VIDEO: Project MMD 2014 Mustang GT – Episode 2 Road to SEMA!

After we kicked things off in Episode 1 of Project MMD, we wanted to let the guys at MMD Mustang Parts get a chance to give it their full makeover. We need to get this car ready to unveil at the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas in only 11 days! Check out what we have in store…

In Episode 2 of Project MMD, the crew at MMD helped out with:

MMD GT350 Style Window Covers – Pre-Painted (10-14 All)

MMD Hood Scoop – Pre-painted (13-14 GT, V6)

MMD Headlight Splitters – Pre-Painted (13-14 All)

MMD Ducktail Spoiler – Pre-painted (10-14 All)

Carbon Fiber Dash Overlay Kit (10-14 All)

MMD Retro Mirrors – Unpainted (10-14 All)

MMD Side Scoops – Pre-painted (10-14 All)

MMD Tail Light Trim – Pre-Painted (13-14 All)

MMD Boss Style Fog Light Deletes (13-14 GT)

MMD Satellite Radio/GPS Antenna Cover – Pre-painted (05-14 All)

Our friends over at MMD really kicked up the volume on this project car and set us up for one epic final Episode, from the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, when it drops on 11/13/13! Now that MMD has taken charge of the “show” portion of this car, it’s time for us to handle the “go”.  This is going to be an interesting ending.

COMMENT below and tell us what you think we’re up to in Episode 3…

Project MMD 2014 Ford Mustang GT Episode 2

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Please stop posting like MMD is it’s own company. We all know it’s owned by American Muscle. Why do you guys insist on lying to the public? We all know that Stack Racing, Modern Billet and SR Performance are just like MMD, owned by American Muscle. Stop trying to fool everyone and just tell the truth for once.


    1. Stephen,

      The truth is, MMD and AM are separate, regardless of what umbrella they fall under. Ford owns Lincoln, but the two are operated as separate entities and, in some cases, have directly competed with one-another. That’s why Lincoln is called “The Lincoln Motor Company” and not “Ford-Lincoln Motor Company.”

      No matter how you slice it, MMD and AM are separate–AmericanMuscle is Mustang parts, MMD is a styling company.


  2. Any bird brain knows that MMD is not it’s own co. No matter how it’s posted in your daunted eye’s: I know I’m crazy! But… when you don’t know your crazy, that’s when they come l@@king for you. Are they still l@@king for you? No one is lying to the public? you just missed the forest for the preverbal trees in your view dude


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