Watch 5.0 Magazine Test Our 11-Second V6 Mustang!

A few weeks back, we took a trip to Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, KY with the 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Magazine crew to give them a taste of our Procharged 2011 V6 – currently holding the record for the fastest 2011 V6 Mustang in the world. Steve Turner, chief editor at 5.0, wanted to get some seat time to see exactly what the car could do! It was definitely an honor, and he had no problem strapping in and putting his foot to the floor!

The car ran beautifully, and you’ll have to keep reading the magazine for the full details. However, I will say that we were able to get the car ready for the 11.73 pass less than an hour after a near meltdown when the electric fan broke from road debris! After some quick wrenching by Mike Wilson, Dave Kaeck and I in the pits at the track, we were able to get the car track-ready again.

After 5.0 editor Steve Turner had a chance to put the car through its paces, we laid down a blistering 11.73 second pass at 116 mph!

So, what’s next for this V-sick? Do we hear 10’s? Comment below and let us know!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. This would be a great sleeper car.  It would be fantastic having everyone know you have a V6 and then blowing the doors off a bunch of the V8s.


    1. Why do ppl hate on the 3.7 V6? Because its a wannabe car thats faster than their no muscle Gts.  They have to eat their pride at red lights by not looking over at the poser who is salivating for a V8 kill.  Its ironic that 90+% of Gts owners in the US won’t pull up side by side with a stock 2011 v6 because its humiliating.


  2. I’ve never owned anything but a Mach or Cobra mustang but that is a v6 Mustang I would love to get behind the wheel of. Go for the 10’s AM


  3. I have a new GT as a daily driver but since I’m building a high horsepower fox,  I wouldn’t mind having one of these as my driver instead.  Love the GT but I can get my power fix elsewhere.  I have no intention of trading, just saying that the V6 wouldn’t be the disappointment that you guys make it out to be.


  4. Throw enough money at it, and even a four-banger will do 11.
    The V6 at its 300HP is great as it is – “out of the shop” If you want to race, get a GT500 or something…


  5. Remember that the V6 is 10 grand cheaper and half the insurance rate.  I love my v6 Mustang.  i spent a few grand on it and it now runs better than the stock GT and I am getting between 26.5 and 31 MPG at a steady 80MPH in the 4000-6000 ft elevation thin Northern Nevada air.  Did I mention tha insurance is half that of a GT:-) 


  6. I own a 2011 v-6 and I promise it is not like kissing your sister, you forget this car is as fast as the 2010 v-8 and still gets 30 mpg on the highway… ford did it right!


  7. Ha. Americans need V8 just to go fast? Most cars in Europe have smaller engines but still perform better. I think bigger does not always mean better. Good to see America is trying to use smaller engine for better performance at last.


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