Video: 2015 Mustang GT – Specs, Overview & Driving Footage

2015 Mustang GT Convertible

See what’s powering the 2015 Ford Mustang GT and watch as Ford takes one for a drive around the desert.

The GT will be holding the reigns as the top Mustang in the herd for the 2015 model year. As such, it was fitting to find out the 5.0L Coyote motor will be getting a bump in horsepower–up from 422 to ~430HP (Ford claims they’re still dialing this in). But don’t let that mild jump fool you, this car can perform.

Thanks to a completely reworked front and rear suspension and a few internals carried over from the BOSS 302, the car is capable of sprinting right next to the 2012-2013 BOSS around the track. Surprisingly enough, they’ve accomplished this without increasing the rev limit.

it’s not going to rev any higher as far as the red line goes, but you are going to get more horsepower out of it and more torque ” – Dave Pericak, Ford Chief Engineer

Watch the complete interview with Justin and Dave Pericak.

Once more, the braking system has been completely upgraded–you’re getting 4 piston calipers with 14-inch rotors stock on the GT with an optional 6 piston calipers and 15-inch rotors from the factory. And yes, I am still talking about the 2015 GT. Clearly, the car is benefiting from  an additional 3mm in length and being 13mm wider along with a 38mm lower roof and an improved center of gravity.

There’s more overall space in the interior and trunk too, believe it or not. The passage between the trunk and back seats has been increased and there will be both the usual 12V outlet and a USB port. Ford is offering up a good lineup of color options, too (The convertible you see pictured above is likely “Guard”).

Mustang6G highlights many of the GT specific changes Ford made with its latest redesign:

2015 Mustang GT Engine Specifications

–  around 430HP, 390 Lb-Ft V8 Coyote engine

*New cams with 1mm more intake lift and 2mm more lift on the exhaust side

*New cylinder heads with revised high-flow ports and slightly larger valves

*Mid-lock cam phasers to provide greater range of cam timing on the intake side

*A revised intake manifold with charge-motion control valves

*BOSS 302 sintered-iron forged connecting rods

*BOSS 302 forged balanced crank

*BOSS 302 Valve Springs

*Redesigned piston tops

*11:1 compression ratio

– Oil cooler standard

– 155 MPH top speed

New Dimensions: 0.12 in (3mm) longer, 0.51 in (13mm) wider, 1.49 in (38mm) lower roof, 0.78 in (20mm) lower seating position

Transmissions: Updated manual gearbox (Getrag 6-speed) with revised shift linkage for shorter throws and smoother shifting. Automatic with paddle shifters (SelectShift 6-speed), rev matching and a redesigned case with lighter internals


– New perimeter front subframe: stiffer and less mass

– Front MacPherson strut system with new double-ball-joint spindle

– Rear integral-link independent rear suspension (IRS)

– New aluminum rear knuckles help reduce unsprung mass for improved ride and handling


– Launch Control

– Selectable Drive Modes: Normal mode, Sport mode, Track mode, Snow mode

– Intelligent Access with push-button start to SYNC® and MyKey®

– Track Apps standard

– MyColor gauges

– Shaker Pro audio system

– Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with cross-traffic alert

– Adaptive cruise control

– SYNC AppLink

– Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these ! Love how they made it lighter ans even more powerful. Looks aggresive and ready to eat some camaros !


      1. That’s what I was figuring, but what’s the purpose in telling us the regulated top speed and not the actual?


      2. There’s something of an international unwritten rule that production cars are governed at that level. Most of the German and Japanese sports cars, while capable of speeds far above 155 are “electronically limited”. It has mostly due to the speed ratings of passenger car tires ( even “Z” rated tires ) and also to do w/ unspoken “speed limits” on the Autobahn and highways in other parts of Europe and Japan.


    1. I’ll have to keep my 12 model as well. (Only 12K miles) It already has the better short throw shifter, more horses and a killer exhaust plus all the other goodies from American Muscle I won’t waste space listing.


  2. I have a 2012 gt wit long tubr headers full exhaust intake and I don’t care I love it and want one trading it In after I take all my mods off


  3. I love the new Mustang. It’s got a modern look with a few styling touches from the past. Considering the new GT will have ~430hp and available 6-piston caliper brakes, what does Ford have planned for the Boss 302 (or GT500) successor? Will I trade in my 2012? Part of me wants to, but I think I’ll wait a couple years.


    1. Did you know the original market/marketing for the Mustang in 1964/65 was aimed at Young Women? The very first Mustang sold at Retail was a Convertible… sold to a young Woman… the day BEFORE they were to be released for retail sale.

      My point being, girly looking car or not, they will sell, and a lot of them.


  4. I actually added a 2014 to my stable because of where I saw this car going. I’ll skip this generation… it’s just not for me. Hopefully, AM exterior mods can redesign it for Ford.


    1. Thats odd. I said the same thing about 2005-2014 Models.. meeeh, I’ll pass and Keep my 1990 5.0 … then this comes along. 25 years later and I’m blown away by this 6th Gen.


      1. You have me by 4 years. I was holding onto my 1994 Mustang until I saw the 2013/2014 body style. Forums that I have been on are very polarized with the 2015. You either like it a lot or not (a lot). Overall, it just comes down to expectations with any generation of the Mustang. We could be looking at the same car and have two totally opposite viewpoints. The 2015 just doesn’t give me the “wow factor” to want it. Perhaps down the road or next generation but not now.


      2. That’s the most reasonable “disagree” I’ve seen to date and I can totally respect this point of view. If you don’t like it that’s fine, in 50 years of continuous production there’s bound to be a few individuals won’t be head over heals for and that’s fine. Enough of the apocalyptic “IT’S NOT A REAL MUSTANG” histrionics though. The world is gonna be okay.


      3. Actually the 2013/14 did get my attention a little bit with the re-addition of the “Hips” and the Coyote 5.0. But by that point I kept telling myself ‘naw, hold off and see what the 50th will look like’. My patience won out this time.

        When it comes to Mustangs, I discovered decades ago that they’re like 21 Flavors Ice creme shops. There’s going to be at least one “flavor” that will suit anyone’s taste. Well… baring the purist GM lovers. :p


  5. Love this Mustang! curves are more 3D. Maybe Ford bought a new drafting computer program. Something that can actually calculate compound curves!


  6. I think the 2015 mustang looks nice, but I like my 2014 a little more. I think my 2014 looks more aggressive and I love the sequencial turn signals on it.


  7. I like this car a lot! Is there any word on release date & pricing? Also is there any word on a possible track oriented competition version like the recent “Boss 302S”?


  8. I dig it, although I would prefer LED tail-lights more in line with my 2014 GT/CS with the surrounding LED (even if they did that on the new profile). I also think the roofline, while re-introducing some fastback heritage should have stuck with the current shape of the 2014’s (and potentially have introduced a tilting sunroof). I have owned a 2012 and designs should advance. I like it.


  9. I dig it, although I would prefer LED tail-lights more in line with my 2014 GT/CS with the surrounding LED (even if they did that on the new profile). I also think the roofline, while re-introducing some fastback heritage should have stuck with the current shape of the 2014’s (and potentially have introduced a tilting sunroof on the hardtop). I have owned a 2012 and designs should advance. I like it.


      1. Well, if you’re looking for edits, it’s “reins,” not “reigns” in the second paragraph.


  10. I am hanging on to my 05 GT for now until I know there will not be a Bullitt edition. I’ve always wanted a Bullitt, but I’d like to buy a new vehicle at this point rather than a used car even if it is a collectors edition like a Buillitt.


  11. I have a 14 premium black 6spd gt with….
    Full Steeda suspension
    20x11rears w/315/35s–20×9.5 fronts w/285/35s
    Brembo 6 piston “grand turismo” brakes–svt rears
    Cat back 3″ magna flow exhaust
    Steeda shifter
    Hood struts
    Air rade cold air kit
    Carbon interior kit
    Rear back up camera
    Cs wing
    ………drove the 15 gt today with track pak….was awesome sticker was $44000.00?i think once the gears and cat delete get done ….and the new jack shaft 2.9 whipple get on there in the next 2-3 months……I’ll hopefully forget about it,lol. The interior is straight sexy,and the IRS was sweet…far better ride. But me and Darth Vader gotta stick to the plans,lol


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