Spied: Here’s the 2015 Ford Mustang Under Camouflage

Driver's Side of Next Generation Ford Mustang

AHA! We finally have a full S550 Mustang prototype to lay our eyes on. While this 2015 Mustang test car is covered in some heavy camo, it does reveal a few vital clues Ford has been trying hard to keep a secret…

A Slimmer, More Aggressive 2015 Mustang?

It has been noted fairly regularly that the 2015 Mustang will be shedding some pounds; that’s not a surprise. This prototype Mustang is smaller than the current S197–slimmed down for the European markets. If you look below the mirror where the camouflage has separated you can also see the hint of a sharp styling line that is inductive of the EVOS concept and falls in line with hints Ford has given about how they plan to design the next Mustang.

Side Styling on the 2015 MustangSide Styling on Ford's EVOS Concept Car

The photos also show a staggered wheel setup and 19 inch rims, two things that would go over well with many Mustang enthusiasts if they are offered standard on the next Mustang. While bullitt wheels were the most common stock and aftermarket rims on the SN95s and are widely popular with the S197 crowd, it’s possible the aggressive lines and styling of the S550 might bring about a bullitt resurgence in 2015. We’ll just have to wait and see. Pair staggered rims with the bigger brakes we see and you have a solid platform for both a track and street performer.

2015 Mustang Test Mule

A few other noteworthy observations include a bigger front grille (something spotted on earlier spy photos), slimmer headlights like the EVOS Concept car and the over-abundance of camo guarding the roof and hood outline. Could there be a fastback Mustang for 2015? Only time will tell.

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Does anything stand out to you? COMMENT below and tell us what you see!

News Sources: AutoEvolution and Mustang6G

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Hard to tell with the camo but it still looks the same overall shape. I want to see a more dramatic styling departure from the old. Lower, more aggressive stance with, YES, European flare would do wonders!
    I have a 2010GT and want my next one to be leaps and bounds better than the one I currently have and love. I don’t want to start collecting them if they’re all going to be the same thing wearing a different skin.


    1. Good point. If Ford doesn’t create something new to be desired there’s little reason to upgrade or buy new. There are a lot of people waiting to see how different the 50th Mustang will be, myself included. If Ford can go big and pull off a new design, sales are going to be huge.


  2. so… I had a thought about the “fastback” option. Isnt almost any mustang since the mustang 2 a fastback? I haven’t seen any coupes with the almost vertical back window since the original bodystyle. how much more fastback can they get? make not trunk area? Anyone have any comments on that?


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