A Day at the Track with AmericanMuscle.com

In order to wrap up Stage 3 of our 2011 V6 Project Car build (coming soon – stay tuned!), we needed to show what it could do on road course, slalom and 0-60mph testing. What better place than New Jersey Motorsports Park? So, we took 6 of our Mustangs for a day of madness! We also took delivery of our new 2012 Boss 302 Mustang just a few days before. Coincidence? Hell no!

Some of you may have seen our Boss 302 Mustang crushing a Camaro SS around the course, but that wasn’t all we had planned! We hit the course hard with 5 other AmericanMuscle test vehicles including our 2004 GT, 2005 V6, 2006 GT, 2011 V6, and 2011 GT. Check out pictures of the fun hard day at work!


So tell us… What do you want to see us do at the track next time?

Was this what you were looking for? 🙂

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Also I would love to see a drag between your Grabber Blue 5.0 and your Boss before u guys start modifying the Boss =)


  2. I would love to see the Boss tear up the track with a corvette.  The camaro was a no contest!  Real competition at 20-30k less!  🙂


  3. Well im the owner of a 2000 GT. So i would like to see a 99-04 “project car” against a stock 2011 5.0 to highlight a 99-04 GT’s potential. I dont have the money needed to turn my car into what i want so I’d love to see it from you guys. And winner regardless it guarantees to be a good show.


  4. Well my 2007 v6(Base + SCTTuner) can easily dust the older model (94-04) GTs and has waaaay better torque than my friends 03V6, so i wanted to see how year by year the v6 has truly stepped up to be the 315 HP beast of a little brother it is today. so maybe run like …
    05V6–VS–04 GT
    maybe run them on 1/4 mile or so to see the difference.
    and also run the
    boss 302–VS–11GT to see the difference in power btw the 2 and, besides the gorgeous look of course, if its worth the extra 5k-10k price diff. power-wise.


    1. Lol trust me ur 07 v6 can’t dust a 99-04 GT. A new edge stang runs 14.2’s stock, ur v6 maybe low 15’s.. the only thing ur v6 might beat is a 96 GT but even then, you wouldn’t dust it.


      1. I waste stock 2007 gt mustangs all day with my 2007 V6 I have the x-charger system intercooled tuning 14 pounds of boost. 🙂 4.10 gearing and tremic 6060 trans


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