Dyno Videos: Project Coyote 2014 GT VS. Grabber Boost 2006 GT

Grabber Boost 2006 GT vs 2014 GT Project Coyote

Back with another round of project cars, both Justin and Dave have recruited teams and are tangled up in some friendly competition. both are building a Grabber Blue GTs–Justin in his 2014 GT and Dave in his 2006 GT–to see who can build the better drag car. Here we have Stage 1 of both builds with stock dyno and 1/4 mile track times as well as comparable numbers after throwing on some essential bolt-on mods. While you can probably assume who’s got more power under the hood, you might be surprised at the results.

Head over to AmericanMuscle.com and Check out the entire 2014 Mustang GT Project Coyote build!

Or, if the 2006 GT, Project Grabber Boost is more your style, you can see that entire build as well.

Project Coyote – 2014 Mustang GT

Justin and his team have a distinct advantage out of the gate–they’re building the fastest production Mustang GT Ford ever built. Clearly, the 2014 GT is making more power from its 5.0L 4-valve motor than Dave could possibly get out of a stock 2006 3-valve GT. After posting a solid 12.99 @ 110.68MPH in the quarter mile with a bone-stock 2014 GT, they followed it up with a 12.59 second run. Thanks to some bolt-ons and a custom Bama tune, they also added a solid chunk of horsepower:

Rear Wheel Horsepower, Stock: 361HP, 344TQ

Stage 1: 384HP, 373TQ

Quarter Mile Tack Times: Stock – 12.99

Stage 1: 12.59

2014 GT Stage 1 Modifications:

Raxiom Smoked Projector Headlights – CCFL Halo (13-14 GT, V6 with Factory HID)
Staggered 2013 GT500 Charcoal Wheel & Sumitomo Tire Kit – 19×8.5/10 (05-14 GT, V6)
MMD Hood Scoop – Pre-painted (13-14 GT, V6)
Matte Black Boss Style Roof Decal (05-14 All)
Smoked Rear Bumper Marker Tint (13-14 All)
Smoked Tail Light Tint Insert (13-14 All)
Smoked Quarter Marker Light Tint (10-14 All)
Smoked Side Marker Light Tint (10-14 All)
Smoked Third Brake Light Tint (10-14 All)
Matte Black Quarter Window Blackout (10-14 All)
MMD Classic Quarter Window Louvers – Pre-Painted (10-14 All)
MMD Side Scoops – Pre-painted (10-14 All)
MMD Tail Light Trim – Pre-Painted (13-14 All)
MMD Retro Mirrors – Unpainted (10-14 All)
MMD Ducktail Spoiler – Pre-painted (10-14 All)
Modern Billet Black Retro Grille – Combo (13-14 GT)
MGP Black Caliper Covers w/ 5.0 Logo – Front & Rear (11-14 GT, V6)
Airaid Race CAI and Intune Tuner (11-14 GT)
JLT Black Oil Separator – Passenger Side (11-14 GT; 12-13 BOSS)
Flowmaster Outlaw Series Axle-Back Exhaust (13-14 GT)
BBK 90 mm Throttle Body (11-14 GT)

Project Grabber Boost – 2006 Mustang GT

Dave and his crew definitely have some catching up to do. After their stock GT put down a still impressive 278RWHP & 291TQ before any mods, they were nearly 100RWHP behind Justin’s stock 2014 GT. With a power adder in their minds and a burning desire to run down Justin and his 2014, the team paid extra close attention when hand picking their stage 1 bolt-on mods.

With a pile of new parts, the team dropped a full half second off their stock track time, going from a 14.05 with the factory parts to 13.5 after stage 1 bolt-ons. The stoutly 2006 GT also increased it’s rear wheel power to 292HP and 307TQ.

Rear Wheel Horsepower, Stock: 278HP, 291TQ

Stage 1: 292HP, 307TQ

Quarter Mile Track Times: Stock – 14.05

Stage 1: 13.5

2006 GT Stage 1 Modifications:

Staggered AMR Silver Wheel & Mickey Thompson Tire Kit – 19×8.5/10 (05-14)
MMD GT350 Style Window Covers – Pre-Painted (05-09 All)
Mustang GT500 Style Rear Spoiler – Pre-painted (05-09)
Raxiom 2010 Style Smoked Headlights (05-09 GT, V6)
Raxiom Gen5 Tail Lights (05-09 All)
MGP Red Caliper Covers w/ GT Logo – Front & Rear (05-10 GT, V6)
Mirror Covers – Pre-painted (05-09 All)
MMD Side Scoops – Pre-painted (05-09 All)
CDC Classic Chin Spoiler – Unpainted (05-09 GT)
Smoked Third Brake Light Tint (05-09 All)
Smoked Quarter Marker Light Tint (05-09 All)
Smoked Turn Signal Light Tint (05-09 All)
Smoked Fog Light Tint (05-12 GT)
SR Performance CAI and BAMA Tuner (05-09 GT)
SR Performance 62mm Twin Throttle Body (05-10 GT)
JLT Black Oil Separator – Passenger Side
Magnaflow Axle-Back Exhaust (05-09 GT; 07-09 GT500)
MMD Hood Vent Louvers – Matte Black (05-09 GT, V6)

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


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