Video: Inside Ford – How The Ford Mustang is Built

Net Geo’s Megafactories: Building The Mustang takes a rare glimpse inside Ford’s Detroit manufacturing plant, showing us how they produce our beloved and world-renowned Mustang. From GT500s to the base model V6, Net Geo shows you everything and anything you could possibly want to know about how they build America’s favorite ponycar.

So, does this video make you feel proud to own a Mustang, or what? It’s impressive what Ford is doing with the new EcoBoost motors and the jaw-dropping 2013 GT500. Now, Net Geo allows us a rare look inside a Ford factory, giving us yet another reason to love our Ford built cars.

Back in time, when most of us thought we were seeing the Big Three crumble before our eyes as the CEO’s of the US car manufactures came crawling up to Uncle Sam’s doorstep, Ford did some soul searching and decided to hold onto it’s core values. As the only Big Three auto maker not to accept any bailout money, Ford pressed on and continued to sell  large quantities of powerful muscle cars – something we at AmericanMuscle and Mustang enthusiasts alike are very grateful for. Now, Ford has a lineup of Mustangs ranging from the surprisingly powerful, yet fuel efficient V6, to the raw power producing, 650HP GT500. Hard work at its finest.

With exciting announcements in the Mustang world like Saleen’s new 351 Mustang set to debut in 2014 and the sad departure of the Boss 302, it’s easy to wonder what’s in store for the Mustang in the coming years.

I think the answer is fairly straight-forward but – just in case there are some dissenters among the ranks – after finally seeing what your car is made of, are you more or less likely to buy another Mustang?

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Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I think the NatGeo did a below average job here. Saying things like GT500 is the biggest Mustang ever built or that Ford forgoes weight management measures for maximizing engine output makes them lose credibility almost as fast as current Cobra’s 0-60 timing.


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