Video: Mustang Mayhem Dyno Event Recap – Over 3,500 RWHP!

What turned out to be a fun and eventful day here at AmericanMuscle culminated with the 2012 Shelby Super Snake taking down the day’s top horsepower award. With six very different cars all putting down huge numbers, it still ended up being a close match with the Shelby winning it by only 16rwhp. Watch video from the event and see what each of these high horsepower Mustangs put down on our Dynojet at this year’s Mustang Mayhem presented by AmericanMuscle.

2013 Mustang Mayhem Featured Cars

With scorching 95 degree temperatures and high humidity, things weren’t looking good for an all-out horsepower showdown. Once the first Mustang hit the rollers, all apprehension quickly faded as each owner did their best to dial in their tune and cool off in between pulls.

The rules were simple–each contestant had exactly 30 minutes to lay down the most power on AmericanMuscle’s very own Dynojet. Each car could run as many pulls as possible within the time limit, with the last being the number you were stuck with once the 30 minute timer expired. All Mustangs in attendance were selected to be within the same power range, putting the outcome in the owner’s hands.

The 2013 Mustang Mayhem Results
1st – 2012 GT500 Super Snake, 667HP
2nd – 2009 GT500, 651HP
3rd – 2014 GT500, 629HP
4th – 2005 GT, 607HP 627TQ
5th – 2004 SVT Cobra, 582HP 558TQ
6th – 2001 SVT Cobra, 439HP 448TQ

2004 SVT Cobra – 582HP 558TQ

Zach got the day started with his beautiful 2004 Competition Orange terminator topped with a 2.3L Whipple supercharger. Coming all the way from Virgina, Zach’s ’04 sported a manual transmission, True Forged Wheels, custom projector headlights and was one of only 281 made. Not to mention, this beaut of a machine was featured in the 2013 AmericanMuscle calendar and was definitely one of the fan favorites. This 04 termi laid down 582HP 558TQ–good enough for 5th place at this year’s Mustang Mayhem.

2005 Mustang GT – 607HP 627TQ

Up next was James’ automatic 2005 GT powered by a built 4.6L motor, E-Force supercharger and sipping E85 fuel. After posting up 603HP on his first run, James was confident his ’05 GT had more to give. He bumped the timing, let her cool down a bit and came back with a 607HP pull at ~16psi; not bad at all and good enough for 4th place.

2001 SVT Cobra – 439HP 448TQ

Unfortunately for Brett and his 2001 Cobra, the Mustang gods weren’t shining on his 5.0L stroked and supercharged SVT Cobra come dyno day. With a T-trim Vortech running a methanol/water combo on pump gas this car should have put down much high numbers, but like any devoted gearhead has experienced in his time, things don’t always go as planned. With a few kinks left to work out, Brett’s ’01 SVT was still able to plant a respectable 439HP.

2012 GT500 Super Snake – 667HP

Shawn and his sight-pleasing 2012 GT500 Super Snake made the drive up from NJ, packing with it a 3.6L Kenne Bell supercharger and a whole lot of rear wheel horsepower to boot. At the beginning of the day, many thought this might be the car to beat and, after its first spin laid down 655/575,  the Super Snake more than met expectations. Shawn had the option after his first pull to back off and force the competition to step it up, but instead chose to cool her down and go for one more run. Not a bad choice, either. This 2012 Super Snake put down a dominating 667HP on its second pull–good enough to silence the doubters and take home Mustang Mayhem’s first place trophy.

2009 GT500 – 651HP

The day was ripe with Shelby’s and none left the crowd disappointed. Shannon’s 2009 GT500 was equipped with a TVS VMP supercharger, JLT CAI, long tubes and smaller pulley for more boost. Making the trip all the way from Chicago, IL, Shannon nearly topped the monster Shelby Super Snake with  an impressive 651HP, only 16HP off the lead. This was definitely a gutsy showing by Shannon and his 2009 GT500, good enough for second place on the day.

2014 GT500 – 629HP

last but not least was Jon and his brand spankin’ new 2014 Shelby GT500. Now, anyone checking out the specs on one of these might be scratching their head, wondering how a 662HP-rated 2014 GT500 put down that kind of rear wheel power. Let’s just say it’s all in the tune my friends. Jon and his factory freak of a Shelby took home third place with 629HP to the rear wheels–another impressive showing from a Shelby vehicle.


Which Mustang was your favorite from this year’s Mustang Mayhem Dynojet showdown?


Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."

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