Photos: 2015 Mustang GT Pictures & Color Options Leak Early

2015 Mustang GT Front

Here are the first few shots we have of a 2015 Mustang GT, complete with “5.0” fender badges and what looks to be a performance package.

The 2015 Mustang GT

Other noticeable differences between this Mustang and other pictures we have of the 2015s include a small spoiler, white turn signal markers in the front air dams and what looks to be a different hood (possibly containing hood vents similar to those seen on the 2014 Mustang). UPDATE: The GT has exclusivity when it comes to the white turn signal markers, whereas the V6 and 4 cylinder have amber turn signal markers.

These shots also give you an up close and personal look at the rear of the car, specifically those louvered style tail lights that were pointed out by a test group over a year ago. Also notice the rear diffuser that is painted to match the car’s color.

2015 Mustang Options

It looks like someone over at Mustang6g has struck again, and this time they unearthed a Ford web page that spills some of the 2015 Mustang options and additional details. Here is your color lineup for 2015:

– Race Red2015 Mustang Color Options

– Competition Orange

– Triple Yellow

– Deep Impact Blue

– Ruby Red

– Black

– Magnetic

– Guard

– Ingot Silver

– Oxford White

Below, Ford themselves lay out their new exterior color options while also showing you why the 2015 Mustang’s interior is leaps and bounds above that of the 2014 Mustang.

Wheel Options:

20″ Machined
20″ Machined
18″ Machined
19″ Gloss Black
19″ Premium

As for the 2015 Mustang’s engine options, well, it’s what we’ve been expecting for a while now. From Ford’s website:

” There’s a 3.7-liter V6. And the available 5.0-liter V8 will benefit from increased power this year. But the real news is how we’ve paired Mustang performance with the EcoBoost® engine. Available 2.3-liter EcoBoost

A while back we reported someone claiming the new GT was getting a bump into the 475HP range. Other reports have been varied between 430-450HP. I guess this is one secret we’ll have to wait a bit longer to unravel. [UPDATE: Ford says the 2015 GT is indeed getting a bump in power, but it’s likely to top out in the 430 horsepower range]

Technology Upgrades:

– Intelligent Access with push-button start
– Available SYNC® with MyFord Touch
– Available BLIS® with cross-traffic alert

When Will They be Delivered?

The Ford website states a couple of times that the Mustang will not be available until “late 2014,” but it also specifically adds ” *Available late 2014. ” to the paragraph detailing the convertibles, leading one to believe the convertible 2015 Mustang may be the model delayed, while the coupes may be available at an earlier date. Sadly, the SVT/GT350/Mach1 likely won’t be ready until, at the earliest, 2016. Let’s hope Ford doesn’t keep eager customers waiting too long.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. We all need to see what the IRS will do at the race track. I think it will be good on a road course, what will it do at the drag strip?


  2. Have owned cars with IRS and the up keep is unreal as they require alignment and can be knocked out of alignment by a chug hole in the pavement. The straight axle works great and if you are just driving its fine if road racing that’s a different subject. As far as being any better its not more moving parts and suspension problem to occur. I will stick to my 05 Saleen convertible and 05 GT as these are great cars and draw lots of looks. and not sure that I need to add another pony to the stable at the present.


  3. I currently have a 2013 GT Premium Convertible and have driven it over 30,000 miles in the 22 months since I took delivery even though it spends at least 4 months of garage storage each winter. I’ve have no problems with the electronics, navigation, sync, etc. The 6 speed stick is very smooth and the engine is the best part and an engineering marvel, I love it dearly but am looking to upgrade to a 2015 as soon as available. I too have had problems with IRS in other vehicles and hoprfully it won’t occur with these new models. I guess it would be wise to wait for another year until they iron out any problems with this new design but I probably won’t have enough patience.


  4. It’s the same every time a new “make over” is done on such and icon as the Mustang. Henry gets a little nervous when the engineers start messing around a car like the Mustang truly is. It could mean a engineer’s job and the actual head over the changes made, and finalizing the go a head, Billons of dollars on the line to say the least. With all this said posted.
    The wait is done and the finger nail biting has stopped, the all new 2015 Mustang was well received from most every car nut here and across the pond. This platform has the goods to turn a great car into a force to be reckoned with, on and off the track. In my eye’s I for see the future being Lighter weight, each year passing by, and smaller displacement v-8’s and v-6’s and maybe a new v-4 cylinder engine . Aluminum chassis, carbon fiber every where. Plastic everywhere like wise.
    How about less than 2500 pounds for the future Mustangs, with there smaller engines revving quicker and higher than anyone could dare dream. Everything supercharged for street performance, and turbo charged for the high end racer. Factory hot rod mustangs that run 7 second or faster ET’s at the local drag strip. Pricing starts at around 135,000.00 and up.
    Still a small v-8 with less than 1500 pounds to haul around. Mustang gutted and naked with only the mandated 7 point roll cage installed. Fiesta ST that weigh 1100 pounds with the 1.6 liter 120 HP engine. That’s 9.16 pounds per horsepower. Talk about a car that’s crazy fast look out all of us.


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