PICS: These Interesting Stangs Need Some Names!

Name These Frankenstangs! Nowadays there are endless options to choose from when it comes to modifying your Mustang and making it yours. There are some kickass Mustangs out there and then there are, well… others! The owners of these Mustangs have definitely chosen a unique path with their rides…

1.) Interesting Mustang Photo 2.) Interesting Mustang Photo

3.) Interesting Mustang Photo 4.) Interesting Mustang Photo

5.) Interesting Mustang Photo 6.) Interesting Mustang Photo

7.) Interesting Mustang Photo 8.) Interesting Mustang Photo

9.) Interesting Mustang Photo 10.) Interesting Mustang Photo

These Stangs (or Frankenstangs) may just be the most uhh… interesting creations we’ve ever seen. From crazy conversions to ridiculous “donks”, these photos are sure to leave you intrigued, confused or maybe even shaking your head!

The jacked-up S197 ”Mud Stang” was a little intimidating, not gonna lie! It was hard to tell whether that was a Mustang up there. It took me a minute to realize what exactly was lying before me. It’s like the Mustang you wouldn’t want to run across in a dark alley way!

So, these Frankenstangs need names… Comment below and tell us what you’d name them!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. OMG!! There names should be trash,junk,ugly,horrible,what the hell and garbage! I would never destroy any muscle car or sports car like that. SMH………


  2. 1) Around the world with a bottle of scotch
    2) I know im ugly
    3) the way a mustang comes out of a ghetto
    4) -_-  my rims cost more than my car 😦
    5) nuclear deformed
    6) i wish i could afford a rolce 
    7) bat mobile love </3
    8) I wish i knew how to drive a tractor trailer
    9) Mom says i cant have a sports car
    10) i watch to much monster trucks


  3. Chrome is the nastiest piece of $h!t on Earth. It looks cheap and I pity anyone who buys it. Give me $1,000 in Black Matte Wheels over $20,000 in Chrome any day. Chrome is N—-a chrome and it looks cheap as hell.


  4. These are the UGLIEST ‘stangs i’ve ever seen! All of these cars (they don’t deserve to be called mustangs) should be sent to the junk yard and crushed




  6. Pic#5; why on earth would anyone model a mustang after a Hyundai Tiburon or #1 after a BMW.  Come on now Ford Mustang power, performace and elegance far out weighs those foreign so called sports car.  Europe can’t say they have a muscle car cause they don’t.  Even Ferrari doesn’t match up to American muscle cars.  Yes, Ferrari’s are nice cause my wifes uncle owns and races an F430 in the International LeMans series in Europe but nothing compares to a Saleen, Roush or Shelby.  I’ve seen many a Ford GT beat the European sports cars in Europe past and present.  I would definitely take a Ford GT or mustang GT over any European sports car.  I do like pic#8 with the stacks but pic#2 is awesome.  Its like the batmobile but better!  If the Road Warrior was refilmed this car should definetely be used as the police vehicles.  Would also be a cool autobot in Transformers.  In my opinion this would definetely be a SEMA winner.  The person who designed the car and paint scheme is a genious!  I would name pic#2 The Road Warrior.  The other pics are just not my cup of tea. 


  7. After reading some of the many comments below I can’t believe that none of them have much taste in creativity what so ever. Pic#2 is a work of art.  I’ve seen many cars (all manufactures) at SEMA and the New York autoshow that don’t even come close to this car and to be honest just look stupid.  I bet if Cervini’s created something like this for sale you would see quite a few on the road today and I’m not a fan of Cervini’s mustangs.  Everyone have their own tastes.   


  8. #1  You could have bought a nice, used BMW for far less than it cost to modify that Mustang to look like one.  Either way, you’re an idiot…
    #2  Looks like a Superhero’s Mustang!  Not bad.  Though It might be that it just looks good next to all the other nightmare inducing ‘Stangs here.
    #3  I think I may have blacked-out!  That body is a freakin’ classic, and you more than ruined it!  I’m actually offended.  Not really, but you should still be ashamed of yourself.
    #4  I was never a big fan of this body style to begin with, so way to make something mediocre, into something hideous!
    #5  I don’t believe that is even a Mustang.  But if so, you have disgraced every proud american car owner, by successfully “Ricing” all the american that was left in it.
    #6  I just threw up in my mouth!  What the hell were you thinking here.  Did you once here someone say “Wow, thats the Rolls-Royce of Mustangs!” and think to yourself, “That horrible idea is all mine!  Cause who else is gonna do it!”  – Fail
    #7  You may have started with the right idea.  Bodykit for increased aerodynamics, and potentially decreased weight.  But somewhere between stock and Now, you got Lost!
    #8  My eyes hurt.
    #9  I’m really big on NOT fucking with other peoples cars!  Keying, breaking windows, slashing tires, ect.  It really irritates me, A LOT!  Which brings me to my question…  Why would you do this to your own car?…  Truck…  Thing!
    #10  At this point, I’m just glad you have it jacked-up for off-road purposes.  And not to put the most ridiculously stupid rims you can find on there.  Thank you.

    Obviously these are my opinions.  Nothing more.  You can do whatever you would like to your vehicle, and if you like it, then who cares what other people think.


  9. What do you think? I was just going to go buy a nice Mustang and trash it all up with silly exterior parts and make it look like sh*t???? ….. Ya, I remember buying a Mustang and trashing it all up with silly exterior parts and making it look like sh*t……Cocaine IS one hell of a drug! 


  10.  I am a mustang fan and been one since i was 10 years old and now i am 32 and have only owned foxbody mustangs and fords. But i am not a fan of those mustangs… wow what a bad way to mess up a great american muscle car.


  11. I would much rather see these cars parked next to the Titanic at the bottom of the ocean then on the street. ESPECIALLY # 1, 3, 4, 8, 2, 6, 7, 10, 9, and 5!!!!


  12. These cars perfectly illustrate what my economics professor told me this spring…if there is demand for anything, even 30 inch rims…someone will produce it, and someone will buy it…

    All I gotta say is wow, if you want to throw your money away, just give it to me so I can buy cool parts


  13. #1 Ugly Beemer, #2 Ugly Batman, #3 Ugly Moron Car, #4 Ricerwannalookcoolwithpretendmusclecarbigrimslikeshanequa’sman, #5 car wreck, #6 rich tin foil, #7 Tonka toy ricer, #8 immigrant alarm clock, #9 scrapyard mixup, #10… belongs on tv running over slomarow’s, but dont have a name for it!


  14. Dont name them that would be to kind to the owners who are disgracing the Mustang!   Give them a free ticket to Afghanistan with no weapons or food!   These are HORRIBLE!


  15. I bet the owner of #4 doesnt even know its a mustang. He probably thinks its a caddy or pontiac. #4 by far is the funniest. I just want to run up and push that car over, lol.


  16. Oh My God!!!  What is wrong with you people!!  Especailly you with the 65′ on something like 50″ wheels!!  You do that to POS Chevy Caprices….NOT CLASSIC MUSTANGS!!!!  You should all have your Vehicles taken away.  Licenses too, might as well.  Thats so you NEVER DO SOMTHING THAT STUPID EVER AGAIN!!!!!


  17. In my opinion I would never do any of this to a mustang, with the money spent on some of this non-sense you could have built a 700 HP cobra or any real mustang.

    The 40″ rims, REALLY!!!

    Don’t bother giving of the cars names because there is only one WASTE OF MONEY AND MUSTANG, if you want to be accurate come up wih some names for te owners…


  18. When car magazines say that mustangs are the most customizable cars in the world i don’t think this is what they mean!!


  19. The ones on the big wheels, look like a car sitting on a trailer with no wheels, WTF are people thinkin?  Get yourself a mudd runner, leave the sports cars be.


  20. This is the stupid crap u get with alcohol, drugs, and gay people. I say we take their cars, run the people over with em and then do the mustangs some justice, TEAR ALL THAT DEMEANING BULLL CRAP OFF AND MAKE IT A MUSTANG AGAIN! The only thing remotely ok is the Rantang only cuz it was a ranger and has mustang stuff on it that was probly salvaged to begin with. I guess all we can do is pray for these people that they figure out what a mustang is about. And hope to see them buying parts from this website and not from Tractor Supply and BMW 🙂


  21. Dumb, inbred attention whores. Instead of filling up the tank next time around, simply drizzle some of that “go juice” over the top, light a match and then walk away. They all look like deformed babies if Mustangs breeded with other cars. They all deserve to be Jack-O-Lanterns in my opinion.


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