Tell Us: How Would You Build a 10-Second Mustang?

Want a 10 second Mustang? Did you just say “yes!” out loud? It’s okay… we all do! The Bama Custom Tuning team decided to turn this dream into a reality when they slapped on a few bolt-on performance parts to our Automatic 2011 5.0L GT. Check out these mods!

JLT Cold Air Intake System
Bama Custom Tuning 93 Octane Race Calibration
Ford Racing Boss Intake Manifold
Ford Racing 4.10 Gears
Magnaflow Off-Road X-Pipe
Magnaflow Cat-Back Exhaust
Racestar Industries Wheels
Mickey Thompson Slicks & Skinnies
Nitrous Express Wet Nozzle System – 150 Shot
L&M Throttle Body

10-Seconds, full interior, power seats, navigation, you name it! This was our dream mod-list, but we want to hear about yours! Tell us what modifications you’d do to your Stang to have a streetable 10-second Stang you can take to the drive-through and straight to the track.

Comment below!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Easiest/cheapest way would be to have an auto, 4000 stall, shiftkit, 4.10s, slicks/mickey thompsons, Adjustable upper control arms, midpipe, catback, throttle body, plenum, cai, CMS stage 2 cams, 150 shot.


  2. Locate 89 to 93 lx notch 302 HO ado.


    Pick up turbo kit with 70MM turbo (to many to list) intercooled.


    Pull engine and trans.


    Freshen engine with new rings, bearings, and ARP head, main
    and rod bolts, leave stock cam in place, install new timing set. If heads don’t
    leak past the valves when you pour solvent in the ports leave them be, remove EGR
    bump from exhaust ports. Install 1.7 roller rockers.


    Freshen AOD with Redeagle clutches, Strip Terminator lockup valve
    body, cryo treated input shaft and aftermarket lockup converter (stall speed
    will vary). When you order the converter tell the tech what you plan to do with
    the car they’ll hook you up with the right one.


    Reinstall engine/trans in car with turbo kit.


    Install a cat back exhaust (DO NOT USE CHAMBERD MUFFLERS


    Install 42LB injectors and 93 lighting MAF and minimum of
    255lph fuel pump.


    Install MSD (or equivalent) TFI coil, wires cap and rotor,
    gap plugs of your choice at .025.


    Rebuild traction lock dif with carbon fiber clutches, don’t
    get carried away with to low of gearing 2.73 to 3.27 will get you were you need
    to be with a turbo.


    Have car dynamometer tuned or tune it your self with A wide
    band (looking for 11.5AFR and about 18 degrees timing under boost. Adjust boost
    to 550WHP.


    Car will be capable of 10sec ET’s at about 132-140MPH.  Enjoy the 25+mpg, power stirring, AC and cruse
    control. Car will be very street friendly with all comforts. It will sound and
    look stock.


    I accomplished all this for under 12K; my car runs 10.88@142 on 235/60r15 drag radials


  3. I would start with a Boss 302 intake manifold with a C&L CAI, full exhaust rework, starting with Kooks long tube headers, Kooks catted shorty x pipes, Magnaflow street cat-backs. Comp Cams stage 3 XFI, 4.10 gearing from Ford racing, n Exedy mach 600 stage 3 clutch, and an aluminum driveshaft for a manula.


  4. I have a 2012 gt and i plan to take a similar route to what americanmuscle did. I already have lca’s drag shocks, off road x and axlebacks, oh yeah almost forgot just ordered my 4.10s today. I’m gonna spray her pretty soon hopefully either 125 or 150 should get me into the 10’s if i hook. I do have a ? though can the stock intake handle 150 shot or should i stay around 125???


  5. 2012 Mustang GT Automatic

    3.73 Rear (installed already)

    Bama 93 Octane Tune (installed)

    13.0 @ 111 with above, however, coming off the line with stock Pirelli 235’s, my car spins too much in 1st thru the changing of 2nd to 3rd, no traction at all (when 3rd grabs, I go into warp drive). From a 40 mph stomp, she’s hard to beat. I need 285’s on the back and could cut 1/2 second off my time.

    I believe I could Add the following for 10 sec 1/4 mi:

    Roush R2300 675 Supercharger
    Magnaflow Off-Road X-Pipe
    Magnaflow Catback Exhaust
    NITTO-Extreme Performance Drag Radials NT555R 285-40-18 (REAR) for traction


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