Watch Stage 2 of our 2011 V6 Mustang Project!

We’re one step closer to getting this mean V6 to out-run some of the competing V8 muscle cars on the market! If you saw what we did in Stage 1 of our build, get ready to dive even further into the 13’s at the track! With over a half-second gained with nothing but a Cold Air Intake and Tuner, we needed to help transfer the power evenly to the ground in Stage 2…

With the car performing better, it needed a more aggressive exhaust system to match. We also felt that the stock 2.73 gear ratio and 17″ all-season tires definitely weren’t helping us go any faster! Not only would changing this stuff out be the fastest way to shave off a few 10th’s in the 1/4 mile, but it would help us build and prepare for even more power in Stage 3 or 4! Here’s what we did:

Ford Racing 3.73 Gears
Eaton Limited Slip Differential 31 Spline 8.8in
Borla ATAK Axle-Back Exhaust
18″ x 9/10″ Staggered Black Machined GT500 Wheels & Nitto Tires
Matte Black Hash Marks
Matte Black Rocker Stripes 2011 V6 Mustang Project - Stage 2

The GT500 Wheels and Matte Black Stripes look amazing and really help give us that stance/look we were after! Not only will the NT555R’s be sticky at the track, they’ve got a decent tread rating and can be daily driven. Our 3.73 gears were more than enough to get us the increase in power that we were looking for, without sacrificing economy. This 6-Speed Automatic transmission helps us keep the RPMs nice and low for highway cruising, but bites hard in every gear at the track!

Think you know what we’re adding next? Comment below and tell us what you think!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. That’s awesome, sucks that a Mustang was outran by a tuner but very impressive regardless. Just curious, why didn’t you guys wait until the hash stripes were on to take all of the pictures/video for the track?


      1. false, increasing the pipe diameter in the exhaust and swapping to a X pipe will significantly increase whp, if headers and race cats are used then horsepower gains could be in the 35rwhp area


    1. Not true!…¬† I slapped on a set of Roush Axle-backs on my new 2012 Mustang GT and gained 5 rwhp!¬† Not to mention the new mufflers are much lighter.¬† No BS either.¬† We did 3 dyno runs stock (best of 362 rwhp), and 3 dyno runs with Axle-backs (1st was a gain of 4 rwhp, and the remaining 2 were both a gain of 5 rwhp).¬† All runs were done with nothing more than a K&N air filter, and various exterior modifications.¬† So yes, Axle-backs can gain horsepower, as well as decrease weight.¬† Neither of which are very impressive, but you can feel it, and can certainly hear it!!!


  2. Not to brag but look back at my stage 1 comment and i was right on the money ūüôā
    HOWEVER this is not a Mopar car please get rid of the hood hash marks. thats the mopar look and symbol. thats like putting a running pony and a challenger. even tho it might actually look a little more detailed with it THIS IS THE FORD MUSTANG PUT A PONY ON THE HOOD OR SOMETHING.


    1. Those Hash were used on corvette track cars. They were used to signify which car was being used, one hash for #1, two hash for #2 and so on. The Corvette that happened to win that the championship that year was the #2 car, hence the 2 hashes. The Corvette Grand Sport was created to commemerate that event, thus making the has marks an icon to the average man. To the best of my knowledge Mopar does not own the rights to the Corvette. Next time do some research before you start spouting non-sense.


  3. Not to brag but look back at my stage 1 comment and i was right on the money ūüôā
    HOWEVER this is not a Mopar car please get rid of the hood hash marks. thats the mopar look and symbol. thats like putting a running pony and a challenger. even tho it might actually look a little more detailed with it THIS IS THE FORD MUSTANG PUT A PONY ON THE HOOD OR SOMETHING.


  4. I’m sorry guys but your exterior styling choices leave a lot to be desired. I feel like your putting stuff on the car just because you can. The 2011 Mustang is a¬†beautiful¬†car and should be left clean. Work your magic under the hood but leave it looking sleek and pretty on the outside. As for the MOPAR comment, I heartily agree with jonnyb8891


    1. sorry, but while mustangs are beautiful stock, there are many things to make it look better and idk what youre on to think that they shouldnt do anything to it


      1. Non-functional air scoops only increase drag and slow the car. apart from looking dumb they serve no¬†purpose. If you want to build a car to do well on the track like they say then you would not do anything to increase drag like that. If you like driving around a gaudy looking (import-esque) piece of crap then by all means load it up with all the cheesy stick-on plastic crap you want and my car will own yours down the track. I don’t know what your on if your so dumb you think exterior additions make a better car. Maybe your just into strap-ons. ¬†I would hate to see how badly you’ve disfigured your own Stang.¬†


  5. I know that ATAK sounds bad azz guys. You’ve got the look. Now beef it up with a set of underdrive pulleys and a SPEC stage 2. That stock clutch is grabbing? It wont be for long. While your at it, junk the back seat and change the driveshaft to all alum. Motor? Headers for that ATAK, which I figure aint happenin since you’ve already done the exhaust. Small stuff can make a big diff. throttle body, intake spacers? Hell throw a supercharger on it. Put the drivers body impression in those new car smelling seats:P


  6. it’s great the performance you can get from a V6 these days. I grew up in the 80s/90s and most V6’s had 140HP. I’d do headers, CAI and BAMA tune—don’t care for the sound with aftermarket mufflers.


  7. High 12 second ET’s with a Bama Tune, and 3.55 rear end gears with limited slip differential of course.. Cold air intake is a waste of money, it did not use to be this way, but today you cannot improve on the stock design of the closed air intake. Add a K&N filter and be done with it. The cold air intake is actually made of shiny thin aluminum for show, that open air is open to the under hood heat and at speed causes turbulence. Where through the fender you get consistent air pressure to the filter and the black plastic intake funnel does not act as a heat sink and actually runs cooler air to the engine, than a open air element under the hood. where turbulent air is always there.. The inner fender causes a ram effect at speeds. I have one and I install it only for looks, but never for everyday cruising. We dyno verified the intake cold air verses stock so I know the dyno does not lie. After a few warm up runs the cold air intake tube was so hot we had to use gloves to uninstall it for the factory piece.. Not that long ago the open cold air intake and filter did make a little more power but nothing will out do what the factory has made for the air intake system in these late model mustang’s Ford spent a lot of time getting the air tunnel and filter and even the design of the filter box to out do any after market so called cold air intake system. So there you are Ford will tell you they spent a whole lot of time and money dynoing different shape and size intake systems. Plus even how the fender collects the intake air to the filter. So… there you have it.


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