Do You Like The New 500HP 2014 Ford Mustang?

2014 Ford Mustang Concept Car

The times are indeed a changin’! I think we may have proof of this change as the Mustang world anticipates the release of the 2014 over-haul that has sparked a ton bit of speculation. The interior is rumored to be much better with higher quality materials and the installation of advanced technology. Also, the 2014 Mustang model will be a retro throwback to the 60’s Fastbacks and will now feature change in the form of… a Turbo Charger !

The guys over at Auto Express basically confirmed that the new model will feature a 2.5-liter EcoBoost turbo that will generate about 300-HP and will also feature, drum roll please… Independent Rear Suspension! Go ahead, soak that one up. (And don’t worry, a 5.4-liter 500-HP V8 will be available if you’re after some muscle – afterall, this is a Mustang!)

2014 Ford Mustang Concept Car 2014 Ford Mustang Concept Car

The confirmed smaller, leaner chassis will only be a rocket-ship with a 500-HP V8! This new platform will help the Mustang make its way over to the UK and other continents (right hand drive), as Ford continues to compete globally.

The rumor that Ford will be featuring the new EcoBoost Turbo in its new model has been circulating for quite some time, but IRS? That’s news! Do you like where the new Mustang is headed? What about the concept design (even though they’re hardly ever accurate)?

Tell us your thoughts below or start shopping for 2014 Mustang parts!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. If that is a 5.4L V8 with 500HP WITHOUT a supercharger like on the GT500, that is very impressive. I think the 2015 model is more what I’m looking at now. Let the first year model work the bugs out.

    Now, if we can hear that 5.4L gets 25-30mph on the freeway…now we’re talking.


  2. I like it, especially if it’s smaller. I’m sure there will be different design cues as the concept still has retro elements. The same old arguments about Camaro & Mustang. The fact is, Mustangs have outsold Camaros forever and have been continuously made. The Camaro is celebrating 45 years? How can this be, as they had a production break for 8 years. With that kind of thinking, someone that was married for 37 years and got divorced and remarried after 8 would have a 45 year anniversary. Who ever thought that up? GM?


  3. As a 2011 challenger owner all i can say is they need their own identity, this looks like a camaro!!! If this is what ford is gonna come out with you guys need to come to dark side and test drive a challenger and see what you are missong


  4. As long as it is stable and fast, I might be interested. Currently drive a 475 HP 2007 Mustang that easily goes 180+, 0-60 n 4.x, 0-100-0 in 14. Don’t care who you are, come on down, I got your number!


  5. The back looks a lot better than the present one does, love the back fender wells, I had a 2003 Cobra, it had a lot of problems hooking up, needed more tire,friction. I might continue the black all the way across the back.
    The front needs more grill area. There was alot of problems with my IRS on my Cobra, I hope that ford really redesigns it to hold up better to the horse power, Maybe some Louvers in front of the back wheels for cooling.
    I will buy this 2014 Mustang, a Boss or Cobra but please offer an automatic option. I live in LA, traffic .


  6. eh, the design idea looks more like models of other sports car makers. Mustang always had its own, for lack of a better word, flare. i feel the most part that draws this look is the rear end. the flared tail lights are not mustang insipired. maybe thats what is throwing me off. idk. im still stuck on the 05-09 model reflecting the 60s series of mustangs, a personal favorite.


  7. OMG!
    what is being feed to us….camaro poison?  this is not a mustang!  it looks like that crappy camaro not a stang.  yes i think they will go retro, but have been doing that, just do not go w/the weird grill…looking like a pissed of grill of the camaro?  yuck.  must keep the grill open, not small and slanted-only badass grill need apply.  ford must be very carefull, no signs of camaro allowed and only everything we love about our pony car. AMEN! 


  8. Looks like a camaro, no way I want it.  And by the way, the much hyped Coyote 5.0, what happened there???  Didn’t they leave room in the heads for direct injection???  Surely the time and money spent on the new 5.0 isn’t going to let them abandon it?  My supercharged 2011GT has over 530RWHP, I hope I can keep up with this newer lighter and camaro-ish looking 2014 when the day comes.  What is Ford thinking ruining the iconic look of our beloved Mustang like this….?


  9. No way I’m buying that Mustaro, too much Camaro looking to me.  Has anyone wondered what the deal is with the Coyote 5.0 program???  I mean what the heck happened here after all of that development and fanfare.  I own a 2011 GT that’s SC’d with over 530RWHP, I hope I can keep up with this smaller and leaner 2014 when the day comes.  I figure IRS will sap some of that HP/TQ on the Mustaro so I am pretty sure that even with the weight difference I should be OK.  What a terrible new look, what happened to our iconic musclecar looking mustangs that we all love?  I don’t care what they do to the interior, this thing is a visual dud in my book as it looks too much like the camaro.  Good luck with it Ford, and American Muscle?  You can count on having a lot of business from me as I don’t think I plan to upgrade models any time soon!


  10. Sad day for Mustang. Goes along with the economy. Looks so Camaro/Catfish like. Bring back the curb feelers and you got the depression era Camstang.


  11. Hell no! It looks waaaaay to much like the camero and i hate cameros! Im a total mustang fan but if they come out with that i will seriously change my mind about the stang! COME ON GUYS BE ORIGINAL!


  12. You people are crazy! This Mustang looks amazing! Don’t fear change. I read some idiots comment that they thought this design was similar to the late 1970’s Mustang II and to that I say you are clearly blind. For the past year I had been planning on purchasing a 2013 Mustang GT but after seeing this new design I am now waiting until they roll out the 2014 models. I would however like to see them offer a V6 EcoBoost that would generate around 400 hp as well. I personally would buy the V8 as this would be a toy for me and not a daily driver but I feel a 3 tier power/efficiency/price point would be crucial to overall sales. 300 hp EcoBoost 4 cyl. economy model for the very fuel/budget conscious buyer, 400 hp EcoBoost V6 for the buyer who wants more hp but still desires relative fuel efficiency and a 500 hp V8 for the purists and enthusiasts. I believe this design would truly steal sales from the Camaro and help to catapult Ford’s sales.


  13. Better than the evos design, but it needs that classic mustang look. plus they need to keep 3.7, 5.0, and 5.4 while adding the eco boost as a options in europe b/c this is america and mustang here are pony v6 or ripping off a tank door for fun v8..


  14. Too bad the 6 cylinder 3.5L Eco Boost in the F150 makes 365 hp and 420 ft-lbs isn’t a mid-engine option as they could easily get 400 hp and 450 ft-lbs.


  15. I don’t care for the smaller side windows. Visibility does matter and the newer cars all seem to be moving in this direction. Also, don’t give up on the V8. Just like the M3….. keep the V8. There won’t be anymore 302’s? ;-(


  16. The new mustang design stinks I agree with you guys whether or not it was GMs design for the camaro first or Fords for the stang why build it when it looks to close to the camaro if they want a global sports car build the evos concept but leave the mustang name off . The current mustang is the best design in year don’t f it up ford ! Why mess with a good thing give it independent suspension and leave it alone


  17. A Mustang is a MUSCLE car, not a streamlined one. I love the way mine looks, MEAN with MUSCLES! I will keep my 2013 5.0 And, i agree, looks totally like the Camaro!


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