Hot or Not? 2015 Ford Mustang Redesign Concept!

Very soon the Mustang will be going under the knife and getting a complete overhauled design for the model year 2015! Renderings have been circulating around of what this new Mustang design might entail. When it comes to the designs previously mentioned, I must say that this has to be the best one yet! First of all, you can tell it’s still a ‘Stang which the previous renderings sorta lacked. Second, it is sporting GT40 hints according to the creator, Josh Byrnes from CarScoop.


Josh also went and softened the lines and gave it an overall sleekness. While this is the coolest ’15 redesign to date, do you think Ford will stay this subtle? Rumors are pointing more toward a design based off of Ford’s EVOS concept for the new-gen pony. Just please leave off the gull-wings. Eek!

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Not only is the body getting a major transformation but the overall platform is going global. Also, Ford has been rockin’ the EcoBoost in some of their other models so it’s likely that the turbo engine will end up as an option for the next Mustang, as well as IRS (Independent Rear Suspension).

Just like everything that involves change, people are either going to love it or they’re going to hate it. It’s as simple as that. With that said…

What do you think of this latest concept? Is it HOT or NOT? Comment below and tell us!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Looks like the front of a Kia crossed with the roof line of the 2008 Accord 2dr and finished up with the tail of a late model Vette.. Just my two cents worth..


  2. It looks too much like a BMW. It needs that flat front and more of a taper on the back. Its trying to be something it doesn’t have to.


  3. Don’t complain that “this isn’t a muscle car like the original” – go look at the original. It was euro-style, econobox (falcon) based, fun to drive and good to look at car. The muscle car era incorporated some of the Mustangs, but the brand didn’t start that way. The heritage of the Mustang includes both the bad to the bone muscle cars, the sweet to drive sporty car, and good looking sheet metal of the European brands. You can’t complain about that without complaining about the original too.


  4. remember when the present iteration was designed for the 2005 year the possibility of IRS was thought of. and fitment was designed as a possible offering. so we know it can be fitted. Lets try to keep some of the visual clues to ensure the faithful will invest. If it looks like an econo box why would I buy it? 2006 Performance white


  5. remember when the present iteration was designed for the 2005 year the possibility of IRS was thought of. and fitment was designed as a possible offering. so we know it can be fitted. Lets try to keep some of the visual clues to ensure the faithful will invest. If it looks like an econo box why would I buy it? 2006 Performance white


  6. Amie Hot , the New Stang NOT
    The guy on TOP GEAR in the UK should love it, BBut hey giver ” my 05’s value is headed up baby”
    A Stang with IRS, are you on glue man ?, some of us guys and gals , actually use these on the track, not rounding corners at 150 K and smackin goats, EH !
    Thanks Ford , once again your putting big spreads in real muscle car value,so I will give you a Hot Vote to save me $$ LOL
    Perkins in Canada


  7. It sill kind of looks like a Stang, but I see this is still a concept, .so I will be gentle, but if they go with IRS, and go all low dipacment Euro turbo, ” Bad move for Ford, and good news for those of us with Modern Muscle” Our re sale value goes up. see most that comment dont like the concept
    Amie is you graph correct. is your prgram fomula reversed.
    , I agree with most of the members below, in 05 Stang made a strong come back, I owned a 69 ,” and it was like falling in love all over”, I went and got myself one, like the Challenger for the Mopar guys, modern features and a classic style , easy to tune and mod, and you don.t have to kill a real classic 60.s car, or wrench all day to tear up the track. Perfect
    Now again FO MO do Big Things, Light Bulbs, coming on right Edsel time
    A Ford thing like in 07 and on . Oh I know” lets mess with the grilles, head lamps , taillights, then the body lines. it.s like fat kids that eat to much sugar. you need to know when to go lay down.
    And I like many Hot Rod buffs . if you build a proven base and lines then chill
    To each their own on cars.. No Problem if Jr Tuner likes a Stang so he can get laid , get it, if wants funky Euro add on, AM can sell him some. Not a Good Idea but hey what the hell. and if Older guys like me want a hood scoop change . I can do it. The Base is the face
    The new 5.0 is great, it took me 10 K to get my 4.6 .to go like one. but this is another Ford thing. Start with a good looker. from Pony to Stallion in a few dates, get the mass Stang buyers Intrested, then give her a new dress after a year or 3,
    But then knock the base cost way up.
    As I see it the modern muscle is mass produced, a Classic is not as exspendable, for me if I blow the 4.6 . I transplant a Coyote. so far the 4.6 has been a tough little puppy. P S a Chinese Engineer Developed.
    Anyway. the dude on Top Gear in the UK will like it . ” if Ford goes all long and Opera House, long and round, OR really screws up and takes out a rear axel..
    Then Mr Top Gear Tool Head. will have a big woody, he will say were getting smart llike is dumb ass. he can test drive it around corners at 150 K. and scare goats and shit, and say how Great Ford did , while I sit and reach for my puke bucket
    When the UK Top Tool Head. slammed the New 05 GT. he really pissed me off. they don.t get it. in North America some of us don.t care about Le Mans Cornering, if we want a Bemmer, we buy one.. and leave the good old Mustle look and feel alone .

    Some of us guys and gals like stright line runs. square designs. and thing we call drags, lots of snort, rumble and fart,anyway in North America we drive better don.t, we need all the shit to round a corner, “There I said it, I lied I was going to be gentle LOL
    Anyway, Ford can go ahead and expand to the new markets. lots of parts here for us now. and like one the guys below said . half the shit in our our rods are from Asia and world markets.but not all us want it to look or sound so obvious.


  8. Even if Ford decided not to change the Mustang’s looks, I would only hope that they looked to improve other areas of the car like its power-to-weight ratio, its weight distribution, handling, weight, fuel efficiency etc. I believe that Ford has what it takes to be a global leader in the automobile world.


  9. I hope they stick to a old/new school style for the stang like the above pic. Going too far outside the box could kill the pony car. I understand that ford wants a world car, but the mustang is an American icon. It should stay an American icon. I’m hoping my 2011 isn’t my last new stang.


  10. Looks too much like the current Stang. I want to be blown away with what Ford can do NOW, not what they did in 1969. I constantly find myself wishing my ’09 were a bit smaller and lighter with better use of interior space. Something less retro. I guess I am one of the few who hopes that Ford will size the Mustang closer to the original and send it in both left and right hand drive to the rest of the world. Mustangs are known and loved the world over and higher sales volumes mean bigger budgets for future development. No matter where it is sold, it still needs the kick-butt American V8 and I wouldn’t mind a bit if it becomes as highly coveted in Europe as it once was.


  11. if they make that change and the mustang results in a heavier car im definetly not going to buy a 2015 mustang if it looses it essence theres no point of buying i have more fun on my stang than when i drove my friends camaro and they should keep the retro nostalgic look and the independant suspension


  12. This is the best mustang rendering I’ve seen only because it looks almost exactly like the modern mustang now make the front aggressive and muscle looking lol . I want to buy a brand new car within the next few years I wanted to buy a cool muscle car convertible aka 50th anniversary mustang gt … Looks like I’m buying a challenger


  13. SCJ429 i totally agree, what they should do is make europe a mustang like car just for them its not a mustang but its like a mustang with a v8 and all the other muscle car goods


  14. i really like this design, although it is very euro, its very modern. my biggest problem with the 05 up stangs happenes to be they appear to big and swollen to me lol i still believe the 99-04 is the best looking stang ever


  15. Being from Detroit, this is discusting!!! This is the STYLE you honor the 50th year of the MUSTANG??? omg We made fun of the Camaro as a “squaded frog”. Now they can come back at us as the “bobsled look”. You certainly turned Henry Ford, Henry Ford II and Carol Shelby over in their graves on this one.. No disrespect indended. nuff said..


  16. Dump the in grill driving lights ffs, the BOSS cut-outs need to be “cut out” The “The man claims to test the new 2015 Ford Mustang” red photo-shopped is the best looking rendering yet.


  17. Hot? yes, however, do not call it Mustang. Leave Mustang’s American legacy intact and call it something else like Eurotang or better yet Tangmast or some thing like that…


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