Gallery: The 2015 Mustang Revealed! The New S550’s Front End

2015 Mustang Front End Spy Photo

This is one of those special moments in history, for both die-hard Ford fanatics and Mustang enthusiasts alike. Today, Mustang6G has revealed the highly controversial, yet extremely guarded front end design of the 2015 Ford Mustang. For good or ill, this is your new S550 front end for the next 10 years.

[UPDATE: The 2015 Mustang is finally here and we’ve got exclusive video, images and information about the newest Ford Mustang.]

It has been hiding under camouflage for some time now, lying in wait under multiple tarps and cardboard to disguise its true shape. There have been countless renderings, piles of spy photos and even video of the 2015 S550s testing on the streets. Now, and courtesy of Mustang6G, we have an actual, real photograph of the 2015 Mustang’s front end to lay our eyes on. These were apparently taken during hot weather testing by Ford. According to Mustang6G:

Photographed during high-speed, high-performance tests at a race circuit, Ford engineers removed the Mustang prototype’s heavy camouflage from the A-pillar, forward, revealing the framework of the S550’s front fascia with yet unfinished sheetmetal.  

One question still remains–Is this new look aggressive enough to be sporting the 50th Anniversary Mustang Logo?

2015 Ford Mustang Zoomed Fornt End Image

Recap: What We Know About the 2015 S550 Mustang

1. The 2015 Mustang Will Have an Independent Rear Suspension

Very early on in the 6th generation Mustang’s development we started hearing strong rumors and quiet whispers coming from Dearborn that the next generation will have an independent rear suspension (IRS), the first Mustang to have such since the 2004 Mustang Cobras. Then, back in August of 2012, someone snapped a few spy shots of the 2015 Mustang’s IRS planted in a S197 mule. Some were still not convinced, and many remained doubtful that Ford would ever leave the solid rear axle behind. Then came the second round of spy shots, taken this past June within a Ford testing facility an picturing a certain-to-be 2015 mule car. Even in the newest spy shots below, you can see an IRS.

2.The New Chassis Will Be Called the “S550”

With the new generation of Mustangs comes a new Chassis. Ford is moving from the current S197 Chassis that has been in play since 2005 and has developed a new platform they’ve coined the S550.

3. It Will Weigh Less

The 2015 Mustang is set to lose ~400lbs off its current weight, be 6.5 inches narrower and drop 15 inches in total length. As drastic as this may sound, it is in no way out of the realm of possibility. Edmunds–the source of this information–claims stiffer regulations on fuel efficiency as a major factor at play. Whatever their reasoning, if the 2015 does drop a cool 400lbs, you can certainly bet on better track times and improved mpg.

4. There Will be a Turbo 4 Cylinder Mustang Come 2015

Despite the frantic hollering from the v8 purists and many Mustang enthusiasts, there will be a 2015 4 cylinder Mustang. Whether it is offered up for sale in the US or Europe only is yet to be seen.

5. There Will be a V8 Coyote Mustang GT in 2015

The v8 Mustang isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Besides the Coyote V8 being on every leaked and rumored 2015 motor list, video has been taken of a 2015 v8 Mustang prototype prowling around the Michigan streets in full-on testing mode. Fear not, the 2015 Mustang will certainly have the Coyote under the hood. How much horsepower is still uncertain, but expect somewhere in the range of 450-475hp.

6. The 2015 Mustang Will Debut With 1,000 Limited Edition 2014.5 Mustangs

Holding true to its historic nature, Ford is going to release a limited run of 2014.5 Mustangs to pay homage to the original release of the Mustang, 50 years prior. While those original 1964.5 Mustangs weren’t “true” ‘64.5s (they had 1965 VIN numbers, but different parts and small details distinguish those first Mustangs from the later 1965 cars, thus the 1964.5 label) The coming 2014.5 Mustangs will have distinguishing VINs and likely a host of other markings like badges and other insignia–And are sure to have a well inflated price tag.

Hat tip to Mustang6G! Head on over to see the complete photo gallery.

Now, having seen the new Mustang’s face, comment below and tell us your opinions on the 2015 Mustang!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


    1. why? don’t you see a complete new front end? re-designed lights? re-designed hood? Of course AM cannot bring you home the REAL pictures of 2015 Mustang but this is a really good source of what it is going to look like.


      1. I agree. The new look from the windshield forward is quite well revealed in these pics. The car was obviously being flogged at speed on a road course making long telephoto shots tricky at best. I applaud the photog who snagged these pics. Very revealing indeed and I, for one, like what I see! There’s no doubt in my mind now that the Mustang heritage and evolution is still a big deal for Ford and it continues to unfold 50 years on!


  1. I think it looks like a Taurus with a body kit on it. I don’t like how Ford is making all their new cars look the same, very disappointed. When I was 5 years old there was nothing I wanted more than a 66 fastback gt, now at 35 years old, and owning several mustangs from the 60’s and from the 2000’s, I think I would rather own a Dodge Challenger. Very Sad Day for me…


  2. I’ve owned a 1968, 1990 and now a 2004 ‘Stang. The 1970s-1990s were definitely, um, gruesome years (My base 1990 was a 4 banger hatch(!!!) with OD in 4th AND 5th which required downshifting to 3rd from 5th in hilly areas…crappy!).
    I’m waiting for the “official” look. The photog here should earn massive kudos (in agreement with Autumnus) for getting ANY glimpse of this “mule”. Calling it a “Taurus with a body kit” (ala Bearatts) insults both vehicles.
    Anyhew…I hope they don’t trim too much off the dimensions. Don’t care about the trunk space but I’ve got 6’ and “around” 200 lbs of body to slide into this Pony!


  3. I received my 2015 Mustang 3.7 V-6 and couldn’t be happier. This car is just plain fun to drive and the 300 hp is plenty. It’s the first car I’ve ever owned that I look at and think “Let’s go for a drive!” I am disappointed that Ford chose to not have any upgrades for the six cylinder – not even a handling package. So I’m waiting for Ford Racing to come out with the parts.


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