Video: 450+HP 2011 Mustang V6 Roasts Tires @ Road America

Take a few laps around Road America with Glenn and his stunning 460+HP P-1SC Procharged 2011 V6 Mustang as it tears through the course, passing much of the competition along the way. The video takes you through over 14 minutes of track time and is something you have to check out if you’ve never before had the pleasure of road racing.

2011 v6 Mustang Road RacingIf you’ve ever had the luxury of taking a few laps around a road course, or have attended a road racing (or autocross) event in your Mustang then you’ll know quite well how exhilarating an experience it is. Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like coming into a turn at ridiculous speeds and stomping the accelerator the second you break. Glenn from takes us for a ride around Road America in his supercharged 2011 Mustang V6–a car that is seen in the video eating up more than a couple V8 counterparts with a certain level of ease not too often associated with a V6 Mustang.

A V6 Mustang Packing a Procharged Punch

Road America Race TrackIts no secret the 3.7L V6 packed into the 2011+ Mustang is no slouch. Pumping out over 300HP stock, they have been known to roast the occasional older GT with a driver mod. Bolt up a supercharger and you have one formidable opponent that’s going to put down north of 400RWHP. Recall that our own Procharged 2011 V6 Mustang ran 11s with a Procharger kit (11.90 @ 116mph). Well, Glenn’s 2011 V6 from the video above easily hit 12s in the 1/4 mile while putting down 427RWHP with only 8lbs of boost! For his Road America run, Glenn  bumped the power up to 461RWHP at 9psi (and for the record, this car still sees ~28mpg on the highway).

While the supercharged V6 did not win the day at Road America, it did take home the Muscle Mustangs & Fast Ford’s Editors Choice Award–A top honor for any late model Mustang owner.

having been built for the occasional weekend road racing events, the Procharger gave this V6 the power it needed to compete while its V6 engine provided a light, high revving powerplant. This particular event–the Heidt’s 2013 Performance Car Challenge–was open to many different makes and models, drawing over 70 different cars. Glenn’s 2011 V6 found itself among some serious competition that included legendary suspension expert Kenny Brown. To make sure it kept pace, this 2011 Mustang was outfitted with:

2011 Supercharged V6 Mustang at Raod America– Procharger P1SC-1

– EBC Pads and Rotors

– Eibach Springs and Swaybars

– Tokico Shocks, Bassani Exhaust

– SPEC clutch

– Steeda UCA

– BMR Panhard bar

– Nitto-NT05 Tires

– Aluminum Driveshaft

– S&W roll cage,

– RK-Sport hood, fenders and other various performance and cosmetic mods

Aside from whipping around road courses, this Mustang has also seen a good bit of dyno time in the past. In fact, on the stock motor with the current Procharger, Glenn’s 2011 V6 made 528RWHP with a little flukey help from a rogue spray of nitrous. What’s more impressive is the strength and potential that lies in the stock 3.7L engines. Few know the potential of these factory forged motors, but those who do, know to respect them.I sense that with a few supporting mods, this Mustang has more power to give.

As for future mods, don’t be surprised to see this Mustang sporting a full Kenny Brown suspension system, Eibach coil overs, T-56 Magnum transmission and a Fluidyne radiator to handle the supercharged air on hot summer track days, then it’s back to the track for faster times and more surprised  V8 owners.

Editor’s side note: V6MustangPerformance specializes in everything dealing with 2011+ Mustangs and has some great resources for fellow sixers looking to mod and/or race their Mustangs.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."

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