Ford Survey Accidently Leaks 2015 Mustang Engines & Options


There’s a new Ford survey going out to select Mustang owners, and it appears to be asking questions about what they would want to see the 2015 Mustang come equipped with. What’s interesting is they may have just inadvertently revealed the 2015 Mustang’s engine and transmission options! And guess what? The 4 Cylinder EcoBoost engine is indeed on the list.

[UPDATE: exclusive specs, videos and media on the 2015 Mustang and its release.]

How this leak happened

The survey company Morpace was commissioned by Ford to test the waters before introducing the 2015 Mustang and luckily for us, one community member who recently purchased a 2013 Mustang was asked to take part, taking screenshots of the survey in its entirety. Morspace, who has previously received a World Excellence Award by Ford for excellence in servicing the motor company, is a market research and consulting company that was likely probing current Mustang owners to see what the reaction to the 6th generation Mustang’s drivetrain lineup.2015 Mustang Motor Leak Survey

Why do the horsepower and displacement numbers seem a bit off?

It’s fair to say the power and displacement numbers from this survey do not exactly line up with what was previously reported for the 2015 Mustang. While the power levels and displacement figures do not add up to the current EcoBoost or Coyote numbers, one can infer that these numbers were slightly skewed to throw the average Joe off the 2015 Mustang’s proverbial scent. If every Mustang owner who was mailed this survey could make that connection, it would have leaked much sooner and by a larger pool of people. Luckily for us, a member of the 2015 S550 forums Mustang6G (who have been avidly hunting down details on the 2015 Mustang for some time now) posted his survey up for the community.

What engine options should we expect to power the 2015 Mustang?

The survey lists 3 engines:

3.8L V6 engine @ 300 horsepower/290 ft-lb torque: 19 city/29 highway MPG (Base model)

2.4L I4 GTDI EcoBoost engine @ 310 horsepower/310 ft-lb of torque: 22 city/32 highway MPG ($560 over base model Mustang)

4.9L V8 {Coyote} engine @ 430 horsepower/396ft-lb of torque: 18 city/28 highway MPG ($1,890 over base model Mustang)

Let’s break these motors down one at a time:

The “3.8” V6 base model motor: It’s fairly certain that this is referring to the current 3.7L engine found under the hood of the current Mustang; whether the displacement is going to be increased .1 or not is fairly irrelevant as the engine will remain largely unchanged, regardless. As for the power decrease (-5 HP off the current motor) this is either another attempt to throw you off the S550 trail, or a detune to further separate the V6 offering from the EcoBoost 4 cylinder that has similar power levels.

2.4L EcoBoost Engine: This one could go either way. An earlier rumor this year had this motor at 2.5L & 300HP, but the current EcoBoost found in the focus ST is only a 2.0L. It’s possible they increased displacement to account for additional horsepower, but it’s also possible they turned the dial up on the 2.0L and threw it in the 6th generation Mustang.

4.9L Coyote: This will be your current 5.0L, same as its been. Yes, Ford probably will bump the horsepower up (and we hope more than the measly 10HP the survey presented), but don’t expect anything ground breaking here.

2015 Mustang Transmission Options

The four options listed in this survey are rather interesting. There’s the standard 6 speed manual and automatic trans, as well as an intriguing 7 speed manual and 10 speed automatic options. the 10 speed automatic is likely referring to either the 9 or 10 speed transmission GM and Ford have been collaborating on. Fuel economy and emissions should be greatly improved with the 10 speed  auto, but we might have to wait a couple years before it becomes an option for the Mustang.

In addition to having pinpointed the engine options, we’ve seen the 2015 Mustang’s front end and have a good idea on what to expect from the interior. Now, the last real piece of the puzzle is the rear end. Artist Chazcron’s 3D renderings based on “leaked” CAD files likely from within Ford gave a pretty good idea of what to expect, but there’s nothing like seeing the real thing.

Do you spot any interesting changes coming to the 2015 Mustang? Let your opinions be heard in the comments section below.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I shudder upon the reality that the world (people are) so obsessed with gossip. There’s TV stations, radio, Internet websites just dedicated to gossips, celebrities and all! Boy, strange what people waste time paying attention to – gossip!

    Imagine if it changes anything about the reality of this Mustang if we wait on Ford to officially release details when they deem it proper to do so.

    I could still say then that Ford is gradually settling for an oversize hexagonal grille-work as its unified corporate face – UCI has never been a Ford forte. That will be nice.


    1. I do my best to bring only the most credible reports and information to the table and draw conclusions from that to help stir the conversation, not generate or perpetuate gossip.

      Many of these details are passed the gossip stage and right now it’s more about trying to uncover the smaller details, as opposed to seeing the larger picture. This car will have an IRS, it will be smaller/lighter and it’s going to have a 4 cylinder option.

      The questions now become: “how much lighter/smaller, how much power will each engine make and who’s getting the 4-banger (US market or Europe only)?

      We should be getting a pile of new details in the next coming months.


      1. My love and interest in the Mustang may not be measurable at all to yours or other fanatics of the model. Maybe that’s why I prefer to wait to hear from Ford.

        If there’s a press release, or media briefing, or some kind of press event and asking for opinions as to what may or may not be included on a new model I think I should’ve been aware.

        Since I didn’t get any message from Ford, I reasoned this must be rumor and gossip.

        However, I beg your pardon if I’ve been missed on this one and I’m beginning to sound morally old-fashioned.

        Anyway, interesting discussion going on!


  2. Do the 4.9l coyote i no everyone looking for more speed 10 times the speed and better brake on the sports track or off road cause i no i am ,alot of us wana see mustang go far better then they did with the 5.0 boss wayy better


  3. That note on the 2.4l eco-boost 4 cyl lines up w/ what’s been floating around in the Focus ST community about a possible and yearned for Focus RS. If that were to happen lets hope FoMoCo gets the other half of the equation right and offers it w/ AWD and a sport shift trans i.e; and Evo eater!


      1. Dumb-ass he means the Focus RS would be an AWD 2.4l turbo capable of destroying an Evo any and every day. To your brain dead ass if I spent what Evo owners do on there cars to make them ‘fast’ my ’04 mustang would eat them on a weekend basis, and that’s a fact.


      2. Tell me again what every race car on any track uses, oh that’s right REAR WHEEL DRIVE NOT all wheel drive. Most of those snot nosed brats that have evos don’t know how to drive a real car.


      3. Truly gentleman you’re all a bit confused. First of all, from an engineering standpoint (which apparently none of you are) an all wheel drive vehicle can and will always achieve faster acceleration (FACT!). So explain to me this why most low strung exotics (that not even the fastest of any of your American cars can compete with) such as Lamborghini, Bugatti, & Bentley use mostly AWD. However, there are some like Ferrari and Mercedes who use mostly rear wheel drive. Basically it comes down to the specific vehicles center of gravity and powertrain plus other weight considerations. Essentially, all vehicles need to be tuned to specific drivers and with that being said, no one cares a single bit for what your car can do (more like what you say it can do) it’s all about what the driver behind the wheel of the car can do. Take it from someone who raced motorcycles for 6 years you can’t do what the vehicle under you can it’s impossible, each person has their own limits, KNOW THEM!


      4. It’s all about money shit head. For example… The fastest mustang is way faster than the fastest evo. Only fangirls brag about stock.. While your at it.. Kill yourself and take the other fangirls with you.. Your pissing off the car guys.


      5. Go take your racer boy toy talk elsewhere. Were talking about a real sports car here that’s finally dropping some weight. It’s 300+ hp 2.3 ecoboost engine will smoke your evo. Then there is the GT350 that’ll have 600+ hp and will weigh about the same as an evo. That’s not even a fair fight. Go find some other economy cars with a turbo to play with.


      6. And then you woke up Rip Van . . . got a Boss 302 that dusts a Porsche GT3 Cup car . . . Japan isn’t even in the game till way north of 100 large.


      7. An Evo, sorry pal we only use that car as a winter beater here. I got Cat bulldozers that have bigger starter motors than the engine in your Evo


  4. Personally I prefer a 5 spd for a v8. Anyways, fuck the haters and accept this beautiful new Mustang!!! I love the design. Looks like a Fusion? So what?


  5. So… rounded off a base price was 24K and the printed price bumps for a 5.0L (4.9L) was rounded 2k. Hmmm 26K for a GT stang? lol… A guy can dream…cant he? The car is beautiful.


    1. How nice would that be? But I’m sure you’re right–there’s no way you’ll be able to go to a Ford dealership and take on home for anything less than $30k

      Factor in dealer markup and start adding options to that puppy and you’re talking well into the $30s. Plus, I’m sure the cost will either debut higher than what the survey lists, or Ford is planning another 2010 -> 2011 shift for 2015-2016 and don’t want these cars sitting on the lots too long.


    1. You need to look at facts and not opinions. I like the Challenger but the Mustang in recent times has been the top ranked american muscle car.


    2. You do Stand up comedy, don’t you? Or just science fiction. Since when the 2015 GT comes out it will be 900LBs lighter, and running more HP than the base V8 Challenger. Do the math. The challenger even now doesn’t have a prayer. It is a 4 wheel 4200lb boat.


  6. “luckily for us, one community member who recently purchased a 2013 Mustang took screenshots of the survey in its entirety”

    Way to out the guy. He did you a favor and now he’s probably going to be found out and lose his job. How many people at that company do you think just bought a 2013 Mustang?


    1. He was asked by the survey company via email to share his opinions with Ford and while taking the questionnaire, he also took screenshots and shared them on a public forum for the entire Mustang community.

      He’s not liable in this situation, though the survey company might be in the hot seat with Ford for not better disguising their lineup

      See his original post:


    1. This 4 cyl mustang will have more horsepower than the GT had only 5 years ago while weighing a few hundred pounds less.. So yes I’d be OK with 310 hp 4 cyl that would smoke nearly every mustang made except for the newest GTs or GT500s. Now if you want to pay more for the GT or GT350 go for it that’s why the offer multiple engines.


  7. Im not happy with the eco boost Mustang but the car is sexy looking and if it handles as well as it looks then watch out Chevy. I hope the GT will have almost 500 HP, and not just a pansy ass 430 HP.


    1. Its an old Ford trick from the 1960’s Gary, Ford always under rates their power ratings it makes for more insurable automobiles and therefore more vehicles sold. even way back to the 427 side oiler with 2 four barrels that Ford had rated at 425 H P when put on a dyno these engines averaged 616 H P. Where as a G M rated at 450 H P put on a dyno put out more like 410 H P


  8. real world V6 vs GT is $8,700 not $1,890
    Why have a unrealistic survey?
    Translating from weirdly cheap universe to real world puts I4 EcoBoost $2577.77 more than V6.


  9. Not sure why the numbers are off but it will likely be:
    3.8 = 3.7 at 300 hp
    2.4 = 2.3 ecoboost at 310 hp (shared with the Focus RS)
    4.9 = 5.0 coyote 430 hp (likely closer to 470)
    not listed = 5.0 “voodoo” 550-600 (an ecoboost 5.0 to go in the 350 GT)


  10. I can’t see 5.0 doing more than 450hp without adding variable lift valve train. Coyote heads were designed with extra bosses in their casting. So maybe they’ll finally start using them.
    Plus, I have serious doubts the 2.3L will have over 300hp. I’ve been hearing 275-285hp for US market and 305hp for UK. Which makes sense. If American girl (yes most Mustangs are bought by girls) is looking for American brand, sporty body & good MPG, then you’re not worry about high revving & max hp. In that mindset, I’d trade 30-50hp for 2 or 3 MPG & cheaper insurance.


  11. The new one is a true 5.0 the old ones were 4.9.. I bet in 10 years or less, many (if not all) sports cars will be awd and stickshifts will slowly fade away because as proven in the zl1 and newer cars: Automatics are faster. Now, Ford is still lagging in that department with the mustang, but u know what I mean.


  12. I have a 2016 GT with a 6 speed standard I have had fast cars in the past but this car has one of the fastest 0 to 100 mph I had it to 130 mph in a quarter and could do better 5.0 is impressive


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