First Look: 2015 Mustang GT350 / SVT Interior

GT350 Mustang Interior

KGP and Mustang6g give us our first look at the 2015 “GT350” Mustang’s interior and a beauty shot of a camo-less rear.

As expected, there are still a few mysteries left up to speculation, but it’s refreshing to see that Ford is likely nearing the final stages of testing. It would be fair to say that some of what you see inside the car will change before they dial in the final production specs, but unless what you see is transplanted from a lesser model and Ford has something all-new up their sleeve, I wouldn’t hold your breath expecting anything too drastic.

2015 Mustang GT350 Testing
Previously Spotted S550 Without Wheel Guards

One thing already mentioned is the wheel covers, which hide this S550’s wheels and brakes. Previous spy shots of the GT350/SVT 2015 Mustang showed large ceramic brakes and the same wheels that are now covered. These new photos also give a good look at the dash and shifter setup. Still present is the fender and hood vents that surely aid in lowering engine bay temperatures (possibly needed for a supercharged motor hidden away?).

When Will Ford Officially Show The 2015 GT350/SVT?

Newest GT350 Mustang SpiedGood question. Recently, it has been rumored that the 2015 SVT/GT350 car is set to make its debut on April 16th–the Mustang’s anniversary–at the New York International Auto Show. Ford already plans on putting a convertible on the observation deck of the Empire State building on that day and who knows what other big announcements could be made. Seeing the halo car before summer would be a reassuring gesture for those who have been waiting and wondering if there will even be a top model replacement. If there is indeed a GT350 that’s production ready for the 2015 model year, will this model be any of the 1,000 special edition anniversary cars Ford plans of producing?

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


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