Ford Racing Treats Mustang Clubs at 2013 Philly Auto Show

2013 Philadelphia Auto Show EntranceAt Ford’s Private Preview Event for the 2013 Philadelphia Auto Show, Ford Racing decided to go above and beyond expectations by playing host to a crowd of local Mustang clubs with an invite-only breakfast, free gifts and a bit of exclusive action before the auto show kicked off.

Registration for the event was open to any Mustang club member who pre-registered online – all you had to do was tell them to which club you are a member and tickets were FREE. Not to mention, breakfast was also provided before the guest speakers took the podium. Given the event’s early start time of 7am, Starbucks coffee and a quick meal proved to be a warming and noteworthy gesture for those who walked more than a block or two in the cold weather to attend.

Racers and families alike populated the crowd as close to 1000 Ford loyalists were in attendance. Guest speaker and author of The Mustang Dynasty John Clor from Ford Racing started things off by delivering a speech that did a great job of boosting the energy in the room, even before special guest and former racing legend and Indy 500 winner Parnelli Jones (who recently got his hat back after loosing it 50 years ago) entertained the crowd with anecdotes that included his relationship with the late Carroll Shelby.

The exclusive invite also allowed club members a chance to check out the Mustang vs. Camaro Face-Off and participate in a club photo in front of the display cars. A series of rare and immaculately clean Mustangs were offered up by local club members as impressive centerpieces to the Mustang display, showing a diverse mix between classic and modern collectables. Everyone who made it down for a picture with their club also received free entry to the rest of the auto show. Ford even decided to hand out tote bags and SVT calenders to each club after receiving their photos – that’s a pretty awesome deal if you ask me.

Below you will find the total showing for each club at this year’s event. South Jersey Mustang Club had the strongest show of support this year with 136 members making the trip to Philadelphia. All together, 801 club members made it to form a dominant demonstration of loyalty that left the Camaro presentation looking barren for much of the morning. This was one event Mustang enthusiasts are not going to want to miss out on when the 2014 show comes to town. If you haven’t already, find a local Mustang club and get active so you don’t miss out on the action at next year’s show!

2013 Philadelphia Auto Show Mustang Club Attendance Totals
Mustang Club Attendance: 2013 Philadelphia Auto Show (Credit: Ford Racing)

Credit and thanks goes to Coal and Nate for providing the photography from this event!

Written by Andrew

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