2015 S550 Mustang – Ford Inside Source Leaks Details!

2015 Ford Mustang Concept Car RenderingReports are coming in and new details regarding the 2015 Mustang have recently come to light. While some are nervous and do not accept change well, Ford is planning big things for the next Ford Mustang whether you like it or not. We are finding out more and more about the 2015 Mustang now known to be riding on the all-new “s550” platform and we, like everyone else, are getting antsy to see the finished product. Check out what Ford has already said about its next ponycar.

The 2015 Mustang’s Current Standing

MustangsDaily is reporting an anonymous source inside Ford has confirmed the 6th generation Mustang will have a new platform coined the S550. With big changes for the Mustang coming, let’s run down a list of the most heated rumors and spy photo supported details we have on the next generation of the Ford Mustang:

  • Ford has said it plans to take design cues from the Ford Evos concept car.
  • Ford also plans to release the Mustang in Europe come 2015 due to increasing demand for the vehicle, though it may not to be featuring the 5.0L V8 right off the bat – an option possibly left only for those in the states.
  • The new S550 platform will be lighter and and more compact than its predecessors due to increasing regulations and the plans for overseas sales.
  • Many Mustang enthusiasts have been begging for an IRS in the next generation Mustang and these spy photos might just indicate that’s what Ford has planned. From the spy shots it also seems they have big changes set for the interior as well.
  • EcoBoost motors will be used in the new S550 platform in some way but the heated rumors around a turbo EcoBoost 4 cylinder to replace the current V6 are yet to be verified.
  • The 5.0L V8 is most likely staying an option for 2015 and talk about a twin turbo 5.0L Coyote like in Ford’s 1000HP Cobrajet for the 2015 GT500 is a possible scenario.

The Mustang’s New S550 Platform

2011 Evos Concept Car by Ford
Ford’s Evos Concept Car

It really was only a matter of time before the Mustang changed platforms again. Now this next generation platform has a name, the S550. With that said, this is only Ford’s fifth time ever to present a new platform  so this is a huge event. That averages to be one new platform every ten years. The S197 had a long run, but the Mustang isn’t looking back and taking retro cues anymore, but moving forward with a brand new S550 platform and whole new identity.

Smaller is Bigger

Ford left the New Edge/Fox 4 setup and built on a bigger S197 platform for the 2005 model year. While the Mustang still faced several changes within those ten years, the base has always stayed the same. The 2010 model year was big with a new facelift and again in 2011 by stuffing new 5.0-L Coyote V8 engines into GTs, but the foundation was still S197 based. Now, for 2015 the Mustang is going on a diet and will be lighter and smaller on its new globally-inspired platform.

Return of the SVO?

Some are predicting the return of an SVO Mustang, a turbocharged four-cylinder. It hasn’t been said whether it could be the turbo V6, or four-banger, but the EcoBoost has been making a name for itself in other Ford models. The V8 will be a likely option for the hardcore traditionalist, but not in Europe. Sorry, guys, looks like we are keeping our old-school toys over here.

UPDATE: The 4 Cylinder rumors have crossed the border into a done deal for Ford. Expect an EcoBoost in 2015.

Europe and the IRS

With the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang rapidly approaching, Ford engineers have been testing the new Mustang with mules having been spotted overseas. These cars have been spied using Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) that include enough changes that would require this new smaller and lighter S550 platform.

While Ford attempts to go global, do you think they are changing the Mustang too much to fit European demands? What do you think of Ford’s future plans for the Mustang? Tell us below in the comments!

UPDATE: Ford has revealed their new logo to commemorate the Mustang’s 50th anniversary.

News Source: MustangsDaily

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Looks perfect and is in keeping with the sleeker designs at Ford. just add an ECOBOOST V8 and we are good. Could be out just in time for my mid-life crisis. Need one.


  2. They are trying to please European customers when really it all comes down to who is buying the car back at home. The mustang has been out for so long why try to please other people when they know the mustang sells so well over here. Ford needs to stay away from a European design. That’s really what it comes down to.


      1. Selling more v6’s has always been the case but that doesn’t mean you trash an all american icon but giving it a euro design and a nice little turboed four banger. The name alone will COST at insurance time. And ford has catered to euro crap before and lost.
        SVO only a select few embraced that car, but for the most loved to see it disappear. The Mustang is just one of those things. The design isn’t bad, but even with the new models they have moved away from the concept of the mustang.


    1. if u read – it says — again in 2011 by stuffing new 5.0-L Coyote V8 engines into GTs, – thanks for reading lol


  3. the image shown of the green concept mustang looks entirely too european. it looks more like a jaguar or aston martin. really wish they would do a mew old school … i mean look at the 60’s and 70’s use those body styles and use new tech. i dont mean to take cues from them … i mean to use them .. same shape and everything jus withe the newer lighter materials. that would be the ultimate 50th aniversary car to me … to truly bring back old school


  4. I think they shouldn’t be trying to please Europe, but stay concerned about us back here in the states…keep the Mustang true to it’s roots and tell the euro folk you either like it or you don’t…the retro look is awesome.


  5. Not impressed at all. Completely losing the authentic mustang look. I am sure that with the price tag Ford is going to attach to this car.. they need to make it a car Mustang enthusiast are willing to drop the money on. The front headlights and the grill completely lose me. The side scoops are barely visible. The only thing this car does for me is break my heart. It wouldn’t surprise me if this thing had the same exhaust found on a prius. Why send a American Muscle car over to Europe if it doesn’t scream American Muscle? The growl of the engine burning through the exhaust and the power of the authentic pony car pulsing through your body through the steering wheel.. Seriously, this car deserves so much more than they are giving it. That is my personal opinion. Ty 🙂


    1. i saw some astin-martin in the front, until you said volvo…. now i cant shake that. looks like an astin-martin cross bred with a volvo that mated with a mustang….



  6. Very Aston-Martin, but still instantly identifiable as a Mustang. I love it. I can see the EcoBoost 4 or V6 in the lesser models, but sure hope the Coyote is around for another run. Or maybe one with direct injection? Or . . . even an EcoBoost Coyote GT500? All this would be good. Hoping I can afford one.


  7. I’m from the old school and still own my original 1973 Mach1 I purchased new. Never owned a late model Mustang but have stayed a keen fan ever buying my first Mustang in 1966. Owned a 1987 GT for 4 years,loved that too. The 2015 Mustang looks cool but too EURO especially from the rear. Ford should stick to it”s roots and retain it’s NA identity and die hard muscle car fans.


  8. Honestly, I didn’t like the way the Mustang looked for 2010 and 2011. 2012-2014 looks ok. But I really think they did good with the 2005-2009 model year. It didn’t have the Coyote V8 but it did have the more authentic mustang look. Why not make it look like a smaller version of the 2005-2009 model? You can still put the IRS, and the 5.0 engine in it while still giving it the aggressive, muscle car styling. I really don’t like the Evos concept.


  9. honestly i had a passion for Ford Mustangs since i was little and honestly the neighbor that lives next to my house.He has like 2-3 Mustangs cars one of them is a Shelby Gt and the other one is a Ford Mustang Gt.2006 I think that’s the best car from my opinion.what i think if i may I think that the S550 Evos concept car is off the hook. i checked it out and i was like Holy Freak-en shit! that was actually my reaction for dazing on that Marvelous Car.Spontaneously ill buy The Ford Mustang S550 Evos concept car that’s my new dream car.I honestly thought that the Audi R8 V8 was my number1 dream car and now the Ford Mustang S550 Evos concept car is my dream car like i said that the Audi is number 2 on my list and the third one is the Porsche Carrera Gt is the number 3 then number 4 is Lamborghini is the 4th and the last car would be the Toyota Supra 1994-1996.that’s the bottom line.It will be a dream come true if I bought the Ford Mustang 2015 S550 Evos concept car early or if i got that beautiful car as a present from some1.I would love them 2 death.A.K.A this is Tony Stark lol jk its me francisco sedano.


  10. Leave it to a US car manufacturer to try & screw up a good thing b y catering to the European market thinking that it is the road to a pot of bottom line gold. All I have to say for Ford is that they had better take a hard look at every Top Gear episode ever made where the “boys” tear apart a US car. The show has an amazing following in Europe and if they declare the Euro Mustang “rubbish”, it’s over…………………….and they seem to like Ford better than the other US makers. I think Jeremy Clarkson has a GT.


  11. I really hope this new Mustang is very “Euro”. The only thing that bothers me about the current car is it’s looks. It’s too fat looking for my tastes. I love the spec sheet, but not so much the packaging. If Ford can manage to take what they’ve learned with their newest offerings such as the Focus ST and produce a smaller, sleek looking, v8 coupe I will probably buy one new instead of going the used route. If it looks too much like the model from the past 10 years there’s no way I’ll buy new.


  12. Mustang is an American icon and not very impressed with the new look. I am glad I have my 2013 GT and Shelby! The new style looks to import.


  13. Those European’s better not influence the new Mustang’s look much after all it is an AMERICAN Icon and legend.


  14. The Mustang had had many looks over the 50 years. People had 8 years to buy a retro Mustang. I owned an 07 GT and loved it. I sold it because it was too heavy and it did not have independent rear suspension. I drove it every day and it was very fun to drive with the manual transimission but it could have been much better if it shed a few hundreds pounds. I would like to see a more modern looking Mustang and would welcome the new Ford signature grille. I like to see things change and improve.


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