Bama X4 & SCT SF4: The Next Generation of Handheld Tuners

X4 Mustang Tuner - Bama

SCT and Bama Performance have released their latest handheld tuner–the SF4 and X4. We’ve laid out the new tuner’s features and compared it against the previous version.

Complete SF4 Mustang TunerReplacing the SCT SF3 Mustang Tuner

The SF3 tuner was a mainstay for SCT and the Mustang community for many years. It was a great way to upload custom tunes received via email, directly from your computer to your Mustang, without paying the high costs associated with a shop’s dyno tune. The SF3  and Bama Performance also gave users the flexibility to change their tune each time they added or changed a modification by emailing Bama and requesting a new set of custom tunes, specific to any new or changed modifications.

SF3 vs. SF4 / X4 Tuners – New Features & Functionality

For tuning your Mustang, the SF3 was awesome. So why change a good thing? Only to make it even better. The SCT SF4 and Bama X4 both perform the same basic functions as the SF3 did, the difference being in ease of transfer and use. Below is a rundown of what the SF4/X4 has improved upon over the SF3:

  • SCT SF4 Mustang TunerFull COLOR LCD Screen
    •      – 2.7 inches wide, 5.5 inches tall
    •      – Viewable in portrait or landscape mod
    •      – Auto Dim feature
  • Smaller Enclosure
    •      – Bama X4 comes with 10 custom Bama Performance tunes specific to your Mustang
    •      – Standard Dual Mount T Brackets for easy mounting
  • On Screen Data logging and monitoring
  • WiFi-Capable
    •      – Users will no longer have to plug their device into a computer to receive updates

Functionality carrying over from the SF3/X3:

  • Holds up to 10 Custom tunes
  • Reads and Clears DTC Codes
  • Data Logging – Now

SF4 vs X4: What’s the Difference?

The SF4 and X4 both share the same exact functionality and look as one another, the difference between the two being the X4 carries Bama Performance’s custom tunes backed with their Free Tunes For Life guarantee, whereas SCT’s SF4 comes pre-loaded with general purpose tunes from SCT. Bama’s custom tunes give you fine-tuned performance that perfectly sync your engine and transmission for maximum efficiency and power gains. When you go with one of Bama’s X4 tuners, you also get entered into the Free Tunes For Life program, something only offered with the X4 tuner. If you have a modified Mustang or are planning to mod your car, the X4 is your ideal choice.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I’m waiting for SCT to provide BAMA with X4 for the 2015 Mustang 3.7L V6 which I think is well over due, I can understand it comming out first for the 5.0 but the ecoboost 2..3 before the 3.7 V6. I believe Ford put way to much in the ecoboost 2.3 over the 3.7 which with the paddle shifting is one sweet quick mustang with factory deep tone exhaust system that gets deeper with down shifting, the 2.3 sounds like a lawn mover even with after market exhaust systems. I believe if Ford wanted the market they should have 2 Mustangs the GT, then the V6 only with the 3.8L V6 ecoboost Twin Turbochargers at 500 hp from the 2017 Raptor.


    1. Lets see that V6 with just a Tune get over 400hp.. cant? damn, Guess the engine that cost more with Forged internals is a better choice, BTW, Ecoboost outsold V6 non-Convertibles in a landslide making it far more popular meaning more customers.


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