VIDEO: Our 2011 V6 Mustang Project is Underway!

Take whatever you think you know about V6 Mustangs and throw it away. We’re taking a completely stock 2011 V6 Automatic, rated at 305hp from Ford, and showing the potential that Ford left us with this new 3.7L engine. We’ll be building this bad boy up in 4 Stages of modifications and put it to the test on the dyno, at the track and on the street!

We don’t leave things stock for long around here! For Stage 1, we wanted to show how a simple cold air intake and tune package can enhance the performance of your V6. Not convinced with the dyno numbers? How about a half-second gain at the track on stock 17″ all-season tires and stock 2.73 gears! Check out the mods:

2011-2012 V6 Mustang Airaid Cold Air Intake & Bama Custom Tuner
2010-2012 Mustang Pre-Painted Side Scoops
2010-2012 Mustang Pre-Painted Eleanor Louvers
2010-2012 Mustang Pre-Painted Mirror Covers
2010-2012 Mustang Magnetic Deck Lid Blackout Panel 2011 V6 Mustang Project

This V6 is looking better, feeling better and performing better! Stay tuned for Stage 2 of our 4-part build, coming later this week, where we head back to the track with even more mods to try and hit low-13’s!

Think you know what we’re adding next? Comment below and tell us what you think!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


    1. The 2011 V6’s come stock with dual exhaust already!  A higher performance exhaust system upgrade would definately work in place of the stocks!


      1. apples to apples, never saw 0-60 times stock vs. alum driveshaft vs. procharger??? how can .7 sec be reduced 0 to 60 by adding an alum driveshaft and handling kit only???


  1. Those louvers are horrible.. The only louvers that I could use are the flush ones. If the side scoop actually cooled the breaks then that would be a nice part.


  2. Since the 2011 V6 Mustangs come stock with dual exhaust for the first time, I’d be adding a high peformance exhaust system and headers for it!  Install a rear spoiler as well to put some down force on the rear tires so that it will push the back of the car down to make it hug the road better!  I’d also add a better front end chin spoiler for some down force there as well!  With those two being added, a drop kit would definately complete the areodynamics of the use of the spoilers and would then keep less air from traveling under the car and more traveling over it!  As for the louvers and the side scoops, I’d get rid of both of those!  If the louvers aren’t functional then getting rid of those would be a good idea because the pocket on them would only catch the air acting as a parachute and slow the car down!  It may not slow it down by much but it would just be enough to keep you from getting the gains your expecting in the end!  Same with the side scoops!  Nothing but trapped air there as well!  It would be like driving the car with the windows down!  This would also create bad gas mileage too!  Anyway, that’s what I’d be installing and uninstalling all in that order! 


  3. Exhaust for sure probably only axle back because 11’s V6’s come with dual so no dual conv. needed. so,
    -axle-back EXHAUST
    -DRAG tires and rims
    -HOOD or simply hood scoops
    -Rear SPOILER
    -Chin Spoiler
    -Maybe Racing stripes
    -Lowering SPRINGS

    …EXHAUST, SPRINGS, DRAG RADIALS, Nitro???? would be insane!!!


  4. Finally an 11 v6 project car! I foresee you guys changing the gears and exhaust system. And adding some gt500 style rims and ram air hood..


  5. I think its funny how people hate the scoops because of the functionality… I only drive my Stang on the street…The only racing Ive ever done is from red light to red light so how much functionality do you actually need? I own a 2011 GT/CS and it rolls off the lot with 412HP but when it was on the dyno it registered at 425 so my question is are the scoops going to slow my ride down that much because Ill tell ya right now the owner of that 2011 Camaro SS and the owner of the new Challenger I dusted the other day would probably argue with you that they didnt slow my Stang down ENOUGH!!!! 


  6. I bought my 2011 V6 on March 19, 2011. AM can testify how much money I’ve spent already with the cold air intake, Bama tune, Ford Racing suspension pack, adjustable pan hard bar, 18 x 10 back and 18 x 9 bullitt wheels and sumitomo tires, Magnaflow axleback exhaust, Corbeau racing seats, side louvers, SHR brushed SS fuel door, raxiom black projector headlights, mirror covers, extra horns for my alarm and billet grille. I’m going to convert my Raxioms into HID projectors this month, and am saving up for the supercharger! I love my V6. Last mustang I had was a 1990 GT, and my new mustang (5500 miles) would blow the doors off my last mustang. The handling is great, and the car does what I need it to do on So Cal freeways, stay out of the way of drivers who aren’t paying attention. Gas mileage averages 23 – 25, depending on how heavy my right foot is. Exhaust sounds great. Thanks AM for all of your help so far!


  7. I saw this car run stock and with a 87 octane street tune that was NOT filmed or put in this article. It ran 13.6* @106 mph with JUST a 87 street tune, nothing more… And folks, don’t waste $ on CAI!!!! They don’t give more then a few hp, which will not effect performance at ALL….


    1. I ran mine with the cai and race tune for 91 and got 14.46. I would like to know how they are getting their numbers. There has to be somthing Im missing


  8. I saw this car run stock and with a 87 octane street tune that was NOT filmed or put in this article. It ran 13.6* @106 mph with JUST a 87 street tune, nothing more… And folks, don’t waste $ on CAI!!!! They don’t give more then a few hp, which will not effect performance at ALL….


  9. I have an 11 v6, I bought the bbk blackout cai and bama tuner running on 91 and only posted a best 14.46. not sure how they got their time so low. I have no scoops to slow me down and was using the stock 273 gears.


  10. This was what I wanted and what I love. That sweet light weight all aluminum V-6 engine. All you have to do is breathe on the engine and It’ll make more power. I love the whole package deal, except the turbo charger. I only like naturally aspirated engines, no forced induction of any sort for a Dailey driven vehicle. At lacking one month being 60 years young, Now days I like the automatic, I have and can still speed shift with the best out there. Some cars you cannot speed shift or the tires will break loose in almost ever gear. Even then you hit a bump and un load the rear tires even with an automatic it’s over with. Most all the really fast cars are automatic transmission race cars. In the low 9’s and lower all are automatic trans race car’s As we all know on a none regular bases, you will miss a shift most are from second to third, If you do not use a rev limiter when speed shifting and you miss a gear you will damage or break your engine if you get a valve going the wrong way. 4.3 0- 60 times is nothing to sneeze about. neither is 1298.36 @ 119 mph. That’s kick some v-8 territory big time.


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