Ford vs. Chevy Debate Ends in a Knife Fight!

Ford vs. Chevy Debate Ends in a Knife Fight!

So apparently talking about religion or politics doesn’t lead to the most heated debates… Blue-Oval vs. Bow-Tie does! After some heavy alcohol consumption, a 21 year old Georgia man got into a classic argument with another bar fly who didn’t agree with his views on Ford vs. Chevy superiority.

The argument escalated into a 1am parking lot brawl, in which he pulled out a knife and stabbed the “stubborn” victim. Smart move! Now he gets to ride in the back of a Ford… to jail!

The victim was hospitalized with serious injuries and as for our knife-wielding friend, he’s facing charges.

Is this the most ridiculous fight ever or what? Comment below and tell us your thoughts!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Chevy dealer in my town has a Ford GT on the lot next to the Camaro’s and says it’s his best sales strategy yet. Every time someone is shopping for a Camaro and says they want to check out a Stang he walks them over to it. Then they always buy the Camaro. Honest to God. Paradise Chevrolet in Ventura Ca. Drive by and check it out if you don’t believe me.


  2. the Chevy Camaro has horrible interior and bad visibility out, it is uncomfortable no matter where your sitting in the car. once you get past the exterior, there isnt much left of the car. Ford mustang gt 5.0 is a Classic legend and no car can stack up. the ford mustang has better 0-60 times, quatermile and breaking. is there anything else that needs to be said? the Chevy Camaro is over rated.


  3. Just because you drive a car from a certain company doesn’t automatically put you “at war” with every other auto manufacturer in the planet. It’s not a sport. Life is short and there will always be newer, better and faster cars. There’s no denying that I’m a total Mustang Junkie but I’ll always have an open admiration for Camaro’s and Challenger’s! ūüôā


  4. Have a 2001 V-6 Mustang, 199000 miles. Fixed a few things, but I love driving it. Also had a 73 Camaro, loved it too.  I like em both.  If you have a disagreement, take it to the track.


  5. Its so funny how people fight over ford versus chevy (which is about the most asinine argument I have ever heard aside from the LT1-LS1 argument.) What everyone does not seem to get is that the platform you use has nothing to do with it, its how much money you have to spend. Personally, I drive a 4th gen camaro but would not hesitate to drive a 99-2012 mustang and plan on having one as a second car in the future.


  6. Yeah Stupid fight…… I own 2 convertibles
    1988 GT 5.0  mustang with 120K miles bought it 5 months before my first born.
    2004 corvette, HUD, Traction control, F55, with 16K miles.
    They both are a blast to drive!!!!!


  7. What you like is what you like.. But when it comes to the non rich americans, or the people who don’t live with their parents anymore, it’s all about price. I have an 89 conv. LX sport Mustang, cam, headers, and 4.11 gears. I can out pull all the 90’s model factory mustangs and cobras, to about 135 mph, then i run out of gear. They can eat me up after that. I put around $1900 in it to make it run like it does and keep it on the road. And then I have an 83 Chevy C10 shortbed, with a freshly built 383 stroker, turbo 350 trans, and 3.23 rear gear. It will kill my mustang from takeoff to topend. You wonder what the whole point is, I only got $2400 in the truck motor, to make the stang have 500+ H.P. it would cost me around $3700 – $4000. Bottom line is, CHEVY= LESS MONEY FOR MORE POWER.. FORD= ALOT MORE MONEY FOR THE SAME AMOUNT OF POWER AS THE CHEVY..


  8. i have owned a 97 camaro v6, a 99 trans am, and now an 06 gt all were fun and are fun to drive i was an avide chevy fan but my gt grew on me. personally i think we just need to keep all the american muscle together and beat the snot out of all this damn imports show them what real power is.


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  10. I own 5 Fords a 2000 ford mustang gt, 88 Thunderbird turbo,97 Taurus SHO, 93 Taurus SHO and 94 f-150 pickup. The only way I would own a chevy is if it was givin to me and would only drive it at night to lessen my chances of being seen with it.


  11. Ford: Fix on race day, figures during neascar you always see the fords in the pits first while all the chevys and mopars are out going at it if you dnt believe me watch closely  


  12. Three things. The fastest Ford street car was the Shelby Mustang GT500, which fastest speed is 160 mph. The Fastest Chevy street car, the ZR1, maxes out at 205 mph. Two, Chevy cars have won 28 Nextel and Sprint cups. While Ford brings in a whopping 8. Who really comes in first Tthompson? Lastly, a well maintained Silverado has an average lifespan of 300,000 a well maintained F-150, 250,000.


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