Video: Camaro Owner Crashes Mustang’s 50th Birthday Party

The Mustang’s 50th birthday celebration is going on at the Charlotte Motor Speedway all weekend long, but it wasn’t all fun and festivities for everyone. A lone Camaro owner decided to brave the thousands of Mustang fans by parking their convertible at the event.

Whether it was a practical joke or the owner was attempting to make a statement never ended up mattering as the car was quickly towed away. Too bad, I’m sure the nasty BOSS 302 and the other high horsepower Mustangs in attendance would have a field day had they attempted a few laps around the track.
Camaro Towed at Mustang 50th Birthday Party

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. this story is crap, i’ll bet it broke on the track and had to be towed. the media are just stirring the pot on a rivalry they only just discovered existed last month.


    1. Actually its not crap it didn’t “break down” on the track it showed up and parked on the mustang teritory so it got towed away I was there the whole weekend but you can try to say I wasn’t there if you want cause I have millions of witnesses of the car getting towed


  2. My question is what legal reason did they have to tow it they better hope that guy doesn’t go after them for grand theft auto because it was a open event and if he wasn’t allowed to be there then they should have dented him at the gate


  3. Another stupid US vs US! Really will never understand this battle as I have owned both Corvette and Mustang. I’m all about American muscle vs Rice!


      1. I agree that is a stupid thing to do and yea he should not have taken the Camaro to the show. I was just talking more about the comments and in general the US vs US needs to end. The old days are gone and now we have all the Ricers in the US. Long live American Muscle!


      2. I guarantee you this guy just wanted to go home and brag to all of his buddies about how he snuck his Camaro into a Mustang only show. Pretty immature if you ask me…


  4. They couldnt let one Camaro show up all those ugly Fords. And I am sure they had plenty of wreckers onhand with all the Mustangs that needed towing after the event.


  5. The owner is jealous the Camaro doesn’t have a 50th birthday party, so he crashed one. Sorry bud, you have another 45 years to go. HA!


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