AM Catalog Cover Recipe: (1) Set of Tires & (1) Sick Mustang!

We needed an epic shot for the cover of our new 79-04 Mustang catalog. I think the marketing team might have been waiting for an excuse, but hey, either way – the recipe was simple! You take (1) part high horsepower Mustang and mix it in with (2) parts demolishing a set of rear tires. Grab your camera, and the burnout video above is what you get!

Do you see the piles of burnt rubber left over? I think we can say that those tires are shot! So, who wants to help us out with next year’s cover? Think you can make that much smoke? Let us know!

or… Comment below and let us know if this burnout video is Mustang enthusiast approved…

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. You should see the pictures of the Mustang burn out at the Sturgis Mustang Rally in South Dakota last Memorial Day weedend. The piles of rubber burst into flames after the Mustang pulled away. It was totally awesome!!!!!!!


  2. I didn’t need new tires until I decided to join the gang for a little extra fun at our Holloween party.Check it out on type in holloween party burnouts. There is a blown 63 nova,70 nos injected cuda and my nos injected crown vic


  3. Nothing but children. I’m all in favor of having fun, but there’s the right place for this type of play. Complete lack of respect for public roads & safety…where’s the local law enforcement?


    1. You need to watch that vid again. It was shot in the AM parking lot. Private property, not a damn thing LEO would do about it. You’re proof that people in general will bitch about anything rather than just admit what you just witnessed was pretty cool.


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