News: Ford Insider Leaks 2015 Mustang Motor Lineup – the Mustang Goes EcoBoost!

If you can’t wait for the 2015 Mustang to arrive, it’s safe to assume you have heard all the rumors, digested endless amounts of conflicting reports, studied spy photos and listened to educated opinions before coming to the conclusion that no one outside of Ford really knows what power plant the redesigned Mustang is going to have. Now it seems we finally have something to hand our hats on.

An EcoBoost Mustang for 2015

A member of a popular Mustang forum had a pow-wow with a gentleman currently working on the next generation Mustang. The assumed Ford employee spilled the beans on the powertrain lineup for the 2015 and guess what? Ford is planning to have a three engine lineup that will include a 300-HP, 2.5-Liter EcoBoost four cylinder–get ready to say hello to a new SVO!

Screenshot of 2015 EcoBoost SVO Mustang Confirmation


I met a guy a few weeks ago who said he was working on the next-gen Mustang. Aside from the styling cues coming from Ford’s recent Evos concept (Ford Evos Concept Photos, Info, News – Car and Driver), he told me the powertrain lineup.

2.5-liter four-cylinder @300hp
3.7-liter six-cylinder @305hp+ (but he did say there were talks of upping the power to somewhere near 400hp)
5.0-liter eight-cylinder @475hp+

Apparently the redesigned Mustang will look “very” European as well…

The Next Generation 2015 Mustang Redesign will be very European

” That’s what I was thinking (and heard) as well, but this gentlemen was adamant about it. He also said it looked very European. 

That little tidbit leaves us wondering HOW European are we talking–a more rounded exterior or full-on EVOS?

Ford’s Three Engine Plan

Possibly even more interesting than the Mustang getting an EcoBoost is the three engine option Ford is pushing for 2015. Taking into account the current V6 returning to the lineup and that the new 2.5L EcoBoost is said to have roughly the same power output, we are left with a few intriguing questions–which will be the base model Mustang, how will pricing and available options differ, and if the V6 is bumped to 400HP (mentioned as a possibility), what motor will it be? By asking ourselves this, we can begin to paint a partial picture of what Ford has in mind.

Which motor will the base model 2015 Mustang receive?

Ford can go in a number of different directions when it comes to choosing a base model motor for the next generation Mustang. However, by taking a look at the two different V6 motor choices presented by our tipster, understanding what implications they would each have on the lineup leaves us with two foreseeable futures.

1. If Ford does go with the 400HP capable V6 you can bet on it being positioned between the 4 cylinder and Coyote motors. Going this route gives them the benefit of having a fuel-efficient yet peppy base model, a powerful and likely EcoBoosted V6 (the current EcoBoost V6 is already pushing 365HP and 350FT-LBS of Torque, so it wouldn’t be much of a stretch) for consumers wanting more power and better fuel efficiency (remember, the ’10 Taurus SHO gets 17/25 mpg) and the gas-guzzling, tire shredding V8 that is the 5.0L Coyote.

2. The second likely option is that Ford keeps the current 3.7L V6 and adds the EcoBoosted 2.5L. This is where things start to get far more interesting. If they put out both options with roughly the same power output and the boosted 4-banger gets noticeably better gas mileage, you then have a perfect scenario for the return of the famed SVO. Attaching “SVO” to the 4 cylinder and added performance benefits over the V6 will allow Ford to continue positioning the V6 as the base model Mustang. The SVO would be a great grab for fuel-conscious buyers and those Mustang purists whose heart strings are tugged at the mere thought of a new SVO. Not to mention the collector value that would be created if they only put out a limited edition run.

What makes this leak so credible?

So one guy says he met someone who “knows” this, what makes this report so believable? First and most obviously, the reporting forum member is from Michigan–American automotive Holy Land, and home of the Detroit Red Wings. If Ford is building the next Mustang, it is probably happening in Michigan.

Check Written to AllFordMustang's Member for 2015 Mustang TestingThere’s also the fact these claims directly reinforce statements made by an AllFordMustangs member who has said to have been part of a test group used to examine the 2015 Mustang. While the forum thread has since been removed, there was plenty of press coverage and even a check produced by the AFM member as proof (see said check above). This member gave specific details and even questions asked of the test group that indicated three engine choices, including a V8 and an EcoBoost option:

They listed the V8 on the stat sheet and Ecoboost was listed. We did not get to actually see the engines. One of the questions the computer asked was, “would you buy the V8 over the 4 cylinder for $8000 more?” That does not mean that is what is going to happen. It was just one of the questions asked.

The questions about the Mustang included 3 engine options, one of which was the 5.0. We did not look under the hoods.

This also comes after Bill Ford Jr. previously said there would be a 4 cylinder found under the hood of a Mustang in the future. Ford as a company also refused to deny the claim.

European styling on a Mustang?2015 Ford Mustang New Design

While the thought of a Eurostang has many enthusiasts blood pressure rising, some also say this may not be a bad thing. The most recent Car and Driver rendering gives an accurate representation of everything we’ve been told to believe the new pony car will resemble. It’s also not as hated by Mustang die-hards as the EVOS concept said to dominate the styling of Ford’s future automotive fleet and seems to be a comfortable medium between the EVOS and some of the spy photos that have surfaced.

When you sum up everything, there is a ton of different information from various sources all pointing towards the same thing: A 4 cylinder EcoBoost will be under the hood of the next generation Mustang. It’s time to get prepared for a lighter, faster, and more European styled Mustang.

What do you think of Ford’s plans for the 2015 Mustang?


Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. That C&D rendering looks like an accord coupe. Though if it’s >100lbs lighter and has an IRS, I won’t care very much what it looks like.


  2. Eurostang?!? No thanks. I will stick with American muscle. Eurostang gives me a reason to give the camaro a closer look.


    1. I use to own Chevy cars and trucks but the only reason I do not still drive a Camaro is because Chevrolet still uses the old style two valve head engines with push rods and guide plates. That was designed in 1955 and GM insist on still building the old style two valve head cast iron block engines. Every Camaro v-8 engine has to be way larger than the 302 cubic inch ford engine just to be on par with the HP and TQ figures of the Mustang.
      That and electrical problems and paint the seem to always be the case with every GM car and truck I have ever owned. Another words every GM vehicle I have owned I have had trouble with it. Everyone of them. Every Ford I have owned I have not had any electrical problems or paint flacking off the body. Or engines that seem to burn oil no matter what oil you use in there engines.


  3. The mustang hasn’t been appealing since 1998 to me…The last good looking mustang. But if they go more euro, maybe in a future life, I’ll consider it, I’m so sick of these pitiful throwback attempts.


    1. Are you kidding? Are you serious? The original mustang was “European” everything about that original car was more European than American. What makes that car American is the fact that it was made in America by an American.


  4. The mustang was designed off European styling when it was first introduced and continued that trend up until now. If you look at Ford’s European line up you’ll see design cues that the mustang takes from. Know your car before you criticize the company for making a money move to bring the mustang to the world. These company’s have finally realized that they have missed out on tons of money by making their iconic vehicles exclusive to one country.


  5. I think they have done a great job, there are other parts of this world that they needed to get a hand on and that is a large part of the reason they went with the style and the different engines to meet the needs of the foreign market. As far as the Body goes and the new engines I love it, though I am not happy with the IRS the mustang is not and never will be a touring vehicle. Go straight and do it fast. PERIOD


  6. This is my two cent’s worth for what ever it’s worth. The four cylinder will come in both naturally aspirated and either or both super charged and turbo charged. The V-6 might come in at 305 HP and 365 HP and 400 + HP. Naturally aspirated, supercharged, or turbo charged and for the 400+ HP maybe twin small turbo chargers. And since there’s no more Boss 302 I think maybe the GT will get the 444 HP Boss engine as standard or optional Motor and maybe a Roush supercharged 5.0 liter carry over “700+HP Roush racing mustang with a one year warranty. A race car with a warranty “How Cool Is That” I’d have to get a second lean on my home just to set in the garage. I might could go out on a Sunday drive with the wife and daughter. I’d want mine in either dark gray or silver and or race red or Candy apple red metallic clear coat. $395.00 option for the Candy paint. Interior that dark charcoal black with the trim that accents energy when you combine the suit together it’s breath taking. I’m wrong some and right a lot also. Like we all know there wont be any for dure engines and weight until Ford says so. We all like a verity when it comes to engine and trans and built in timers and so fourth. A Hot rod that sip’s gas with performance packages for each engine produced. That’s my cents worth Good day


  7. Everything changes but it all stays the same, could never have been so true here. I like the new styling and perhaps the best part is the weight lost and the smaller sixe of the Mustang. The new for Mustang Eco boost four cylinder engine


  8. I think when I take delivery of my new 2015 Mustang GT this Thursday I will be a happy camper indeed. Black with black interior 18″ wheels the automatic transmission and the optional 3:55 rear end gears. Extra security system installed, rear object alarm if you are getting to close to anything. Paddle shifter on the steering wheel is cool to have. The best handling Mustang to date. With that Boss 302 engine under the hood I think it will be enough to keep and old man happy for a long time to come.


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