Spy Photos: The 2015 Ford Mustang’s New Front End

2015 Ford Mustang Prototype

Could this be the next-gen ’15 Mustang front end?

What is this we spy? That would be a Ford Mustang obviously, but that front end seems to be hiding something completely different! The cover over the front end is not very Mustang-like at all, well, not yet anyway. The front end seems to have super slim rectangular headlights as well as one hell of a grille. That’s what the cover is showing us, anyway.

This does confirm the idea that the all-new 2015 Mustang will play off the Ford EVOS concept as it draws a strikingly similar look in comparison to the brand new Fusions. Unless this is some ploy to throw us all off track, I believe that this could possibly be the look of the next Mustang! This is the best preview we have yet when it comes to 2015 Mustang spy photos! As much as I like the new Fusions, this could be a good step for the new Mustang, not featuring any retro cues.

What will power the 2015 Mustang?

2011 Ford Evos Concept Car

It is widely believed that the new ‘Stang is going turbo EcoBoost, with either a four cylinder or six cylinder power plant and the V8 as a traditional option. The Mustang hasn’t had a four cylinder since the SVO in 1986, so that would be an interesting choice by Ford. The engine bay will be more cramped due to pedestrian and safety laws that end up restricting engine bay space. Independent Rear Suspension has been spied for the new ’15 Mustang earlier this year as well. And of course, expect the price to get jacked up, especially if it does in fact feature IRS.

While the front is rockin’ a whole new redesigned front end, the rear is still sporting the old exterior. We’ll have to wait for another spy photo to get an idea of the whole car. The interior is supposed to be totally updated as well including updated versions of the My Touch options.

Stay tuned for more spy photos and 2015 Mustang news as it come about! You can probably expect this new model to be introduced at the Mustang’s 50th anniversary sometime in 2014, possibly at the New York Auto Show. …and the suspense is killin’ us!

What do you think about the front end redesign? Comment and tell us your thoughts below!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


    1. No guys that is the classic grill shape of an Aston Martin DB5 which Ford now owns controlling interest of. That is why you are going to see that grill shape become the signature of the new Ford line. Just remember they stole an old idea by buying the company. Its bad but at least the government did not have to bail them out of debt like they did the rest. P.S. Not a Ford guy but a big car nut


  1. What do I think about the front end redesign? Well, it’s covered up and you really can’t see it. This is a NON story. Come back you have some real pix!!

    Read more: 2015 Ford Mustang Spy Photos! | AmericanMuscle.com Mustang Blog


  2. I really hope it doesn’t look like that Evos concept, the fake Aston Martin thing works for the Fusion, but, not on a real Mustang IMO It should look like a Mustang not an Aston copy. I don’t understand why they are trying to get away from the “retro” look. That is why people buy these cars. I hope Ford doesn’t F__K up a good thing. I’m just glad I got my ’11 5.0 when I did, IFS doesn’t appeal to me one bit. Thx for the blog, I enjoyed it.


    1. Retro look is dated. Who are the buyers for the retro look other then people in their 60-75 years old. It not attractive to anyone else. I had a 1969 Fastback and it was nice car; but compare to my BMW M5; it a piece of junk! I drove the Mustang Shelby at the dealership and was not impress. I was loud and crude and interior just plain sucked. They wanted $62K for it! I just laugh and left the dealership.


  3. the hood looks weird as hell being so dam flat dont like the shape hell at least do the normal 2″ cowl hood for looks


  4. damn it, how exactly is this a spy shot when the logo and rear is clearly distinguishable.
    to top it, its a 2014 rear, not a 2015. if it’s a 2015 rear, its very disproportionate wrt to the weird front. arent these pics made up as a faux scoop?


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