Do People Underestimate the Ford Mustang?

This past weekend, SpeedTV’s Pass Time headed to Lafayette, LA for filming. When this 2011 Mustang GT pulled up to the line, equipped with a 9PSI Roush supercharger, the contestants were quick to write it off!

After a few comments about how the car must be “battery operated” or “the quietest Mustang ever“, the contestants spat out a few ridiculous times (12.86 & 14.01) and one reasonable guess in the low 11’s! The driver of the 2011 Mustang’s girlfriend, who was filming, made it pretty clear that the guesses might be a little off. Okay.. she called them stupid!

A few moments later, the car ripped down the track at 10.57 @ 131mph! The contestants weren’t able to comment, as their feet were in their mouths…

Do you think the Ford Mustang is an underestimated modern muscle car? Tell us why in the comments below!

The episode will air in September/October.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. There is no GTO…once again a failure, as for the Challenger, a family sedan at best that is only being made because Ford is making hay with the Mustangs, and Chrysler wanted to try to steal some of the Mustang mystique, same with the silly looking toy car that is once again trying to make another comeback, the Camaro.  By the way has anyone ever figured out what the word camaro means?  Everyone is hot for these cars because they think they are invoking some little thing from their past, as opposed to people with Mustangs who actually love their cars for a reason, not just because it is the newest trinket on the market.

    I used to watch Passtime until I got sick and tired of constantly running GM, and Dodge cars.  The show does have a problem with being up front about their not wanting Mustangs or other Ford products on the show.  I figure the people that are on the show are are wanabe’s and leave it at that!  I guess it really makes no difference in my life if they DIS Mustangs.        


  2. They are the same people that elected Obama to bailout their precious brand.  I use to buy both Chevy & Ford, not anymore. I am Ford all the way.  I think it totally shameless that GM & Mopar has to have our hard earned tax dollars to run their companies & give their bosses big raises! Ford bosses(302’s) will always leave them in the dust!


  3. Most people look at a GT and say nice car…but have no clue that even my stock 315 hp 2010 can compete straight up (3.73 gears) with the 2010 Camaro SS @ 426 hp.  Yep, I’ll get beat by .2 to 60 and maybe .25 in the quarter.  But I’m not a fat pig that needs 6.2 liters.  The 2011 is the real sleeper. 


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