Show Your Support: OK Tornado Destroys Community Member’s Mustang, Damages Home

Surrounded by devastation, one local Moore resident and Mustang enthusiast caught the nation’s attention and pulled on the heartstrings of those in the Mustang community and everyone here at AmericanMuscle. Amongst the emerging tales sits one iconic Ford Mustang that reminds the world of the “Built Ford Tough” mantra. The owners of that car, Oklahoma native Jack Haden and his wife, Stephanie, emerged from the their Tornado shelter like many others to find their home damaged and car destroyed.

Helping the town of Moore and giving Jack a new Mustang

The Plan:

  • Raise at least $14,000 for OKStrong and Jack Haden by June 28th, 2013
  • 50% of the funds raised goes to the OKStrong Disaster Relief, the other 50% goes to Jack to rebuild and replace his destroyed Mustang
  • Anything over $14,000 goes entirely to OKStrong

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In times of great tragedy we all look to our loved ones for comfort and support. We bear down and grip onto small symbols of strength that keep us going, that help us rebuild. Jack Haden and his Ford Mustang provided the town of Moore, Oklahoma with a symbol of strength when it was needed most.  This symbol was capable of producing a slight smile on the faces of those struggling to find motivation in the aftermath of a terrible string of tornadoes.

Like the town, Jack’s Mustang had taken a beating at the hands of Mother Nature’s unyielding and tragically powerful force, but was still running, still driving and capable of doing what it had before the EF5 tornado. Jack’s car had been tossed into the side of a tree and beaten with debris, yet after the storm settled it could still be used to pick up groceries and deliver a feisty burnout. It can be said the car was “built Ford Tough” and the engineering behind it was ironclad. However, for many people a story like this depicts much more; it’s an example of America’s true toughness and spirit. Whether it is a tornado or another tragic event, we are a country that takes its wounds and keeps moving forward—our heads held high and motors still running strong. The town of Moore has taken its wounds and is progressing forward, but they shouldn’t have to do it alone.

Built Oklahoma Tough

Let’s also not forget that Jack and his family are one of many in Oklahoma affected by this disaster. We felt compelled to do something special not only for Jack, but for all of the victims. In a show of strength by the Mustang community and backed by our support, AmericanMuscle would like to help raise $14,000 for the Haden family and OKStrong Disaster Relief Fund. We kick-started the funding with a $500 donation and are calling upon Mustang owners, the online forum communities and concerned members of the public to help us reach our goal—replacing Jack’s Mustang and offering support to other victims of The Storm.

Jack’s Story

Jack and his wife Stephanie did not just lose their Mustang in the storm. Aside from a totaled car and no insurance money on the way to fix it (the car only had liability coverage), their home suffered damage to the roof and windows (lucky for a home in Moore, OK). As if that wasn’t bad enough, the storm was followed by days of rain that soaked parts of their home’s interior, causing substantial damages. Jack has since spent the last few weeks staying at a hotel and rebuilding his home in between work and caring for his wife who is expecting delivery in the coming weeks.

Having spoken to Jack, I can say he’s a car guy through and through. He’s owned Mustangs since his late teens, has spent his whole life living in Oklahoma and remembers his cousin’s built (H/C/I) 1993 GT sparking his interest in Mustangs at a young age. Jack frequents S197forums and other local Mustang forums so it’s only fitting the very community he has been a part helps him replace his destroyed Mustang.


Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."

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