Here’s The First Look at a 2015 Mustang’s Interior

Interior of a 2015 Ford Mustang Prototype

And let me start by saying “it’s about time!” We’ve all been waiting a long while for something–anything–on the interior setup, and now we have it. Despite the obvious changes like the steering wheel rear seat headrests, there are hidden details in these photos as well.

[UPDATE: Ford has dropped the 2015 Mustang! Check out exclusive pictures, video and performance specifications.]

It looks like Ford has come a long way with its interior design since the original 2015 mule cars were spotted cruising around. Whether or not Ford sanctioned these “spy” shots or not is anyone’s guess, but that doesn’t change what they are. If Ford WAS leaking these photos it would be to test the waters and it’s still likely they integrate many of these design changes into the production model. For those interested in what the exterior is shaping up to look like, there’s a great 3D rendering of the 2015 Mustang based off all the spy shots that lets you see how far the design has come and offers a little insight into where it is headed.

Let’s run down the list of noticeable changes between the 2015 Mustang and the S197 cars.

Push to Start Button2015 Mustang Steering Wheel Prototype

It looks like we might be getting a push to start from the factory in 2015. (See bottom right of center stack)

New Steering Wheel

Obviously the steering wheel is a new addition and features a number of additional controls. Looks like this one is a telescoping wheel as well.

Heated & Cooled Seats

I’ll argue there’s no better interior luxury than heated AND cooled seats. I’m a fan.

Paddle Shifters!

Unfortunately, these look like the not-so-favorable paddle shifters/shift buttons currently found in the Taurus.

A Modernized Center Rack2015 Mustang Center Rack

Mustang6g put it best: “The new ‘Stang looks ready to utilize the full suite of Ford’s in-car infotainment technology, with a large LCD screen sitting atop the stack, and an orderly collection of buttons and switches residing below. We’re pleased to see a simple volume knob, and no sign of capacitive-touch sensors.

Blind Spot Detection

Ford’s blind spot detection service (Blind Spot Information System or BLIS) seems to be loaded into this 2015 Mustang.

No More Rear Seat Headrests

You might be able to see out of the rear window now, depending on whether you’re carrying passengers back there or not.


It’s pretty evident this is a premium trim level Mustang, but whether we’re seeing a GT or something else is not known. One does wonder–with all the added technology and feel-good goodies, is Ford going to be able to keep the pricing at a reasonable and affordable level?

Spot something we’ve missed? Leave us a comment below!

Head Over to Mustang6g For The Complete Photo Gallery

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


      1. For most, it’s not. There is a reason the average age of a car is 11 years and it’s not because cars are “affordable”.


      2. Which is why I stick with my New edge model. The 2003 mustang gt. I just keep building up on that. It was cheap and affordable when I got it in November. Only paid 6k for 127000 miles 😀


  1. It looks dated before the 2015 comes out from the photos. LED display looks like it maybe 8″ while the current size is 10″-12″. Start button is not red but same grey as the rest of the dash. Looks retro to me! Enjoy Mustang lovers!


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