Video: Watch This Shelby GT500 Literally Blow up a Dyno

A Shebly GT500 Blowing up a Dyno

You probably have never seen this before–a Mustang doing what would seem to be a routine dyno pull causes an explosion, sending sparks and metal flying. With the roller nearly sent across the parking lot, it’s safe to say whatever the Shelby was putting down was too much for that dyno to handle and had the boxed sheet metal around the roller not held it close to the GT500’s rear tire, this could have ended much worse.

Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like anyone was hurt but that Mustang definitely did not get away unscathed. Pondering how much power that Shelby was putting down leads one to wonder–was it human error that caused this, or just too much rear wheel horsepower for that dyno to handle?

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


    1. ….Challenger or hemi cuda is where its at…and or the r34 Skyline GTR Vspec n1…. or the GTR.. which ever…mustangs/GT500 is cool and all but it isnt anything special.


      1. that is your opinion and i completely disagree i feel the challenger and cuda are nothing special and that the gt500 is where its at as for the nissan that car is almost double the price of the gt500 so thats not a fair comparison


      2. the R34? is about 54k…but i agree the GTR is too much. but the R34 is something special. think—a straight 6 cylinder can out do a v12 lambo, or a 8 cylinder monster of a vehicle. Thats true engineering from Nissan. Anyone can take the largest engine and stick it into a vehicle and make it go fast. The trick is making a smaller engine do that with AWD, and lighter… granted, the GT500 is made for drag, while the R34 is made for rally and circuit racing.


  1. It blew more than dyno drum assembly. Whoever owns it will have to do out of warranty rear end and suspension rebuild.


  2. Human error, they should do inspections before and after each vehicle… and if the test would have been done right this would not have happened… you cant just nail the throttle on these chassis dynos u have to get the MPH up to about 35 then start stepping into the throttle but in a steady smooth action. Sure hope the facility has insurance…


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