Photos & Video: 2013 AmericanMuscle Car Show Recap!

The 2013 AmericanMuscle Car Show has come and gone, now we’re reliving all the fun! Chip Foose held a surprise live auction for charity, Vaughn Gittin drove a giant v8 shopping cart filled with the AmericanMuscle girls while tossing free apparel to the crowd, and there was a Mustang or two in attendance. We’ve got tons of photos and video from the show–check out the fun for yourself!

Highlights from the 2013 AM Car Show

Chip Foose signing autographs and taking pictures all throughout the show, and as things wrapped up (seriously, he must have signed thousands of autographs–thank you Chip!)

Vaughn Gittin Jr. signing autographs and taking pictures. He also drove a v8 powered Shopper Chopper around the show while hurling free gear into the crowd. Yeah, it was awesome!

The AM girls strolled about the show, talking with enthusiasts, signing autographs and selling raffle tickets in support of Alex’s Lemonade Stand

The Shopper Chopper.

– The 1,400+ Mustangs present at the show along with all the awards prizes that went along with them (see the bottom of this post for a list of winners)

5,000+ people enjoying the beautiful weather, all the events and fun stuff to do, and of course the plethora of Mustangs

– Games, a moon bounce, face painting and tons of activities for the kids

Live dyno challenege

$20,522.45 in total raised for Alex’s Lemonade Stand (ALS) (The check pictured does not include additional donations by Chip Foose and AM employees)

– Tons of Mustang clubs showed their strength and pride, with the Red Mustang Registry taking home the award for most Mustangs from one club

Before it all began – the cruise

What a day. The sun was shining and the temperature was as close to perfect as it gets for August in Pennsylvania–holding steady in the low to mid 80s and low humidity. With the gates opening at 9am, things got started bright and early, and in a spirited fashion. It did not matter from which direction you were coming from; if you were traveling towards Media, PA on August 11th, you were going to run into more than a couple Mustangs along the way. You wouldn’t have been able to hold back a grin if you were in one of the Mustangs hopping on the PA turnpike that morning, only to find 1-in-3 cars was also Mustang and headed to the exact same destination. Even though you would not have known those drivers personally, you couldn’t help but feel a certain nostalgia that brought you back to past cruises with friends, late night cheese steak runs (or whatever your hometown feel good food might be), or long road trips simply for the sake of taking your car out for the drive. Rolling up to the gates, you were met with lopey cams, paint as smooth as glass and the sweet smell of petrol. The first thing that hits you is that this is not your typical car show.

The Mustangs

Anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of seeing 1,400 Mustangs all lined up in one place might not get it, but being that engulfed in Mustang pride is quite the sobering moment. You realize why you’ve bought and modded your car, and get a great chance to see the vision others have for theirs. You see why Mustang owners are so passionate, and it gives you a sense of belonging and pride knowing you’re part of a community that shares a similar taste and style. Personal tastes knew no bounds as there was a TON of different Mustangs, from an original 1968 Shelby GT500 and a  to plasti-dipped 2011+ GTs and even a Fox Body with a Toyota Supra motor. There truly was something there for everyone.

The Shopper Chopper, AM Girls & a down to the wire dyno challenge

The Shopper Chopper was plain awesome. Despite it having a chevy motor (we know…) it worked great for dispersing free AM and RTR gear courtesy of Vaughn Gittin and AmericanMuscle. Oh, how tempeted we were to let him drift a two story shopping cart, but we went against our instincts and decided against it. It might was too top heavy for the kind of drifting Gittin would have gotten into.

The beautiful AM Girls were out in full force, talking with owners and selling tons of raffle tickets. They did a wonderful job raising money for ALS and getting people involved in the raffles. The dyno showdown had everyone’s attention and ended in spectacular fashion. The 2004 Cobra was the top dog posting 795rwhp, topping the turbo’d Boss 302 by only 7rwhp! Oh and let’s not forget about Mishimito‘s 20 foot giant penguin.

Chip Foose & Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Both Chip Foose & Vaughn Gittin Jr. were of course crowd favorites, signing autographs and taking pictures with fans through the show. Each picked their favorite Mustang and presented the owner with a personalized award. Vaughn Gittin of course took the Shopper Chopper for a spin with Justin and the AM Girls, all while tossing free stuff to the crowd. A pretty cool site if you’ve never seen a two story v8 powered shopping cart driving around before. Chip surprised everyone and held a live auction for signed wheels and a Magnaflow exhaust kit, among other things. The grandness in his gesture wasn’t the auction itself, but that he donated all the additional money raised to Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Let us not forget the most important detail from this year’s show. Thanks to you, the 2013 AM Car Show was able to raise $20,522.45 in donations to Alex’s Lemonade Stand, helping to fight childhood cancer. You donated, bought the raffle tickets and the lemonade. We couldn’t have done it without you.

AmericanMuscle would like to thank everyone who attended this year’s show and a special thanks goes out to those who donated to ALS! We hope to see you all again next year!

Leave us a comment telling us what you enjoyed from this year’s show and what you’d like to see next year!

Car Show Award Winners

Runner Up Pre-1979 Linda Witte & Daniel Herberth 1973 Mustang
Best in Class Pre-1979 Joe Metzger 1969 Mach 1
Runner Up 1979-1993 Eric Hemphill 1992 Mustang
Best in Class 1979-1993 Bill Hough 1982 Mustang
Runner Up 1994-1998 Walter Drumheller 1995 Cobra
Best in Class 1994-1998 Paul Langlois 1998 GT
Runner Up 1999-2004 Timothy Capinski 2004 GT
Best in Class 1999-2004 Steve Sirianni 1999 35th Anniversary GT
Runner Up 2005-2009 Rodney Wright 2008 Bullitt
Best in Class 2005-2009 Joe Ferro 2008 GT
Runner Up 2010-2014 Jennifer Russell 2011 V6
Best in Class 2010-2014 Antoinette Bolduc 2013 GT
Runner Up Specialty Class Jeff Stein 2007 GT500 Super Snake
Best in Class Specialty Class Scott Olexy 1985 Saleen
Best Employee Ride AmericanMuscle Employee – Voted by show participants Matt Majka 1969 Mustang Sportsroof
Vendor Pick Selected by FLOWMASTER Julie Atkison 2013 Boss
People’s Choice Selected by the participant at the show Steve Schatter 2010 GT
Snazziest Stang Car that is the most eye-catching and grabs everyone’s attention Bill Mentzer 1986 GT
Most Radical Engine Hank Doran 1983 GT Boss with 351 Cobra R block
Best Dyno Run Chris Jurkowitsch 2004 SVT Cobra
Best Club Participation Red Mustang Registry 50 Mustangs
Chip Foose Award Presented By Chip Susan Stanley 1968 GT500
Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s Ready to Rock Award Presented By Vaughn Robert Rabon 2011 GT (Plasti-Dip)
Best in Show Julie Allen 1984 LX Mustang

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."

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