VIDEO: Help Us Build a 2012 Boss 302 Mustang!

We’re not just your average Mustang parts store. We happen to be suckers for Mustangs as beautiful and legendary as our new Competition Orange Boss 302! We’ve had our eyes on these things since the rumors started to unfold into reality. Check out some awesome shots of the car…

We have to break this thing in the way… and that means we’ve gotta get this thing to the track ASAP! After some stock results, and a little bit of parking lot fun – it’s time to start ripping this thing apart!

Help us build it! Comment below and let us know what you think we should do!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I would for sure get some Cams in her,and 4.10 rear gears,a tune with no question,and a Nice deep exhaust system,I would love to hear the boss with the pype bomb or boom tube,a straight through exhaust on the 2012 302 would be sick,but flows and magna’s are always a good choice,and for sure some good suspension work,and maybe some sort of scoop on the hood or maybe an all new aftermarket hood with a scoop,I look forward to seeing what you guy’s do to her,good luck AM.


  2. First mod should be a cold air kit followed by a 2010/2011 GT500 rear spoiler. I think that spoiler will really help out the looks of the rear.


  3. first thing first get rid of the horrible grille and but the retro style grille and some staggered bullits or fr500s would be nice 


  4. I like Fitzmaster14’s ideas, but I thought that tons of time and money were already spent getting the engine to move air extremely well?  (as in the intake and heads are already amazing)  But that exhaust has GOT TO GO!!!  It definitely needs to be loud, fast, and have nice magnum 500 style wheels   (probably 10″ wide on the rear).  And a rear window louver wouldn’t hurt either………..


  5. mustang has the best body design since the 60 an 70 except the tail lights they changed in 2010 i think they could do alot better. the only style that looked good is on the gt 350


  6. What is hilarious is that half the suggestions here are things the Boss already comes with, such as – 3.73 gears, forged internals, aluminum heads, Torsen diff and Recaro seat options, panhard bar, etc.

    If you drive one on the track and see what it can do, you’ll find it needs very little traditional Mustang goodies. But – base model can use a bit of upgraded aero, and a CAI and especially a custom midpipe could yield some benefits. R-comps, lighter wheels, 2-piece rotors and comp brake pads are all good. FRPP Brake Cooling Ducts, Trans Scoop, and 302S vented hood are good, and of course caging it out. Maybe an adjustable panhard bar if you’re so inclined.


  7. NOT A FRAKKIN’ THING ! It’s a BOSS ! changing it ,even “upgrading” it only makes it less of what it is.Don’t turn it into ‘just another mustang’ or an overpriced tuner car there are plenty of stock gt’s out there in need of some help build one of them and try to top the BOSS on it’s own playing field….now that would be cool!


  8. Subframe connectors from Competition Engineering a moust!!!!!                                         


  9. I’d like all that the leguna seca package has except the rear seat delete. I need a rear seat. This is just me of course, so only my opinions.  Then of course the suspension that the leguna seca package I’d want. Leave it NA like it is, Track key, Port and polish and enlarge all ports intake/exhaust, including throttle body, including enlarging the exhaust/header side to match the inside dimensions of the best long tube headers you have. If there’s a more free flowing exhaust, add that includes catalyst converters if required in your city.  they don’t here. So I’d delete them. Not too loud and not too quiet mufflers.  I like the sound my SVT Cobra makes.  enlarge/bore out cylinders as far as you can and let the improved internals  do the job of adding HP/Torque including Cams, connecting rods/larger pistons to match what bore you went with. Upgrade the valve train, with stronger valve springs/followers to match the rest of the improvements. add proper fuel rails and pump then dyno tune. Use the new Diablosport T1000 with custom tune.  It will have all the track stuff built into it so you can monitor and make changes if needed afterwards.  It can also tune your GT if you have one as well. You can tune more than one car with the new T1000.  Make sure after adding new power, you have the right size wheels and tires and have the fenders slightly flared if necessary or shorten rear end to keep the tires inside the fender wells even when wider tires are used.I’d go with a one off chrome wheel that looks something like the old boss.  It won’t look good if the tires are sticking out.  For paint, I’d go with a E9 tri-stage paint or dark candy with boss striping of course.  Well, that’s my two cents worth and what I’d do.  Have fun creating even a better BOSS AM !!!


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