Hot or Not? Ford’s New GT Supercar Concept Design


Now I know we’re a Mustang site, but if you don’t like the Ford GT Supercar… well, there’s just no hope for you! When Ford reintroduced roughly 4,000 GT Supercars in 2005-2006, not only were they a 550hp-supercharged, street-legal, economically priced beast, but they brought back a legacy of racing history. It’s been over 6 years now, and it looks like some concept designers are getting ansy!

One of my favorites is this new design by Camilo Pardo. You might know his work… he’s a former Ford Designer – the same guy who brought you the GT Supercar back in 2005! Here’s what he had to say about this latest creation:

“With the last Ford GT, we basically had to make it look like the original. With this design, I wanted to leave retro behind and create something more progressive, more futuristic. It goes back to the early clay models we did for the GT90 show car, which was too Star Trek for the public to accept. Note the simplicity of the surfaces; the rear three-quarter and side air intake are now one smooth movement. All the visual energy is channeled to the back. The vehicle gets large back there, which indicates lots of power. A change in dimensions is what makes the form exciting.”

So I want to know what you guys think about this? Hot or Not?

Tell us why in the comments below!

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Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Just a quick note to the nay sayers. Mustangs are a breed appart from all the other “pony” clones. The GT40 was a power on the track that had Ferrari and everyone else by the B—s. Ford can build a Super Car that will make the world sit up again. Looks like a good start to me.


  2. it looks too much like afish or a vacuum cleaner. does not look like a super car at all, seems to lack indivdual character that isint used elsewhere in the super car world. interesting concept however, very organic and flowey and has a bubbly look to it. 


  3.  thinkin wen its in the flesh the roof will be a lil edgier and the car would be slightly sharper, hopefully it dont look too futuristic. meaner, not futuristic


  4. everyone needs to stop and think.. a crazy new design on a drawing isnt exactly how its gonna be. i like the look for sure! but it better outperform the last one from every perspective! 


  5. i thought the GT90 was awesome! Ford is great because it has something for everyone. It has beefy trucks for truckers, the mustang for muscle car lovers, the GT for supercar enthusiasts, and the fusion for gas savers!!!!!! FORD RULES!!!!!!!


  6. It looks exactly like an artist sketched out an illustration of the existing Ford GT. Not nearly enough detail to determine how it’s going to differ from ’05. I’m sure it’ll be awesome when it hits production, but that drawing leaves a lot to be desired


  7. it’s a little over the top, stick to the roots and just make it better, perfect  Just make something that stomps on all the euro trash wanna be supernot_cars. And make it look classic American…  We are better builders than the Germans… even if many of us have German roots.. (that doesn’t count right)


  8. The concept drawing is very smooth, be very interesting to see what material the body will be made of. Love the low mean look!


  9. Very hot! It still has the look of the GT40 from the 60’s but is very modern. If I had the money I’d buy 3 right now!! First On Race Day.


  10. whent the fuck are people going to move out of the stone age? if you want a 60’s car buy a 60’s car this is the 21st century and its time that ford makes their cars look it, that goes for the mustang as well the retro look has ran its course. this design looks awsome


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