VIDEO: 2013 Shelby GT500 Hits Nurburgring Race Track!

Ford has been cranking out new videos teasing showing us the capabilities of the new 2013 Shelby GT500! They’ve come close to hitting 200 MPH, tested it out on skid pads, 0-60 mph, brake testing, etc. Now, it was finally time to get this thing out in it’s natural habitat…

What better place then Nurburgring race track in Germany? The new supercharged 5.8L 2013 Shelby GT500 hit the track hard, so you’ll have to watch the video and see the in-car footage of the thrill ride!

What would you give for a chance to tear up Nurburgring with a 2013 Shelby GT500? Comment below and tell us!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


    1.  exactly how does it top it? i mean the zl1 was getting beat by a boss with a cai and a tune lol. Please explain how then the shelby would be worse. The top of the line Camaro cannot even beat fords lower model muscle cars. the camaros are a joke. Also, apparently Nurburgring is only available to chevy, hmm didnt know that ford cant go wherever chevy goes. What are they little children, grow up dude.


    2.  There is no GM product that will top the GT500 until GM decides to get rid of the push rod V-8 and move to an overhead cam engine which Ford first developed almost 2 decades ago. GM has a lot of ground to make up if they intend to make anything that can compete with the GT500.


  1. Yes. The Camaro was the first American car to Nurburgring. Try to keep in mind that Camaro was the Bowtie Boys reaction to Ford’s runaway hit Mustang. Ever since 1967 The lazy slobs at Ford wait around to see what Chevy is doing and then they copy it. Disregard the last few years that Camaro didn’t exist. Geez.


    1.  You are insane. Ford will always beat chevy.  The only chevy that has any stout is the vette. Period! The mustang hands down beats a camaro in every category in every test. Proven!


  2. What you talking bout Wills? The Mustang was born in 64 and has been the original pony car ever since, Lighter. faster. and just an all round fun car to drive! The new stuff that Chevy has been putting out was in direct result of the amazing success of the Mustang! We all know Chevy wanted to capitalize on some of Fords success, I think the Chevy Camaro is going to turn into a big ass toy at any second thanks to the Transformers movie. And don’t even get me started on the Chrysler boys can you say Bayliner? my boat ways lighter than the new Challenger and the Camaro isn’t far off. I believe those cars are in the 4300 pound range and the Mustang in the 3400 pound range a 1000 pound difference at the drag strip is a lot a 10th for every 100 pounds, you do the math! And further more the Challenger is based on a full size car platform the 300 series  that thing is way wide fits three adults in the back. Not my idea of a pony car! Needs a Hemi to get it down the track! And further more the Mustang has the smaller displacement engine for the newer stuff 4.6 then the 5.4 and now the 5.8


  3. Ha! Just because the camaro was the first american car to go to nurburgring dosn’t prove anything… And Ahipdude… Ford and Chevy work on projects way longer than your little mind could even imagine. Ford wouldn’t be able to copy Chitolay if they even lowered their standards that greatly which they wouldn’t imagine doing. Ford comes up with their ideas and they test them and test them until they are perfect… Chevy simply comes up with a model and puts it in production… So next time you want to talk smack do it in some ones face and get punched and do us all a favor.


  4. You all really need to grow up….if you don’t like ford then why watch this video….seems pretty stupid of you to watch a “Ford Mustang” youtube video then talk trash about it…..respect the cars around you and the smarter people who drive them and work on them…..Better yet take it to the track.


  5. Chevrolet is a joke. End of story. To bad they gotta look up to Ford and copy there stuff. There wouldn’t even be a Retro camaro if Ford didn’t make the Retro mustang in 2005.


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