Rendering: What The 2015 Mustang Will Probably Look Like

Conceptual Rendering of 2015 Ford MustangSome may say the 2015 Mustang is getting the dead horse treatment, but we just can’t stop wondering where Ford is headed with our beloved muscle car. And after all, sometimes it’s good to take what you have and reflect on where things are headed. With that said, it’s time for a status report for the 2015. We’ve all seen the existing 2015 Mustang renderings, concept photos, spy shots and mule cars hiding an IRS, but this is the best look at what the 2015 “should” look like, based on the most recent prototype photos shot by Jim Dunne.

The 2015 Mustang’s EVOS Love Affair

From everything we’ve seen and heard from Ford, so far, It’s hard to argue with the styling Car and Driver put into their version of the 2015 shown above. If there is any room for critique, it could be argued the hood is suspect and can be labeled rather plain by Mustang standards. The headlights seem like they may be a tad slim and too directly stolen from the Evos concept. As for the rest of the car, there’s little room to argue that it does not fall in line with what Ford and those in the Know would have us believe the 2015 is going to resemble–drastically less retro, a smoother body and Fusionesque front grille, among other things.

Evos inspried 2015 Ford Mustang Sketch
Designed by Alex over at

A Second Sketch created after the newest Jim Dunne photos popped up puts more of a classic Mustang spin on things and steers a bit farther from the Evos concept–something many Mustang die-hards wouldn’t mind–adding in a little more of the traditional Mustang we’ve all come to love. This sketch gives a more aggressive, muscle car styling to the hood and fenders. It also brings up the curious possibility of Ford bringing back a hatchback or fastback option for 2015 (an unconfirmed and rarely speculated possibility, but something not to be completely written off).

With a 4 cylinder now confirmed for 2015, do we get a new SVO? How about a hatchback!?

A few outlets have already confirmed the 4 cylinder EcoBoost motor for the Mustang in 2015. However, there have been conflicting reports regarding whether or not a turbo 4 will be offered here in America. Road & Track swears the 4-banger will be turbo’d and offered as a premium over the current 3.7L V6. Edmunds thinks it’s only going to the European market. The truth is, who knows at this point. There will be an EcoBoost for 2015, but it could be a base model, non turbo econoStang, a premium, turbo’d SVO or both.

What’s even more interesting to ponder is what Ford might be planning for the 2015 GT500. Could a twin turbo 5.0 Coyote motor be in the works, or will they keep the 5.8L, 650+ HP engine they’re currently running? All we know is Ford told MustangsDaily they plan on having the car around for 2015.

Since we’ve already dabbled in a little all-out speculation, what’s the harm in hoping for a return of the hatchback or fastback Mustang (remember the 45th ann. Iacocca Mustang)? This rendering of the 2015 finished back in 2011 (believe it or not) carries a lot of the styling hinted by the Evos and other concepts in hatchback/fastback form.

2015 Ford mustang Hatchback
Designed by Casey – ArtandColour

When will Ford let us see this thing already?

As for an official release date, Ford has yet again kept their lips sealed. However, strong rumors and what the past has taught us leads many to believe the 2014 NY Auto Show in April will be the official unveiling for the 2015 Ford Mustang. If we’re lucky, someone like Jim Dunne will catch a few photos before its official release and give us time to either rejoice while starting to save for a down payment or begin the endless saber rattling that would inevitably come from a butchered redesign.

Comment below and tell us which of the three is your favorite version of the 2015 Mustang.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. The Car & Driver rendering actually doesn’t look too bad. Most of the time, I usually find the speculative renderings/concept cars to be pretty offensive. It does look a bit like an Aston Martin and a little like the Taurus though. I love the idea of a fastback model. How cool would that be? And the EcoBoost Mustang…word is now that it will be available as an option in the U.S. as a premium option, above the V6 model. Love it. Long live the SVO!


  2. On the 2015 Concept at the top … the main thing that stood out for me was the Camaro look-alike headlights. I hate to see Ford move in the direction.


  3. Kind of pays homage to the SN95 Cars especially the first gen. I wouldn’t be opposed to it going back to the horizontal tail lights.


  4. I just threw up in my mouth…it looks like a failed genetics experiment cross (in?) breeding a Hyundai Veloster with Chevy’s Camaro and Silly-Putty!


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