Spied! The 2014.5 Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang

The first ever photographs of the 2014.5 50th anniversary Ford Mustang were revealed this past weekend. While we eagerly await Ford to open up about the expected 1,000 car limited run of specially equipped anniversary edition S550 Mustangs, we’ve been treated to the first glimpse of the changes that can be expected.

50th Anniversay Ford MustangThe car was spotted, where else, but the streets of Michigan and revealed by who else, but Mustang6g. This is the first real-world view at the anniversary package 2015 Mustang, a car that has been rumored to only see a limited production run of 1,000 vehicles. While to some it may seem like just another 5.0 S550, there are in fact a few distinct differences between this Mustang and the rest of the 2015s that we’ve seen. All indications point to this being the highly anticipated Anniversary edition Ford Mustang GT.

What’s Different on the 2014.5 Anniversary Mustang GT

Since the 2015 Mustang’s new design was released by Ford back in December, the 6th generation ponycar has been spotted in a number of different trims and colors, all sporting a bunch of new parts that haven’t been seen on previous generations. What makes this 2014.5 Mustang interesting is a number of subtle changes that further play homage to the classics. With much of the bantering that comes from the Mustang’s base of loyalists being centered around the lack of “traditional” styling and a classic feel, many of the changes we see in the 2014.5 Mustang are aimed at laying that point of criticism to rest.

A New Grille

The most obvious difference between this Mustang and the previous 2015 Mustang we’ve seen is the front grille. Even the earliest spy photos of the 2015 GT had the two spoke suppressed grille, whereas the 2014.5 has a near exact replica of the 1965 Mustang’s pony coral grille. The car pictured above has an all-black grille, but don’t rule out chrome for the final design.

2014.5 Mustang With Quarter Window LouversWindow Louvers

They’re hard to see without zooming in, but there are louvers on the awkwardly shaped rear quarter windows, designed much like those found on the classics of the late 1960’s. This is another bit of throwback flair used to distinguish the 2014 and a half Mustangs from the 2015 herd.

Staggered Wheel Fitment

There is some serious rubber on those FR500 style wheels. Like many of the 2015 GT and SVT/GT350s we’ve seen, this car will not suffer from the lack of the proper amount of tire out back.

Oxford White or Wimbledon White?

White is most certainly one of the paint schemes available for the 2015 Mustang, but the option is listed as “Oxford White,” the same color featured on 2003-2004 Mustang Cobras. For the 50th anniversary cars, Ford is rumored to be using “Wimbledon White,” the same variant of white paint that came on the very first Mustang. Seeing as Ford is keen on following their own footsteps and building upon their heritage, we very well might have our first snapshot of the limited edition 2014.5 Wimbledon White Mustang GT. Most of the other colors have already made their auto show debut to much acclaim, including the popular “Triple Yellow” color that graced the body panels of the Mustang GT that attended Detroit’s 2014 North American International Auto Show.

You probably aren’t seeing all the changes Ford has planned for the 2014 1/2 Mustang, but the car’s theme will likely remain consistent–you’re getting the 2015 S550 outfitted with much of the nostalgia found in the classic 1960’s Mustangs.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I’m glad you approved of the images that I posted on Mustang6G.com of the 65 Mustang and 2015 “Anniversary” package comparrison, along with my zoomed image of the Louvered Quarter Windows. The thing you forgot to mention about the Wheels on the 2015 “Anniversary” Mustang is that they are Modern Interpretations of the Classic 65 Mustang’s Styled Steel Wheels, not FR-500 Wheels. I’m also predicting a Special 50th Anniversary Badge on the Rear Decklid reminiscent of the Faux Gas Cap that Mustangs have had since 2005, but Ford has retired for the rest of the 2015 lineup.


    1. I’ve been a big fan of M6G for a while now and you guys have been spot-on with much of the 2015 stuff. I agree those wheels are set to mimic the 65’s, as were the FR500s. All three sets are from the same “family” IMO


  2. I do not like the new look, all I see is a Fusion. They have changed way too much to even look anything like a Mustang. Very disappointed. I will keep looking for that 64 and a half and keep my 2000.


    1. agreed, I’d rip on a car nicer then mine too if it was 15 years new good excuse to not have one in the driveway.


  3. I am so disappointed with the new Mustang look it is not a luxury car it is a muscle car and this new look has no Muscle look at all


  4. louvers wheels and a grille doesn’t change the body of the car. Its the same 2015 body style that half the mustang owners don’t like, we understand you got to keep up all the other bull shit styles. But don’t say you made it to look like the classic mustang, because the body style is not classic. Looks like an import on steroids


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