revs… dont hear any turbo, but it migth be the v6 (75% sure), a 4 with a quiet turbo (20%) or a new v6 (5% possible)


    1. I have a V8 and drove a new V6 a few weeks ago and was not impressed even if it rates at 300 HP+ the acceleration is slow to a V8 and has that high pitched sound when accelerating..I’ll stick to my V8 Mustang GT.


  5. None of the overseas markets will be getting sequential taillights because of different laws…. they have said that the US 2015’s will have them!


  6. Pretty clearly sounds like a V6 of some sort to me. 4 cylinder would sound different. Love the way that Mustang sounds though!


  7. that sounds a lot like a flat plane crank V8 it sounds similar to a Ferrari V8 and the throttle response is very fast i really think and hope this is the voodoo motor


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