Ford, Vaughn Gittin Jr. Give Away 4 Free Mustangs

Mustang Customizer Contest Winner #4
Imaging: Ford Facebook Page

As the social media craze continues, Ford decided to integrate its Mustang Customizer with Facebook followers and offer participants 4 chances to win their very own, personally designed Mustang. Basically, you build and design your dream Mustang and use Facebook to share your design with others and accumulate points, or entries into the contest. For Valentine’s Day, Ford selected the last winner, Jennifer G. and had Vaughn Gittin Jr. deliver the very car she created and customized.

The Mustang Customizer

Ford’s freshly revamped Mustang Customizer has been a customer’s online dream machine since it’s launching in September of 2011. As of June 2012, Ford claims over 1 million people had used their customizer, and that was before they threw the word “free” into the mix. To spice up the fantasy tool, Ford chucked a few golden tickets into the mix and gave every enthusiast, from your die-hard gear heads to your neighbor’s annoying teenage kid, a reason to build a virtual dream ride – 4 chances to win the real thing.

That’s right, Ford perfected a way of drawing in potential customers and, at the same time, learns what existing customers do and do not like about their ponycar. You can bet your wallet that when Ford sees boatloads of customers choosing a particular color pattern it’s going to end up an option for the 2015 S550 Mustang. Of course, this is definitely not a bad thing; car enthusiasts have been screaming at Detroit for years to listen to their callings for change. Now, it looks like the mighty blue oval is taking notice.

Winner #4

While most of us were out picking up chocolate and flowers for our significant other, Ford was busy showing us all up by delivering one lucky lady a personally designed Shelby GT500 for Valentine’s Day. As if that wasn’t over-the-top, Vaughn Gittin Jr. himself hosted the delivery! The gift was a product of Jennifer being the fourth and sadly, last winner of Ford’s Dream Mustang contest.

The Previous 3 Winners

The third and possibly most entertaining winner was a police officer from Kentucky who was made to believe he was pulling over a stolen Mustang GT – one that looked eerily similar to the one he built on Ford’s website – only to find out he had won the contest and the car was his. Video Below:

Ford’s Second Winner

Terry T. of Sullivan, Illinois was also lucky enough to win a GT500 through the Mustang Customizer contest. Sporting a flashy Grabber Blue paint job and a few minor exterior mods, this car was easily my personal favorite of the four winners.

Winner #1

James, the first person to receive a free Mustang, like Jennifer was also surprised to see Vaughn Gittin Jr. holding the keys to his new Mustang – a GT he built along with a bunch of other cars. All-in-all, James had earned 195 entries into the contest, one of which paid off big.

Which winning Mustang do you like best?

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


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  2. I further customized my Mustang with parts from American Muscle! I went with a SCT iTSX tuner and Bama tune, and I went with the GT500 axle-back setup with 4″ tips. Thanks, American Muscle!


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