Pick the Color of our Next Mustang on Facebook

Help Us Pick the Color of Our New 2012 Mustang GT

Every few months, we get the urge to build a new Mustang! Once we finish up a project, it’s not long after that we start getting anxious to rip apart and rebuild again. We’ve built a 10-second Automatic 2011 GT, 11-second Automatic 2011 V6 and even an Automatic 2005 GT with Nitrous. It’s about time that we did a manual car, but what color should it be?

Help us end the debate and head over to our Facebook page and vote!

Got anything in particular that you’d want to see us do to it? Turbo? Supercharger?

Comment below and let us know!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. You should go balls to the balls on this one, go compound boost with Hellions TT setup (of course) and a nice Whipple on top. Let people know we mustang guys go all out


  2. Tuxedo black color with matte black single stripe!! blacked out wheels…you guys should call it black beauty…Black is the most intimidating color of all!!


  3. How about Fords metalic maroon/red (I don’t the name of it) with either matte black or gloss black (buried benieth a ton of clear). Go wide on the hood and roll down the fender and side of the car like a Boss stripe with the American Muscle logo where Boss 302 would be?


  4. 5.4L stroked to 5.8L DOHC w/ comp cams xfi, blueprinted, ported everything, all aluminum, jesel mohawk rockers, beehive springs, titanium retainers, hellion twin turbos with a sheetmetal intake, dry sump. Intercooler cooled with Cry02 with Killer Chiller Stage 2 at the same time, Cry02 fuel cooler lines, nitrous & Cry02 injection if possible. Oops forgot make sure everything is Cryogenically treated & heat treated.


  5. I think you guys should do a Foxbody for a change.  I see the potential that the new coyote platform has to offer, which you guys demonstrated to the fullest. haha, But  i’d say its time for you American muscle guys to do a fire breathing foxbody.  If you must include the new edge style, put a badass 2003 cobra motor in it, or even a new era gt500 motor? Hell i dont know, you guys can decide what kind of powerplant she runs on. But in honor of my 1989 lx hatch,  i’d love to see you guys do a Foxbody up right.  Im sure im not the only one, right?


  6. Make it a Black GT with an extra 100-150hp in straight bolt ons, no forced induction. Straight power! We all know what superchargers do.. I want to see real power with real parts.


  7. Your 2011 project car is
    Grabber Blue, your 2012 should be a different color so we can tell which
    one it is by looking at it. My preference is Black. You should also get
    the Manual, since all your other cars have been automatic.

    Also, for your project you should build this car as a Turbo’d GT. You
    should build it using only bolt-ons that you sell. I have a 2012 GT,
    and I’ll be buying the Hellion Complete Kit off of you guys once I get
    it paid off (in about a year from now.) Id really like to see your
    project car with the Hellion Kit on it, so I can see your opinion as to
    what other parts you carry that I should buy also that compliment the
    Turbo Build. I have about a $15,000 budget for the build and Id really
    like to get your opinion of what all to get based off your build after
    you have it together and drive it. My two cents.


  8. Ignot silver would be a great color choice. As many have said lets see a naturally aspirated mustang making big power. We all know what a supercharger, turbocharger, and even what nitrous can do. Why not make one naturally aspirated?It is great for the average american like myself who cant afford forced induction. It is great to treat yourself to a bolt on every month or so watching slowly as your car transforms.  05 mustang gt mineral gray 320rwhp 330 rwtq just bolt ons….Oh by the way you want respect make big power naturally aspirated. Anybody that has the money can bolt on a supercharger or nitrous, but NA IS THE WAY. Thanks for all the parts you guys have sold me, bar none you guys are the best.


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